Daybook, April 17


Monday, April 17

Good morning! I haven’t done a daybook in a while, so thought I’d write one this morning while I try to jump start my brain. I’m pretty tired after cooking an Easter meal yesterday and deciding I was recovered enough to do some gardening. This may have been a mistake!

Outside my window…….it’s dark, but the birds are chattering and singing quite noisily. It’s so cheerful and a nice sound to hear upon waking up (as opposed to the weird yowl that woke my husband and I up at 2:40AM — one of our cats either was having a spiritual experience, heard/saw something that spooked her or just decided to be a little shit — it freaked us out and messed up my sleep. Grr.).

I am thinking…….about the work I need to do today — I have a final in one of my classes and need to study.

I am thankful for……health insurance and also the lifetime learning credit — I finally finished our taxes last night and that credit means a tidy refund is coming our way!

From the kitchen…..I need to finish a few dishes from yesterday and then get started on breakfast. I’m not cooking tonight as we have plenty of leftovers from yesterday, although at some point I should start thinking about the rest of the week.

I am wearing…..pjs and slippers.

I am creating…..mostly, messes. But I am also working on some birthday gifts for my family to share when we are all together at the end of the month.

I am going…….to campus later this afternoon and evening, but otherwise I am staying put!

I am reading……..textbooks about research methods and design and abnormal psychology. That last one has me diagnosing myself every other day, lol.

I am hoping……that the exam today isn’t too bad and that coffee restores my energy levels!

I am hearing…..birds outside greeting the morning and my husband stirring. The cats have just been fed so they are quiet.

Around the house…….things are a mess. The busy-ness of the semester and being sick mean the house is more untidy than usual. It will take me a little while to get that straightened up, especially as this week and next are still fairly busy with school assignments and exams.

One of my favorite things……coffee. This is always a given. And I’m just about able to taste it again, whee! Oh, and I did enjoy watching my nieces and nephew on their egg hunt yesterday, so FaceTime is another favorite.

A few plans for the rest of the week…..catching up on work, on school-work, studying, getting back to some household routines.

Here is a picture I am sharing…….from Easter dinner. We aren’t very religious, but I still like to celebrate the holiday with a special meal. It makes me feel close to my family, who are all doing the same thing far away.  Also I am going to enjoy some leftover cream puffs for breakfast, so that is a nice bonus!

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6 thoughts on “Daybook, April 17

  1. Oh your food is making so HUNGRY! The rolls look fabulous! I only have old leftovers to “look forward to” for lunch. Can’t I just come over?!

    Good luck with your final today! I laughed at your admission of self-diagnostics as you were reading your abnormal psychology textbook, hahaha. That must actually be really interesting to read about that. I’d probably end up making diagnostics about everyone around me so maybe I should stay away.

    I hope whichever cat meowed during the night is OK. Perhaps it stopped another cat outside. Or a possum/armadillo in your yard? Mine freak out when they see something outside.

    Have a great week!

    1. Hi Nathalie! The rolls are a family favorite (my great-grandma’s recipe) and they are SO GOOD. You are welcome for dinner anytime.

      I did well on my exam (whee!) and now am on to studying for the next one.

      I have no idea what that cat was yowling at during the night. But it was a sufficiently odd yowl to wake both of us up. She was standing in the middle of the living room, too, so i don’t know what set her off. Animals! 🙂

  2. I laughed when I read about the cat having a spiritual experience! Sorry it woke you up, though. Your Easter dinner definitely looks scrumptious and I agree with Nathalie, those rolls look fabulous! Nothing better than a roll sandwiched with some ham! Unless it is a cream puff, of course!

    Take time to rest, especially if you did too much yesterday and tired yourself. Good luck with the test!

    1. Cats, dogs and other household critters have spiritual experiences at one time or another. Or they make a bet with each other to see how many seconds it takes before their human pets get up to see what the hell is going on. We have coyotes who skulk around the neighborhood late at night and our dog wants to go play with them. She stands at the window crying to get out. (How did they get across the Mississippi to begin with? I used to think they were Western predators.)

      1. Oh, I don’t doubt that there is a long-standing pool amongst the cats — they very clearly collude against us! 😉 Coyotes are everywhere! They are becoming nuisance animals in a lot of places, I think. I always associated them with the West, too.

    2. Hi Bless! Thanks — Easter dinner did turn out well, and those rolls are a favorite. I ended up taking a nap yesterday, which I think was a good choice — I did really well on the exam!

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