Five Frugal Things

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

  1. I made banana bread to use up some of the endless overripe bananas in my freezer.
  2. I used my Kohl’s Yes2You rewards on a pair of shorts that were already on clearance, so my total out-of-pocket was $2.40
  3. I went through all of the clothes in my closet and came up with a late summer and fall wardrobe for school and my internship. There are a few pieces I need to pick up to round everything out, but overall I made space so that I can SEE what I have and am much less inclined to run out and just buy what I think I need — which would have been too much and probably not the correct items.
  4. We caught on early to a problem that was causing our large freezer to not freeze properly and were able to get someone out to repair the problem within 24 hrs. Although this was not inexpensive, it was frugal because we were able to repair the appliance and we didn’t lose any items in our freezer, either.
  5. I renewed my library items so as not to incur an overdue fine. You’d think I’d be on top of this as a former librarian, but sadly that is often not the case!

10 thoughts on “Five Frugal Things

  1. Oh those multiplying over ripe frozen bananas. I had to add 2 more to the freezer today

    1. For real! I hoped it was salvageable, but we had plans B and C ready, too. I really didn’t want to lose too much food!

      1. That is always my biggest fear as late summer and early fall come into play. Usually if we are going to have a hurricane come through it is during those times.

      2. Yes, I was really hopeful that it wasn’t completely dead. And I do keep hurricane season in the back of my mind, but…it always seems like a bit of a tight-rope regarding what is the best thing to do!

  2. Your banana bread picture is lovely and is making me crave it! I have bananas that I could turn into banana bread this week but I’m afraid I’ll eat it.

    When you confessed about sometimes incurring late fees on your library books, it reminded me that recently I had seen a whole bunch of Librarian Confessions pictures on Bing… you’re not the only one, hahaha. Doesn’t your library email you reminders several days before your books are due? Ours emails me 3 days out, it’s super helpful.

    1. Thanks Nathalie! It was quite good, but it was also a temptation that I often succumbed to, so probably not the best choice while I am trying to lose weight.

      The library does send email reminders, but I still have them going to my old work email and keep forgetting to change it!

  3. Those are good frugal things you did! I, too, seem to have an endless supply of ripe bananas to be made into banana bread! I will need to do a baking marathon on the first cool day! Well done on shopping in your closet and coming up with new outfits!

    1. Thanks! I have a huge zucchini from my mom’s garden that is destined to become zucchini bread this weekend. 🙂

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