Five Frugal Things


  1. I saved the seeds from the cilantro I planted in the spring; I think I’ll plant them in the fall and see if I have success growing them for a longer period of time.
  2. The balsamic glaze I bought from Aldi last year is REALLY thick. Too thick to act as a glaze and too thick for me to enjoy. It’s been sitting in the cupboard unused but recently I realized that if I thinned it out with some regular balsamic vinegar it would be the perfect consistency. I’ve been using it on salads and am happy to have saved that particular product.
  3. Since I have a little extra time this summer, I’ve been doing more coupon matching than I normally do. This is helping me stock up on convenience-type foods for the fall at a reasonable price.
  4. My husband’s procedure yesterday was pretty early in the morning so I didn’t eat OR have any coffee before we left. I was very hungry and sleepy! Once he was called back to get prepped, I was planning to run out to Starbucks for a caffeine boost, but the receptionist let me know that they offered coffee and donuts for those waiting. That was really nice as I was worried about getting back in time! It wasn’t the best coffee ever, but the price was right. 😉 And I was glad to not have to leave.
  5. The rubber thumb guard (mostly a comfort pad, I think) on my husband’s computer mouse fell off; we were able to use some epoxy I had on hand to glue it back on instead of buying a new mouse — especially since this one was pretty new itself!

2 thoughts on “Five Frugal Things

  1. I hope your husband’s procedure went well and he is recovering well and the results will be good. Best wishes to you both. That was nice of the hospital to have free coffee and doughnuts!

    Well done on the frugal front! All those little things add up, don’t they?

    1. Everything did go well and the initial results look pretty good. They did a biopsy so we are waiting to hear those results, but overall feel good.

      I did appreciate the coffee and doughnuts! And for sure the little things do add up. 🙂

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