New Recipes: A Catch-Up Post


Although I’ve committed to trying a new recipe every week this year, I’ve only posted about 12 of them. I have still been making new things, I just got pretty frazzled before my blog break. I’m not going to post a recipe and review for each one, just list here what I made and briefly share whether or not we enjoyed it.

  1. Lentil Sloppy Joes — FANTASTIC! We really loved them and the recipe has been added to my list of semi-regulars. A couple of notes: I use regular brown lentils, they always take more than 18 minutes and 2 cups of water to cook. Probably closer to 30 minutes and maybe 2.5 cups water? I add a little mustard to the sauce and like to serve them with mustard, too. I have used thinned out tomato paste instead of tomato sauce with no problems. Also this make WAY more than 4 servings, unless you are planning to eat a LOT of lentils.
  2. Roasted Cabbage Steaks — Really good. Really, really good. You do have to like cabbage, though. I haven’t made them again because we’ve moved into warmer weather but I think there are a few things I might do differently when I make them again — mostly regarding how to get them uniformly tender. Really this is more a technique than a recipe, but my end product looked close to the photo on this recipe. I did not use honey or thyme or nearly as much olive oil, but I did use balsamic vinaigrette!
  3. Egg Roll in a Bowl — We loved this, too. I’ve made it a couple of times since. It feels healthier than the Korean Beef while sharing a similar flavor profile. You can use pretty much any ground meat here, I’d think.
  4. Zucchini Bread — not my first time making this, but first time for this recipe. It was ok.
  5. Zucchini Chocolate Chip Muffins — good, especially for a low-fat, healthier muffin.
  6. Blueberry Oatmeal Bars — really tasty; not very sweet, which is a nice change from the recipe I have that is similar to this but uses pie filling or jam instead of fresh fruit.
  7. Lemony Greek Pasta Salad — I did blog about this, but didn’t think to include it in my new Recipe Thursday round up. Why? Who can know.
  8. Tuna Noodle Casserole — again, I’ve made this dish before, but used a new to me recipe. Mostly because I was looking for what would be the right ratio for the ingredients I had on hand. It was good. I make tuna noodle casserole maybe once or twice a year and it fills a craving; otherwise I tend not to think about it all that much.
  9. Crockpot Taco Chicken — this was really simple and really good. It called for chicken breasts, a packet of taco seasoning and a jar of salsa. Nothing else. Cook till chicken can be shredded. I’ve not made it before because of the packet of taco seasoning and because I had a recipe that I thought was similar. They actually taste fairly different and I think I prefer this one for actual tacos. Usually I make my own taco seasoning, but I wasn’t sure how it would work in a recipe with so few ingredients. Also, I made this when my sister was here and needed to be sure the seasoning wasn’t too spicy for the kids — which my taco seasoning definitely is.
  10. Roasted Veggie Salad — this is more a technique than a recipe and, to be honest, I’ve made something similar many, many years ago. But I made a big batch for a picnic while my sister was here and it was absolutely delicious. So delicious that I’ve added it into a semi-regular rotation and we are loving it. It’s perfect for picnics because the salad is best served at room temperature, not cold (it doesn’t have any mayo or dairy for those whom the words “room temperature” make nervous). From The Moosewood Cookbook by Mollie Katzen.
  11. Crispy No-Oil Roasted Potatoes — every once in a while I get into researching odd diets and recently the Potato Diet came across my path again (basically you eat nothing but potatoes w/a little salt for three-five days to help reset your ability to sense satiety). It’s unlikely that I’ll be pursuing that particular method (although I’ve done a variation before and it is less difficult than you would think — and also nutritious), but I did get hungry for healthier roasted potatoes so I used this recipe to whip up a batch. Um, they are awesome. I’ve actually mixed up a larger batch of the seasoning so that I have it on hand whenever I want more of these!

10 thoughts on “New Recipes: A Catch-Up Post

  1. I have already printed out the no-oil french fries. I will look at the other recipes later on. Some of them, like the crock pot taco chicken, I am sure will be printed out as well.

  2. I like crockpot taco chicken. I do add a couple of other things to mine though. I include a drained can of black beans. Occasionally a can of corn. OR a corn and black bean salsa. I also add in a little extra onion and garlic powder.

    1. Yes, the other recipe I have I do add black beans, corn, and a can of rotel in addition to the salsa. But I think what I liked about this is that it is a good base that I could then add beans and corn to some, leave some plain, and so on. I think I like it plain for tacos, actually, which surprised me because usually I am a the-more-the-better kind of person!

  3. I am going to be making the sloppy joes and the oven fries during the next week. They both sound great! Thanks for posting!

  4. I was trying to just skim your post because I’m too hungry right now to read about yummy recipes, but that last one caught my eye (potatoes!) and so I following your link and YUM. I want all the vegan fries now! So I printed it. I do have gold potatoes in my pantry right now but I don’t want to turn the oven on… conundrum, conundrum! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Haha, I’m a food pusher. The potatoes are good — if you make them, make sure to spread them out on a big pan. When I’ve made them on a smaller baking sheet, they don’t get quite as crispy (too close to each other, I think).

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