Five Frugal Things


  1. I’ve been using a shampoo and conditioner for the past couple of months that I really don’t like but have had for years now, just sitting in the cabinet. I’m trying to go through and use up toiletries, and because of this goal I managed to not buy shampoo or conditioner or body lotion for two years. I did just pick up more shampoo since I finally getting to the end of these bottles, but I think I’ll be good on the body lotion for a while (I prefer unscented or very lightly scented body lotions, but somehow had scads and scads of stuff from the Body Shop and Bath and Body Works).
  2. I used up the last of a less-than-wonderful loaf of banana bread to make French toast, rather than letting it sit uneaten until we had to throw it away.
  3. We picked up a pizza last weekend, but used the left-over balance on a gift card and a discount code to get a free order of breadsticks and cut the overall cost somewhat. Also it used up the balance on the gift card, which always feels very satisfactory to me!
  4. I went through a recent issue of Cooking Light and bookmarked recipes I would like to try. Most of them use items I already have in the pantry/fridge/freezer.
  5. We bought a new cat tower during Petco’s recent sale and went through ebates for cash back.

6 thoughts on “Five Frugal Things

  1. Well done, Laura! I’m also going through all the shampoo and conditioner that we have in stock, which is quite a bit, still and then all the samples too! I have so much body lotion and I almost never use it (one year I had wanted bubble bath but Greg bought me 5 bottles of body lotion at BBW by mistake!). Sometimes I wish I could just throw it away because it annoys me to feel the pressure to use it up, but then I feel guilty because it’s still good, you know?

    I have a coupon for a free pizza and I really want to redeem it for my own dinner tonight but then that means I’d eat a whole pizza by myself, which is complete anathema to my diet. Arrgh. I want pizza!

    I hope you have a frugal week this week too. Are the kitties enjoying their new cat tower?

    1. Honestly I was kind of the same about body lotion, but since I’ve determined to use it up my skin has never been in better shape! But it will be nice to only have one bottle on hand instead of a never-ending supply!

      I really enjoyed my pizza last weekend, but it was definitely an indulgence!

      The kitties are loving the tower, although they are equally enjoying the box in was delivered in, too! 😛

  2. We just found two bottles of shampoo and one bottle of conditioner hidden in the back of my daughter’s bathroom cabinet…so I can totally relate. 😂. Other than Johnson’s Baby Lotion and Eucerin, there are very few lotions my daughter and I can use. We do have some odd bottles of “stuff” my husband uses when he needs lotion. We’re kind of the same with body washes and soaps….due to allergies, my selection is limited. For a household of 3, we end up buying 3 different kinds. Sometimes I joke it looks like I am running an outpost store.

    1. I don’t have allergies, but because strong scents can aggravate my husband’s asthma and my own tendency toward migraines, I prefer lotions like eucerin, cetaphil, gold bond, etc. Eventually that is what I will have in my cupboard! 😀

      I know what you mean about an outpost! I was planning to eliminate body wash and just use soap because it’s cheaper and we have so much on hand. BUT. My husband’s skin is apparently ultra sensitive and our slightly hard water means that soap scum builds up so fast. I hate collecting all the plastic bottles, but even more I hate scrubbing all the time at that darn soap scum!

  3. My frugal five include…

    1) I used some of my bottled body wash, watered down, to refill my kitchen soap dispenser on the weekend. I much rather use bar soap in the shower, but have been gifted with lots of body wash.

    2) I used my own cleaning spray to wash and disinfect my kitchen counters and stove top over the weekend.

    3) I made my own dog treats on Saturday which are made with pantry staples which are much cheaper and healthier than the store-bought ones.

    4) I make a litre jug of iced tea every morning with Herbal tea bags I bought from Dollar Tree. (30 tea bags for $1.25)

    5) I made 6 cups of high fat yoghurt on Friday with whole milk (the 2 litre carton was discounted to 99 cents because it was getting close to the expiry date), and I will substitute it for sour cream in some of my recipes.

    I am still using shampoo that I mixed in the winter from sample bottles, and I use the conditioning lotion that comes in the L’Oreal hair dye kit that I buy.

    1. Nice job! I’ve been meaning to get into the habit of iced tea, as I think it would be both better for me and cheaper than my current affection for Diet Dr. Pepper.

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