Groceries July 15 – 21

Ai-yi-yi!* I rather went over budget this week. Well, not for the whole month, but I don’t have a ton left for the last ten days of July. But I shouldn’t need it! Here’s how it went down.

I spent $9.77 at Publix for snacks that I was bringing to craft get together. It was a last minute thing and there were a lot of allergies to consider, so picking up a few things was the easiest and quickest option. I brought seltzer water, kettle corn and grapes. The kettle corn and grapes were totally consumed, but I brought extra seltzer water home. I don’t have a photo since I picked this up on my way to the event.

publix_july 18 2017

Then I went back to Publix on Tuesday because we were out of Parmesan cheese and bananas, plus I wanted to grab the pretzels that were on BOGO. I had coupons for the Jolly Time popcorn, which was on clearance, so they ended up being $.60/ea. I spent $10.05.

aldi_7 20 2017

On Thursday I went to Aldi where I bought a lot of produce as well as several items for the book club dinner I hosted Friday night. I bought the graham crackers to make a lemon dream pie, but ended up making salted caramel brownies instead. Otherwise I stuck to my menu and used what I purchased (although of course there are a ton of leftovers). I spent a total of $35.87 and bought:

  • blue corn tortilla chips, $1.69
  • pink lady apples, 3lbs @ $4.29
  • ranch dressing packet, $.49
  • cheddar cheese 2 8oz pkgs @ $1.79/ea
  • English muffins, $.99
  • heavy cream, $1.69
  • half and half, $1.79
  • graham crackers, $1.29
  • organic refried beans, 2 cans @ $.99/ea
  • organic black beans, 2 cans @ $.99/ea
  • mini cucumbers, 2 1lb bags @ $1.79/ea
  • clementines, 2lbs @ $2.49
  • organic grape tomatoes, 8oz carton @ $1.99 (these were in much better shape than the non-organic)
  • green bell peppers, 2 pack @ $1.39
  • romaine hearts, $2.29
  • strawberries, 2lbs @ $1.29/ea
  • plums, 2lbs @ $1.98

publix_7 20 2017

On Thursday I also stopped at Save a Lot and picked up a bag of red seedless grapes, which were on sale for $.88/lb. I spent $2.16 there (no picture). And I went to Publix, where I bought some splurgey items in addition to more “regular” purchases. I’ve been picking up my bananas from Publix because Aldi’s have either been WAY overripe, unavailable, or super sweaty in their plastic bag, which in my experience has resulted in bananas that spoil really quickly. The M&Ms are for traveling next month and I also put some out at book club. The Ben and Jerry’s were a delicious splurge but I probably won’t buy them again as they are kind of expensive. And the ravioli is fantastic; since it was on sale I picked up some bags to store in the freezer. My total was $44.58 Details:

  • Rana ravioli, 4 bags — on sale for 2/$7, but I had 4 $1/1 coupons, so I paid $2.50 ea
  • Arnold Oatnut bread, 2 loaves, BOGO @ $4.29
  • Limes, 3 for $1.20
  • Bananas, 2.52lbs @ $1.70
  • Santitas tortilla chips, $2.00
  • M&Ms, 4 bags — on BOGO for $3.79/2 + I had 2 $1.50/2 coupons, so I paid $1.15 ea
  • Flour tortillas, 2 20ct bags, BOGO @ $3.09/2
  • Sour cream, 2 16oz containers, BOGO (with coupon) @ $2.29
  • Fresh mozarella cheese, $2.50 + $1/1 coupon, so I paid $1.50
  • Ben & Jerry’s pint slices, BOGO @ 4.99/2 + $.50/1 coupon, so I paid $4.49/2
  • Polar selter water, 3 12pks @ 3/$8.00
  • tax (on the ice cream, M&Ms, & seltzer), $1.44

penzeys and starbucks_7 21 2017

Finally, yesterday after my exam I went to Starbucks and Penzeys (also Total Wine, but that is not in my grocery budget… ;)). I wanted to try Starbucks whole bean decaf, as I would like every so often to have coffee in the evening but I have really disliked all the ground decaf (which is all I can find at most stores) I have tried. I particularly wanted to get this yesterday so I’d have coffee to serve with the brownies at book club. This was pretty spendy at $13.95/lb, but as a small consolation I did also get a free cup of drip coffee. And it’s quite good, so for now worth it to me. At Penzey’s I needed some sea salt, I purchased both a coarse white salt which doesn’t break down too easily and some French grey sea salt for using as a finisher with meat and veggies. That cost $8.30 and I had coupons from Penzey’s for a free jar of their Salsa and Pico seasoning, as well as a free jar of the granulated garlic — you had to spend $2 for the garlic and $5 for the seasoning mix. They send out coupons for free-with-purchase items all the time, and while I don’t run in looking for things to buy (since we all know I already have plenty of spices on hand!), I do try to take advantage of them if there is something I need.

My total spent on groceries for the week was $122.92 ❗ ❗ o_O o_O This leaves me $10.80 for the rest of the month, however we now have SO MUCH FOOD on hand; I think the only thing I might run out to buy is bananas

*My grandfather was PA Dutch and used this expression a lot. Although my father never spoke PA Dutch, we all (my sisters and I) have a few phrases that we use often, this being one of them.

Groceries: July 8 – 14

I visited Publix and Aldi for groceries this week. I thought I might stop at Save-A-Lot this weekend for the pork roast that is $.99/lb, but we have too much food in our freezer, so I need to focus on eating that down, as opposed to building it up. My total spent on groceries for both stores was $59.68.


I went to Publix last weekend. I wanted to take advantage of some coupon match-ups, both for food and household items. I bought:

  • Sun-dried tomatoes, $2.99
  • Perdue “Encrusted” frozen, pre-cooked chicken breasts, $6.99/BOGO -$1.50/2 coupon = $5.49
  • Liberte yogurt, $1.79/ea – Publix BOGO coupon – $1.99 digital coupon -$.30 digital coupon = FREE + I actually made $.50.
  • Kentucky Legend Ham Steaks, $3.29/BOGO – $1.50/1 Publix coupon = $1.79/2
  • Yellow onions, $.99/lb for 1.81lbs = $1.79
  • Sweet potatoes, $.99/lb for 2.39lbs = $2.37
  • Bananas, $.65/lb for 2lbs = $1.30
  • Ken’s Salad Dressing, $3.49/BOGO
  • Lance Crackers, $2.33/ea – $1/2 coupon = $3.66
  • Pasta, $1.59/BOGO – $1/2 coupon = $.59/2

I wasn’t expecting the both digital coupons for the liberte yogurt to come off the total — this may be the first time in my life I have achieved a “moneymaker” since I am a pretty lackadaisical couponer. The frozen chicken is in my stash of quick foods for busy times that is growing in my freezer. So are the ham steaks — they are a nice size for just the two of us, without a ton of leftovers. Aldi was out of onions and I have not loved the quality the last couple of times I’ve bought them there or at Save-A-Lot, so picked these up instead. I had planned on just grabbing a 3lb bag, but the loose onions were actually cheaper. I don’t need any pasta at all, but have been filling up a bag of items for the food pantry and these will be perfect for that. My total for food at Publix was $23.08. I also picked up six bottles of Pantene shampoo and conditioner for $8.14 which made me very happy, although that doesn’t come out of the grocery budget. That will last me over a year!


And I stopped by Aldi on my way home from class last night. I was primarily interested in stocking up on produce, as you can see. I bought:

  • Nathan’s hot dogs, $2.89
  • Hot dog bugs, $.83
  • Organic black beans, 4 cans @ $.89/ea
  • Enchilada sauce, $1.89
  • Restaurant style tortilla chips, $1.59
  • Round tortilla chips, $1.49
  • English muffins, $.99
  • Zucchini, $1.49/24oz
  • Tri-color peppers, 2 packs @ $1.49/ea
  • Garlic, $.99
  • Avocados, 3 @ $.89/ea
  • Red cherries, 2lbs @ $1.29/ea
  • Pink Lady apples, 4lbs @ $4.29
  • Milk, $2.95
  • Sharp cheddar cheese, $1.79
  • Frozen broccoli florets, $1.19/ea
  • Mushrooms, 4 boxes @ $.79/ea

My total was $36.53 but I just realized that I was charged for an extra box of cherries, so I’ll have to see about getting that taken care of when I’m in next. Ugh. I was excited about the peppers — I had a pack in the fridge already and just went ahead and sliced up three packs for the freezer since we use them so often. If I don’t use the mushrooms in the next couple of days, I will saute them and then freeze them as well. But I have plans that should keep them from lingering. I bought the two different kinds of tortilla chips because the restaurant style are good for snacking but the round ones are the kinds I like to use for nachos.

So far I have spent a total of $166.28 on groceries this month. This leaves me $133.72 for the rest of the month.



What We Spent, What We Ate: July 7

This week has not been the best. I mean, grocery spending and eating-wise it’s been fine, even good. I just have had a headache for a couple of days and a few other things happening that have me feeling a bit grumpy. Medical bills are no fun. But. We’re here to talk about groceries!

What We Spent

I actually didn’t need a whole lot this week, since I had picked up so many things last week. My total for the week is $24.10, $4.48 of which was spent at Publix on hamburger buns and Morningstar farms corn dogs on the 3rd and which I did not photograph. The rest I picked up at Aldi ($18.48) and Target ($1/14), pictured below.


As you can see — not a whole lot. I needed tomato sauce as when I went to make the sloppy lentils earlier this week I used up my last can and I like to always have some on hand. I also grabbed some crumbled goat cheese because I thought that would taste good on salads and three containers of raspberries. The chow mein noodles were on clearance at Target and I thought, why not — I like them on salads.

My total remaining budget for July is $193.40.

What We Ate

I pretty much stuck to the meal plan. I’ll be making the cilantro lime soup tonight.

Sloppy _Lentils

Sunday: Lentil Sloppy Joes


Tuesday: 4th Feast

Red beans and rice

Wednesday: Red Beans & Rice

What We Spent, What We Ate: July 1

Hopefully next week I can post this on Friday, but this week I wasn’t able to get to the grocery store until today! I ended up running around to three different stores — although I don’t tend to shop at Publix as much as I once did, lately I’ve been able to combine coupons for relatively good deals. And some things I find I just prefer from them. Anyway, I went to BJs, Aldi, & Publix.


At BJs I really just ran in to get the ground beef. But I saw that they had 4lb containers of peaches for $2/lb — comparable to the price at Winn-Dixie where I had been planning to stop for just that item. I was happy to cut out a trip. I also grabbed the romaine because it was cheaper than the price I last paid at Aldi for the same item — $1.99 compared to $2.29. The ground turkey was sort of an impulse; usually they only have the three packs & the last batch the quality seemed a little so-so. I’ve been wanting ground turkey anyway, so thought I’d give this a try. Total spent at BJs was $32.96. My goal is to spend about $100/month at BJs and the rest of our budget at non-warehouse stores.


Lots of produce at Aldi on my list today — I was excited to see cherries at $1.99/lb. I love them but prefer not to buy them any higher than this. I grabbed two boxes. Also two of strawberries. There is a jar of salsa behind the hamburger buns — I’ve heard good things about this particular kind and I hope it lives up to it’s hype. The spinach and green cabbage are for the base salad blend I make up each weekend (or so), and lately I’ve really been enjoying their version of wheat thin crackers. I also bought a vinyl tablecloth, but am not including that in my total. Total spent on food at Aldi was $29.05.


My last stop was Publix. They had a number of BOGO deals I wanted to take advantage of and some coupon offers, too. I mentioned in my convenience food post that we really like the Morningstar Farms burgers and corn dogs — they are BOGO this week and there is a $2/2 coupon in one of their flyers. I may go back this coming week to pick up a few more as that is a good price on something that really helps me out. I’ve also been on a potato kick and especially love tiny potatoes — so even though I have quite a few little potatoes at home, I went ahead and picked up two bags since they were on BOGO. I roast them using a no-oil recipe and they are delicious and healthy. Also filling, which is good for me eating at a calorie deficit right now. Another coupon in the Publix flyer offered a BOGO deal on the Hidden Valley ranch dressing and I had two manufacturers coupons to pair with that as well. I also had coupons for the coffee, hummus and olives, but not the ice cream. 😀 Oh, I did pick up body wash as well, but that isn’t food. My total at Publix was $28.98, BUT the coffee is actually for my parents — they really like this particular brand and I am putting together a thank you basket for when we stay with them later this summer. I will probably move that expense to the gift category and my grocery total at Publix is $19.49.

For all three stores I spent a total of $82.50 and a lot of these items will last well beyond just this week. I have $217.50 left to spend in order to maintain my $300/month budget.

File Jul 01, 8 09 55 PM

I posted a meal plan early this week, and for the most part we actually stuck to it. I did end up making blueberry pancakes and turkey sausage one night instead of the tilapia, because the thought of anything more involved made me want to drive to Taco Bell. However I made all the other meals I had listed. The only real change was that I made grilled chicken breasts instead of skewers, as I accidentally pulled chicken cutlets out of the freezer instead of whole breasts. I spent all that time cutting my chicken into sizes I wanted for specific things, so I sure wasn’t about to cut my nice cutlets into kebabs! 😉 It was a really good dinner, nonetheless. Summery, tasty and healthy, too!