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I have decided that a clear table is the kitchen and dining room equivalent of a made bed; my goal is to maintain this state as much as possible. I’m still working on clearing off the dining room table, though. Our fruit bowl is already considerably depleted — We’ve eaten a couple of the peaches and I used a lot of lemons in yesterday’s meal. The wrinkly tablecloth is the one I picked up from Aldi yesterday. Since it is vinyl, the wrinkles should eventually work themselves out.

great big massive to do list

Before my sister’s family arrived for their visit, I wrote out a great big, massive to-do list. It’s relevant to what our needs are around here now, as opposed to the list on this blog which is sorely out of date. I’ll be updating that page this week. Even though I didn’t expect that we would get through this list before they got here, we did get quite a bit done. And I find crossing things out to be very satisfying. The big thing now is to maintain our momentum.

Bowl of cherries

I’ve been enjoying the cherries I bought yesterday, although as I’ve been eating them it struck me how they taste NOTHING like the artificial cherry flavoring that is used in candies and drinks and so on. Why is that? I don’t really even think that sour cherries taste like that, although perhaps that taste does somewhat capture the aroma of ripe sour cherries. But not really. Does anyone know? Not that artificial flavors are expected to taste “real” but…this one seems really off.


I have been so tired lately. And having weirdly vivid dreams that I remember for hours after I wake up. I don’t know why, either — although I’m busy, this summer is nothing like the spring in terms of commitments. Maybe this is just my body adjusting to fewer calories (that makes me feel like a wimp and also like I’ve made a drastic change in how much I’m eating, which I don’t think I really have). I don’t know, but it’s disconcerting and getting in the way of my productivity.


Check out the original image and blog post about the trail here:

However, I am making headway on planning a little trip the two of us are taking later in the summer. We’re indulging Michael’s love of whiskey/bourbon/scotch and driving up through Kentucky on their bourbon trail (the map is from Astor Wines — a seller in NYC — but I thought it was more charming that a simple road map). We will not visit all 10 distilleries, I don’t think! But it should be fun and I’m looking forward to planning some hikes or other outdoorsy type of adventures, too. Kentucky is such a beautiful state and I am excited to visit it again.


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  1. I usually read your posts on Feedly and then hop on your blog to comment. This time I was hoping to be able to read your humongous To Do List and also save the Bourbon Trip graphic to share with Greg, who loooooves Bourbon and Whisky and was just talking yesterday about going to KY to visit the distilleries! But… clicking on your pictures doesn’t make them appear any larger. Would you mind emailing me the KY picture so we can read the details? It’s a little too small as posted on the blog. Thank you, thank you!

    The table cloth looks very nice! I had a table cloth for a long time. Then I went to France and realized that everyone in my family used beautiful cloth table cloths that they covered with a clear plastic table cloth so they could wipe it instead of washing it after each meal and it still looked nice. I tried this here, but it just didn’t look as nice so I gave up and we’re back to the bare wood. Once my daughter leaves, I think I’ll turn our kitchen table into a round table for 4. Right now we’re using one leaf so it sits 6. But the more surface I have available to me, the more stuff I start piling up. Every effort to minimize piles fails. I’m not a hoarder but I’m visual. Still, as we downsize our household, I won’t be needing as much stuff so I need to reduce the surfaces to help me reduce the stuff. All of this to say, I agree that a clean kitchen table is a beautiful thing!

    I’m sorry you’re feeling tired. I used to be exhausted in the afternoons but, as I suspected, once I reduced my sugar intake and switched to whole grains, that stopped. I still get tired, but it’s not the “I can’t stop yawning and I want to take a nap at 3 p.m.” type of exhaustion anymore. I also started taking a multivitamin for women in the mornings. I’m not sure if it helps or not, but it should be ensuring that I’m getting enough vitamins and iron. An iron deficiency will leave you feeling tired.

    Lastly… where did you get the “Great Big Massive To Do List” poster board? I want it!

    1. I will email this to you as well, but here is the link to the blog post where I found the map I included. And actually I’ll go in and add the link — I should have done that for a source anyway!

      But really I think the best information is — it’s obviously a tourist effort on the part of the participating breweries, but I think it’s a good place to start and then you can kind of branch out from there.

      I’ve seen the clear tablecloth covers but I think the plastic that we sell is here pretty thin. That would be a good option for me, though, as I really do prefer cloth but the cats make that hard to maintain.

      I don’t know if my tiredness is related to sugar or not — I do have low blood sugar episodes, which I’ve had always, but those are more related to going too long without eating or forgetting to include some kind of protein in a meal. But as far as food intake is concerned, I’m not sure I can attribute it to sugar. Especially since I have been eating much less of it the last couple of weeks. I do take a multi-vitamin. Honestly it could be my cycle, which can hit me hard. It would be a bit early I think but not totally out of line. UGH.

      I got the poster board, washi tape, and markers at Michael’s for sign making when I participated in the women’s march. I just used what I had left to make this sign, plus a ruler — no way can I freehand lines that straight!

      1. Wait you MADE it? I thought it was something you bought already pre-printed, lol. You should sell those on Etsy 🙂

        Thanks for the info, I emailed it to Greg. He said to thank you as well!

  2. I love the way a clear table looks, too. Our floor plan is an open plan and I always feel like the room feels cluttered if the table is cluttered. Now if I could just develop that attitude about my various bookshelves….lol.

    Your planned trip sounds fun. One of the first trips my husband and I took was to Kentucky….goodness, if I add it up…. I believe that may have been in 1992, which is how many years ago? 😳

    Love your list! I need to do one here. I’m finding some things don’t have to be done as frequently with less people and I am pretty sure I have some things I can streamline. I’ve just lacked the motivation to get it accomplished.

    1. Possibly the best decision we made was to invest in bookshelves with doors — they’re only so tidy, but with the doors closed everything seems neater somehow.

      I haven’t been to Kentucky since a good friend and I took a graduation trip there in 2002, I believe. At least, not in the state long enough to call it a visit. I’m looking forward to going back.

      My husband thought the list would be overwhelming, but it really has been so satisfying to see things get crossed off!

  3. Your table cover looks very nice and summer-like. Love the colors. And the very colorful bowl of fruits is just right. I make a cleared dining table one of my goals for June and was able to achieve it for the most part. Then I set up my sewing machine and now, it’s a bit cluttered with that!

    Love your supper massive to do list, too!

    1. Well, your dining table gets a pass since you are using it! I have a tendency to leave things on flat surfaces long after I finished actually doing what it was that brought me there in the first place!

  4. I am looking forward to hearing about your trip through Kentucky. I love living vicariously through others. Ha. I love that you will have this theme going on which will be guiding your tour. My husband and I did something similar when we visited the Eastern Maritime provinces many years ago. It was our first major vacation that didn’t involve visiting relatives. We took our then 6 year old son on a 2 week holiday and hit every “kids’ holiday spot” we could find along the way (Fairy tale forest, Old MacDonald’s farm, that kind of thing) We saw such a lot of the country that way, and visited so much more I believe then if we just started out driving between cities. We camped along the way and it turned out to be one of the most memorable vacations we ever went on.

    1. That sounds like a fun vacation, Susan! I was just reading about the maritime provinces, particularly Nova Scotia. It’s quite beautiful. Michael and I would like to visit a few different places in Canada, but as it’s such a big country I think we’d have to make several trips. And I agree — having a theme can help get you off the beaten track which is always interesting. I’m really looking forward to our trip, too. I’ll be sure to share some photos!

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