Daybook, April 24


Monday, April 24

Outside my window…….the sun is shining and a few folks from the neighborhood are getting in their morning walks. A lizard is taunting one of my cats who is perched on the windowsill; this is pretty much a daily occurrence.

I am thinking…….about what I need to do this week, especially as I am going out of town this weekend.

I am thankful for……the end of the semester! I am so grateful to be (almost) done. I have a paper due in my Thursday evening class and a Wednesday afternoon obligation, but then I have 10 days of no school at all. I am looking forward to that short break.

From the kitchen…..the breakfast dishes need to be cleaned up and the dishwasher started. The fridge is full, so I’m not worrying about cooking until dinnertime.

I am wearing…..pjs, shortly to change into cropped jeans and a t-shirt.

I am creating…..a couple of articles for work.

I am going…….to visit my family at the end of the week!

I am reading……..the New Yorker and some cooking magazines that have accumulated.

I am hoping……that I get everything done before flying north on Friday morning.

I am hearing…..two cats “negotiating” with each other, and another cat enjoying a cardboard box (we had an air purifier delivered — the box is big and the cats are in heaven).

Around the house…….I need to tidy everywhere and get on top of the laundry.

One of my favorite things……cats and boxes. 😉

A few plans for the rest of the week…..I’m working the first half of the week. For school I have some edits due to a classmate this afternoon and then that paper I mentioned earlier. I should also brush up my resume. It looks like Michael is getting sick now and since I blew through all the cold medicine we had on hand, I’m going to have to make a trip to Walgreens, too. We’re slowly but steadily working on getting the really rough (nasty) parts of our lawn in order, so I’m planning to spend a little time today and tomorrow tearing out some weedy, scrubby bushes by the shed in our back yard. And I’ll be packing for my trip to visit family (my grandmother is turning 90!). As usual there are some bills to pay and I also need to schedule eye appointments for each of us.

Here is a picture I am sharing…….the beach a Cumberland Island. It was pretty and so quiet, which is my favorite kind of beach.

2017-03-25 13.49.51


6 thoughts on “Daybook, April 24

  1. That’s my favorite type of beach too, as well as favorite type of anything, really. Pretty+quiet=heaven!

    Happy birthday to your grandmother! My great aunt will turn 90 at the end of the year. I can’t fathom living that long!

    So.. you’ll be in PA for 45’s big 100 day rally, eh? Wouldn’t be funny if no one turned up? I wish.

    I hope your husband doesn’t get too sick, the poor guy.

    And hey, cat and boxes are hysterical. Did you try the trick of drawing a square on the ground to see if one of your cats will come sit in it right away? Middle Son asked me to do that, I guess it was big on Facebook a couple of weeks ago. It didn’t work with our cats, they’re far too sophisticated for such foolishness 🙂

    Have a great last week of papers/finals/class commitments!

    1. We haven’t tried the drawing a square on the floor — we should, though. I’m curious if they’d be in any way interested!

      I love that the state and national park beaches are usually so much less crowded than the city beach.

      I suppose that since 45 spends half his term in Florida thus far, he must just really want to be in the same state where I am…ha.

  2. Oh my goodness, that photo is lovely. When you are asked to envision your” happy place”, is this where you go in your mind? It looks so serene and beautiful.

    Your cats were “negotiating”. I love that expression. It paints a picture in my mind of how our two cats would determine who got the prized possession.

    Have a wonderful time this weekend. Turning 90 is a big deal. We had a great celebration for my dad when he turned 90, and next month he will be 92. If I live that long, I hope I am as “young” and vibrant as he is.

    My daybook is over here.

    1. A beautiful beach is definitely one of my happy places! I’m glad you liked the photo. 🙂

      I, too, hope that I am as spry and vibrant as my grandmother should I live to 90 — she is definitely an inspiration!

      My cats seem to always be “negotiating.” lol

  3. I love a solitary beach also. Unfortunately when we go to the beach the condo is right in the middle of everything, but there is always the lake place for semi solitude.
    Have a great trip visiting family

    1. Thanks Anne! We don’t always get the solitary beach, either, but it really is my favorite! But there is fun to be had on a boardwalk, too. 🙂

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