Groceries: 7/30 – 8/4

This week is the start of a new monthly budget for me; since I log things on Friday, I pick up the tail end of the previous month sometimes. It all evens out. Last month I was right on target with my $300 budget; this month I hope to be under as I want to focus on using up what we have and we’ll be gone for a bit, too. However, I do also want to prep some meals/meal components next week so that I have some really simple options ready to go once the semester starts. So it might not be quite as low a budget as I’m thinking now.

This week I went to Winn-Dixie and Publix. My semester ended on Tuesday (hooray!! hooray!! hooray!!) and I crashed for a couple of days — I was tired and then a migraine descended. Ugh. Anyway, I was in no shape to do a more extensive day of shopping or even make the trip to Aldi — it’s close, but not nearly so close as Publix and Winn-Dixie.

Winn-Dixie 7_31_17

I went to Winn-Dixie last weekend primarily to pick up ribeye steaks when they were a part of their weekend sale. I picked up a few other ingredients for a recipe I planned to try out, but that was it. The steaks were supposed to be in a value pack, but since I couldn’t find any, they gave me the sale price on the smaller packs.

  • Boneless ribeye steaks, 4.4 lbs @ $5.99/lb
  • Limes, 2 @ $.25/ea
  • Jalapeno peppers, $.60
  • Cilantro, $1.00
  • Grape tomatoes, $1.99
  • Bananas, 2.07 lbs @ $.68/lb
  • Freezer paper, $4.19

My total was $35.99. We made one pack of steaks over the weekend and I froze the other two packs.

Publix & Walgreens 7_31_17

I remembered that the coffee filters I prefer were on BOGO sale at Publix and ran in while I was shopping at Kohl’s one evening. I also picked up some candy at Walgreens in anticipation of our trip. Between both places I spent $5.91.

Publix 8_4_17

Finally, this evening I ran into Publix. Mainly to pick up a few things to make steak sandwiches using the leftover steak. Of course, I forgot to get the green pepper, but happily I have lots of frozen pepper slices on hand. I think that green peppers taste more authentic in this recipe, but others are obviously just fine. 😉 I also picked up a kale salad mix and, shamefully, I have been craving strawberry pop tarts for a while now and finally succumbed. These don’t really qualify as a food item in my mind, but I will enjoy them!

  • Kale salad, $3.99 (I think this is kind of a rip-off, but I was hungry and tired, so…)
  • Shredded Italian-style cheese blends, $4.39 BOGO
  • Hoagie rolls, 4pk @ $1.99
  • Stonefire mini naan, $2.99 – $1/1 coupon, so $1.99
  • Organic naan, $2.99 BOGO
  • Talenti gelato, $3.34 – $2/1 digital coupon, so $1.34
  • Publix strawberry pop tarts, $2.59
  • Peaches, 2.94 lbs @ $1.99/lb
  • Lance sandwich crackers, $3.25 BOGO – $1/2 coupon, so $2.25 for both

My total was $27.62. I also was able to submit a couple of items to Ibotta and Checkout51 for a grand total of $1.50 in rebates, although I don’t count those here (since I don’t get the money until I redeem it).

My weekly total is $69.52, which leaves me $230.48 for the month. Any exciting finds on your groceries this week?


4 thoughts on “Groceries: 7/30 – 8/4

  1. We love Poptarts! I had to stop buying them because the kids were just eating too many of them, all day long.

    FYI there are a couple of videos on your post (all the way at the end) that keep on refreshing and make my screen jump up nonstop, it’s hard to comment. I didn’t know you had started putting ads on your blog, is this new?

    1. I haven’t had PopTarts in YEARS! They are tasty but I think for my overall health I need to leave them on the shelf going forward. 😉

      I don’t have ads myself, but the free WordPress platform that I use for my blog does sometimes run ads…I didn’t realize that they would be videos, that’s so annoying. I’ll see if I can do anything to change them — sorry!

  2. You did very well with your grocery shopping, this week! I always enjoy seeing and reading what you’ve bought and how much you paid, etc. And then, seeing what you made! I haven’t been buying much meat, lately, but I think I’ve finished all what I had in the freezer (except for sausage meat). Should go buy some on my next shopping trip.

    1. I have so much meat in my freezer! Which is certainly a blessing, but I really need to make an effort to use it rather than accumulate it.

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