Health & Wellness

I’d like to keep some account of my diet and exercise efforts, but don’t especially want my blog to be taken over by this subject — I would personally find that overwhelming to maintain and it would also give me permission to drift into obsessive habits which I really am trying to avoid. I will update every week or maybe every other week and provide links to those posts on this page, but keep track on this page with just the numbers and less of the verbiage. This provides external accountability and a place for me to SEE my weight and other changes, but hopefully keeps it all pretty relaxed.

So. What are my goals? They are threefold:

  1. I want to lose weight — specifically I want to adjust my diet and monitor my calorie intake appropriately.
  2. I want to improve my overall fitness — specifically I want to get stronger and have greater cardio endurance.
  3. I want to increase my capacity for mindfulness and resilience.

Because I want this to last, I’m staggering the start of each goal until I feel like I have a handle on one before starting the next one. I started tracking goal #1 on 6/21/17; one more week and then I will add goal #2.

Goal #1: Weight Loss 

Overview and initial update: 7/2/17

I’d like to lose between 40 and 50 lbs over the next year. I am less concerned with the actual number and more with clothing size and appearance, but for sure I need to lose at least 30 lbs. I’m starting off by setting goals in smaller increments to keep myself from getting overwhelmed. My first goal is to lose 12 lbs; so far I have lost 2.

Practically speaking my efforts in achieving this goal involve two things:

  • Tracking everything that I eat using MFP.
  • Staying below a specific calorie allotment to ensure that I am eating at a deficit.

Of course, in order to stay within my calorie allotment and still feel full, I am necessarily eating more nutritionally dense foods like fruits and vegetables. But I’m not worrying about that so much as I am about just keeping track of the numbers.

Goal #2: Overall Fitness

Beginning Fitness Assessment: 7/3/17

Blood Pressure: 114/73   Heart Rate: 72 BPM   

  • Wall Sit: 30 secs.
  • Plank: 30 secs
  • Push-up
    • regular: none = needs improvement!
    • knees: 4 = needs improvement!
  • Sit & Reach: 20″
  • Graduated Tree Pose
    • R: 20 secs, mid-thigh
    • L: 25 secs, knee
  • Toe Touch: Knuckles
  • 4 Square Jump: 10 quadrants in 10 secs
  • Blind Balancing: 15 secs
  • Overhead Squat: good
  • Vertical Jump: 80″ (about 6″ from my standing reach, I think)(I’m pretty gravitationally bound)
  • 3 Minute Step Test: 174 BPM = needs improvement!

At some point I will add a timed mile into these stats, but right now I’m not walking outside as much because of the heat and my access to a treadmill is somewhat limited. But in the long term I would like to build back up to running long distances, so at some point I’ll add that information as well.

Anyway, that’s my starting point. My actual goal for the next couple of weeks is to attend a weekly yoga class and do two other workouts at home, at least 15 minutes worth.