August Is For Fun


At least, that’s my motto this year! I haven’t lost interest in the minimal budget meal planning, but I have been using this time since graduation to work mostly on creative projects that got put on the back burner. I’ve been posting about them on my quilting/sewing blog, , if you’d like to check them out.

Also, while I haven’t lost interest in cooking by any means, I’ve really changed my mindset about cooking and food over the last year. I used to really approach things from a storage mindset but that doesn’t seem productive to me any more, at least not to the same degree. I am slowly adopting more of a minimalist approach to things (slowly is key, and it zigs and zags) and starting to consider what that looks like for us in the kitchen. Fair warning I will never be the kind of minimalist who expects dust motes sparkling in her barren rooms to serve as decoration, but I do feel overwhelmed but stuff and also serious about moving what we have on. So that might be the direction this blog takes because I do think documenting progress is helpful to maintain momentum!

What do you have going on this month? Are you looking forward to September?


2 thoughts on “August Is For Fun

  1. Laura, your quilt looks lovely! I will definitely hop over to your other blog to check things out! Looking forward to seeing how your cooking changes and how the blog changes, too. I, too, am thinking of lessening the contents of my house; I have too much! August has been a busy month for me, with lots going on! Looking forward to a slightly less busy September.

    1. Thank you Bless! I think many people feel the pull right now to reduce their belongings — it seems like perhaps we’ve reached a tipping point within consumerism? It’s hard to say and it’s surely hard for me to reconcile myself at times, as there are many things I’ve stopped buying but other things that I have gleefully purchased with abandon!

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