Weekly Wrap-Up


I had a great week! Spring is coming into its own and this time of year is when I feel most productive. I’m always inspired to start a lot of projects, although this year I am working especially hard at FINISHING projects I start, rather than ending up with a ton of half-finished messes around the house and yard. I also managed to do a number of projects/tasks that weren’t on my original list, which is always nice. 🙂

On that note, I finished the wreath. It looks really nice and I was able to just paint the ribbon rather than try to figure out how to change it out (it’s really firmly set into the wreath form and I suspect that if I tried to take it out or do the same thing with a different ribbon I’d just end up destroying the structural integrity of the wreath). I’ll take a picture at some point — the sun is not out and my photos are no improvement over the partially finished photo I posted earlier in the week.

Our sweet neighbor saw me working in the yard and brought over grapefruit; he can no longer eat them due to a daily medication he has to take. They are quite juicy and yummy and are a wonderful snack. I took some banana pecan muffins over the next day as a thank you gift; he and his wife have been married for 61 years!

I painted the white board frame, but unfortunately something happened to the consistency of my spray paint and it came out in a stream rather than a spray. It…is not attractive. So now I have to figure out how to correct that. Originally I thought I’d have to buy more spray paint, but I think I can solve the problem with some leftover paint samples I already have on hand. So that’s a done project that is going back on the list!

I also changed the decoration I have on my front door from a heart to a little bird. And I took down the remaining winter-esque decorations I had around the house and replaced them with a few things that seem a bit more “spring-y.” This mostly means that I put away the snowman tea light holder and put out the little glass hen candy dish. It’s pretty exciting over here. I also found a tutorial for coffee filter flowers; I may try to make some of those to add to the overall effect.

On Friday I had a half day at work and took the afternoon to visit a few thrift stores. Well, one thrift store and a grocery outlet/salvage-type store. The problem I have with salvage stores is that I get very excited about random things I would probably never buy, but the novelty and price catch my fancy. This time I gave myself a strict $10 limit since I’m on a pantry challenge anyway and really the whole point was just to see what type of inventory they generally have on hand.

I also got outside several times, both to work on the projects on my lists and to walk around the neighborhood with my husband. I’m excited about the clock jumping ahead for more light, although I do NOT enjoy losing that hour of sleep! I’ve felt off all day.

What didn’t get done:

  • Michael didn’t get a change to edge the driveway. But I did my part.
  • I didn’t really get any work done on the fence bed or resealing the porch bench, mostly because I had to shuffle my schedule to accommodate some unexpected things. I hope to get to them this week.
  • I’ve written some, but not all of the Thank You cards I wanted to have written.
  • I didn’t get to lowes to pick up paint samples; it’s not urgent at all, so that may not happen for a while.
  • Also I thought we were going to go out of town so decided not to post anything on facebook, but just today we decided to only do a day trip, so I can work on that task this week.

Weekly Goals: How I Did

  • Clean up the driveway
    • Sweep off the leaves
    • Edge grass on either side
    • Tidy garbage can area
  • Restore and plant bed along fence (my really big goal is turn my yard from weedy pit to welcoming eden)
    • Turn over ground & remove weeds
    • Amend soil
    • Plant seeds and seedlings
  • Reseal bench on front porch
  • Finish gold wreath
  • Pick up some gray paint samples at Lowes
  • Photograph and post three items to sell on CL/FB
  • Change over to spring decor (this will take three seconds, as I have virtually NO spring decor items)
  • Paint frame of new white board & hang over printer
  • Visit two or three new to me thrift stores to get an idea of what they carry (take list)
  • Write Thank Yous (Lenten reflection/gratitude goal)

12 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-Up

  1. You got a lot done. I rarely get my entire list accomplished but figure it will either keep until later or I’ll be dead and someone else will have to do it!

    1. Yep! Most stuff keeps until the next day or next week, I’ve found. I like to make enough progress on my list to feel like I did SOMETHING, but otherwise try not to fret too much over what isn’t done. 🙂

  2. I’m envious of your To Do list! Maybe I should start posting mine on my blog for accountability 🙂 To my defense, my distraction is a really adorable 3 year old begging me to play Candy Land. Can’t turn that down 🙂

    1. You absolutely CAN’T turn down three year olds who want to play Candy Land! 😉 I have very fond memories of playing that with my sisters and dad as a kid, and now my nieces and nephews are just about to the age where they enjoy games, too. So have fun with that! 🙂

    1. Thanks — it certainly felt productive! My lists are usually the same. I can’t imagine that a time will come when there really isn’t anything for me to do!

  3. Looks like March has been busy for you! I have embraced to-do lists (and sticking to them) the past few years, and it has really been working to help me finish things!

    1. Some days I’m better at sticking to the list than others, but they are certainly helpful for my accountability, too. 🙂

  4. You did well getting so many things done! Too bad about the paint not spraying, but sounds like you’ve figured out how to fix that.

    1. Thanks Bless — I figured it out, but now need to make the time to finish the project! 🙂

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