Five Frugal Things


  1. Except for the planned splurge on doughnuts from a new local bakery and a work function (paid for by them), we’ve eaten all meals at home this week. This included several times when one or both of us were tempted to do otherwise — when the power went out as I was cooking, when I forgot to eat my snack before class, when I was running around downtown on errands that took longer than expected. Lately this is an accomplishment.
  2. Although I have embarked on a plan to increase my overall health, I am mostly taking advantage of free resources or supplies we already own instead of purchasing anything new. Plenty of people have managed to get fit without a FitBit and I’m pretty sure I can be one of them. 😉
  3. I’ve been taking more and more advantage of our Prime membership and not letting the perks that come along with that totally go to waste.
  4. I decided NOT to purchase a cart full of quilting deals I had created during my favorite store’s 4th of July sale. I have plenty of fabric on hand for those times I feel the need to be creative and frankly I probably have more fabric than I will ever use in the next five years.
  5. My wardrobe was starting to feel a little boring, so I went to my closet and spent a little time reacquainting myself with all the clothes I already have and played around with new combinations. I won’t be a fashion plate — ever — but I enjoyed feeling a bit more put together over the last couple of days without spending any money.

12 thoughts on “Five Frugal Things

  1. Awesome job — especially for sticking to not eating out, even when it was the easier solution!
    I definitely do agree that you don’t need fancy gadgets and gym memberships to get healthier BUT…I do have to say if you ever have a chance to get a FREE Fitbit (as I was through my husband’s work) they are pretty amazing motivators! =)

    1. Thanks!! I definitely would LIKE a Fitbit. I just need to remind myself that it isn’t NECESSARY for getting healthy. 🙂 So I would absolutely snap up one if it was offered to me!! How nice that you were able to get one for free!

  2. It is hard sometimes to eat at home when crazy is all around you. Good for you!

    I have actually bought several new clothing items lately. For me this is a huge splurge, since I generally add only 1 or 2 items per year. I assessed my summer wardrobe and realized most of my clothes were 10 years old or older, so I have added about 10 new pieces this year and it feels good.

    1. New clothes always feel so refreshing to me. I’m glad you found some new pieces that you like! I ended up picking up a few things in May before traveling, when I realized that I sadly had gained enough weight that the clothes I had been planning on wearing did not fit correctly. Ugh. It’s nice to have a few things that fit well and look nice, but I have to say that was the big motivation for me to get back on track with eating and moving!

  3. It’s great to see you posting again. I totally understand you needing a break though.

    We are trying a “eat from the stores” July. I’m allowing $25 a week for dairy and any odditiies. I absolutely need to clean out the freezer as we get nearer our “hurricane” vulnerable time.

    1. Thanks Shara! We could probably stand to do an “eat from the stores” type of project, too. Actually that makes me think that I should do that in August before we leave for vacation — that way I’m less likely to lose anything to our absence. And I too probably need to think about eating down the freezer. Although I would also like a generator…hmmm…

  4. Well done on the frugal front! Especially with eating at home! That’s hard to do and takes a bit of discipline, at times. Good job with not buying more fabric and shopping from your wardrobe.

    1. Thanks Bless! I find it especially difficult if I am already out and about and tempted by all the places I am passing. I hope to keep up this streak!

  5. Excellent results Laura. My frugal five were:
    (1) ate all meals during the week at home
    (2) washed laundry with cold water, homemade laundry powder, vinegar rinse, and hung on clothesline
    (3) made cards to give to a friend’s birthday
    (4) sold two packs of cards and made $50
    (5) combined my shopping trips to a day I had to go into town anyways.

    1. Way to go! I like to combine errands. And how awesome that you made some money from your hobby — nice.

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