Five Frugal Things

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  1. I went to a salvage grocery store while exploring thrift shops and kept to my $10 budget. I did pick up a few pantry items, but it was hard to resist the low prices! The picture is blurry, but I was able to pick up a whole case of organic plain yogurt for $2 (still in date…I’m willing to look beyond expiration dates for some things but dairy is not one of them).
  2. I didn’t actually buy anything at the thrift stores, although I did enjoy poking around their inventory.
  3. I repaired a pair of ankle boots using the shoe glue I picked up at the beginning of the year. They look great, so I feel more confident about using it to repair a few other pairs of black shoes, too.
  4. The spray paint that I used to paint a frame (on my to-do list for the week) had gone bad or something had happened to the spray component because it came out of in a wet, drippy stream. I was bummed and thought I’d have to buy more paint to fix my mess, but remembered that I have some paint samples on hand that will work and are actually in the color family that I wanted to use! So no need to purchase anything.
  5. Rather than buy bubble bath or similar items, I picked up some big bags of epsom salts and two vials of essential oils to make my own bath salts. I have enough materials to make several batches and will have much less waste as I am recycling whiskey bottles to use to hold the finished salts.

6 thoughts on “Five Frugal Things

  1. Well done on staying on budget! A whole case of yogurt for $2 is such a good bargain! You did well with all your frugal activities, too.

    1. Thanks Bless — I was pretty pleased with the yogurt find! And also happy that I didn’t go nuts buying all kinds of unnecessary things just because they were there. 🙂

  2. Well done! I do need to try and mend Greg’s hiking boots with the Shoe Goo but he wears them every day and they need to cure for 24 hours so I really don’t know when that’s going to happen because he refuses to wear anything else. Weirdo!

    I do have Epsom salts that I had gotten for free and never used. I think they’re even perfumed. I’ll have to remember to use that instead of bubble bath when I run out. I still have quite a few bottles of the old Bath & Body Works kind because I used to make Greg stock up for me at Christmas time every year. I haven’t taken quite so many baths this year because I haven’t read as many books. Reading in the bathtub used to be one of my most favorite activities because that was the only place people would leave me alone for an hour. Now there aren’t so many kids at home and they’re both on their computers all the time when they’re home, so I don’t need the bathtub isolation quite as much 🙂

    Greg job remembering to use the paint samples on your frame! it’s a pity the spray paint stopped working, but what can you do about that? You still got your frame painted without occurring any more expenses, that’s wonderful!

    1. Haha, I actually remembered to repair the boots when I wanted to wear them, so was annoyed about the curing time, but happy to finally fix them.
      I prefer salts and oils to really foamy bubbles, so I think the scented epsom salts will work really well for me. I’ve started taking a detox bath weekly as a form of self care and it really is lovely. And reading in the bathtub is one of life’s pleasures I believe. 🙂
      I was pretty pleased that I remembered about those paint samples before buying more paint! I hope it all turns out as well as I think it will.

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