What We Spent, What We Ate: July 1

Hopefully next week I can post this on Friday, but this week I wasn’t able to get to the grocery store until today! I ended up running around to three different stores — although I don’t tend to shop at Publix as much as I once did, lately I’ve been able to combine coupons for relatively good deals. And some things I find I just prefer from them. Anyway, I went to BJs, Aldi, & Publix.


At BJs I really just ran in to get the ground beef. But I saw that they had 4lb containers of peaches for $2/lb — comparable to the price at Winn-Dixie where I had been planning to stop for just that item. I was happy to cut out a trip. I also grabbed the romaine because it was cheaper than the price I last paid at Aldi for the same item — $1.99 compared to $2.29. The ground turkey was sort of an impulse; usually they only have the three packs & the last batch the quality seemed a little so-so. I’ve been wanting ground turkey anyway, so thought I’d give this a try. Total spent at BJs was $32.96. My goal is to spend about $100/month at BJs and the rest of our budget at non-warehouse stores.


Lots of produce at Aldi on my list today — I was excited to see cherries at $1.99/lb. I love them but prefer not to buy them any higher than this. I grabbed two boxes. Also two of strawberries. There is a jar of salsa behind the hamburger buns — I’ve heard good things about this particular kind and I hope it lives up to it’s hype. The spinach and green cabbage are for the base salad blend I make up each weekend (or so), and lately I’ve really been enjoying their version of wheat thin crackers. I also bought a vinyl tablecloth, but am not including that in my total. Total spent on food at Aldi was $29.05.


My last stop was Publix. They had a number of BOGO deals I wanted to take advantage of and some coupon offers, too. I mentioned in my convenience food post that we really like the Morningstar Farms burgers and corn dogs — they are BOGO this week and there is a $2/2 coupon in one of their flyers. I may go back this coming week to pick up a few more as that is a good price on something that really helps me out. I’ve also been on a potato kick and especially love tiny potatoes — so even though I have quite a few little potatoes at home, I went ahead and picked up two bags since they were on BOGO. I roast them using a no-oil recipe and they are delicious and healthy. Also filling, which is good for me eating at a calorie deficit right now. Another coupon in the Publix flyer offered a BOGO deal on the Hidden Valley ranch dressing and I had two manufacturers coupons to pair with that as well. I also had coupons for the coffee, hummus and olives, but not the ice cream. 😀 Oh, I did pick up body wash as well, but that isn’t food. My total at Publix was $28.98, BUT the coffee is actually for my parents — they really like this particular brand and I am putting together a thank you basket for when we stay with them later this summer. I will probably move that expense to the gift category and my grocery total at Publix is $19.49.

For all three stores I spent a total of $82.50 and a lot of these items will last well beyond just this week. I have $217.50 left to spend in order to maintain my $300/month budget.

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I posted a meal plan early this week, and for the most part we actually stuck to it. I did end up making blueberry pancakes and turkey sausage one night instead of the tilapia, because the thought of anything more involved made me want to drive to Taco Bell. However I made all the other meals I had listed. The only real change was that I made grilled chicken breasts instead of skewers, as I accidentally pulled chicken cutlets out of the freezer instead of whole breasts. I spent all that time cutting my chicken into sizes I wanted for specific things, so I sure wasn’t about to cut my nice cutlets into kebabs! 😉 It was a really good dinner, nonetheless. Summery, tasty and healthy, too!




10 thoughts on “What We Spent, What We Ate: July 1

  1. I was disappointed a few weeks ago when I realized that the Romaine hearts had gone up to $2.29 at Aldi! It’s only 30 cents, but still. This past week, though, the spinach was down to $1.49 so 30 cents lower, which made up for the Romaine 🙂 I also bought the cherries and they’re good. I was afraid they wouldn’t be. I’m a cherry snob and in the past I’ve just bought them at Publix because the quality there is usually very good.

    You did a great job on all your deals. Coupons + BOGO = great value!

    1. The spinach has pretty consistently been $1.49, which is nice. Honestly I wasn’t too worried about the romaine price except when I saw that it was cheaper and I was going to get it anyway…no brainer!

      Yes, I’m a cherry snob and honestly kind of picky about a lot of produce. The Publix cherries are always amazing! Really I just love cherries, too. 🙂

  2. I was at Aldi and thought about the cherries but the ones at my store did not look great so Sprouts got the cherry money this week.

    1. I wish we had a Sprouts — I think I would like that store very much. I am always skeptical about berries at Aldi, as they seem to be particularly vulnerable. I was happy these looked so good!

  3. We opted for plums and watermelon this week. (And our usual supply of apples.)

    Publix and Lidl both just opened here. I haven’t been in to check either out though because I am pretty well stocked. I really want to force us to eat down the freezer before lat summer.

    1. I would have liked a watermelon, but didn’t get one at BJs and they were out at Aldi. And Publix was just a little too high. I hope you like both stores — I”m interested to see what a Lidl is like, although I doubt we’ll get one here anytime soon. Aldi is fairly new still. Publix can be a little pricey but their customer service is amazing.

  4. Sounds like your grocery shopping went very well and you got lots of good deals! Well done! Your dinner looks very good and your salad looks very colorful and refreshing. But here’s my problem when it comes to such salads – I don’t like tomatoes and I don’t like onions and I don’t like cheese! Take those items out and all I have is cucumber! LOL!

    1. haha! Maybe not the salad for you! I do soak the red onions in cold water for a bit, which helps reduce their bite. But I don’t have any suggestions for the tomatoes or the cheese! 😀

  5. You did so well with your shopping. You have these BOGO deals that I don’t get. And I am assuming that BOGO means buy one, get one free. I had a coupon this past week that allowed me to get a new product if I bought another product. That is a very special coupon that I have to request by mail, and it is very rarely offered. But grocery stores in general don’t offer those kind of sales. Some shops might offer BOGO, which translates to buy one, get one at 50% off. But I usually stay away from the clothing and shoe stores.

    1. Yes, BOGO is buy one get on free, generally. I think it’s a pretty common sales tactic here; certainly in my area pretty much all the “regular” (not discount) grocery stores do it. I like that you can combine coupons with these offers, for an even better deal sometimes. But I think that you have done very well using the coupons and sales available where you are! I think I would feel a little disoriented at first, trying to shop in a Canadian grocery store.

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