Weekly Goals


I’m feeling a little low on motivation this morning, so I’m hoping that writing down some specific goals for the week will help get me moving. I’m trying to take an “eating the elephant” approach to goals and instead of posting only the elaborate end result, I’m going to post the smaller bites.

  • Clean up the driveway
    • Sweep off the leaves
    • Edge grass on either side
    • Tidy garbage can area
  • Restore and plant bed along fence (my really big goal is turn my yard from weedy pit to welcoming eden)
    • Turn over ground & remove weeds
    • Amend soil
    • Plant seeds and seedlings
  • Reseal bench on front porch
  • Finish gold wreath
  • Pick up some gray paint samples at Lowes
  • Photograph and post three items to sell on CL/FB
  • Change over to spring decor (this will take three seconds, as I have virtually NO spring decor items)
  • Paint frame of new white board & hang over printer
  • Visit two or three new to me thrift stores to get an idea of what they carry (take list)
  • Write Thank Yous (Lenten reflection/gratitude goal)

And of course I’m working on my monthly goals, too. But these are more simple task oriented things that I’d really like to get done this week.


10 thoughts on “Weekly Goals

  1. Nice to see I’m not the only one with and ongoing long list of things to do. 🙂 Wising you a wonderful, successful week. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. That’s right – break down the bigger goals into smaller ones. Baby steps. Hope you’ll make good progress on your goals.

  3. I like to see the smaller bite size goals, it makes them more do-able in my opinion. I prefer specifics over generalization. I’d love to hear more about your thrift store lists and what your game-plan is when you visit them!

    1. Thanks!! The bite-size goals can go two ways for me — either they make everything seem realistic and achievable OR I list out TOO MANY steps that really could be consolidated and get overwhelmed. I’m learning to edit myself back from the edge when I do that, though. 😉

      I will definitely share more about my thrift store lists — this is actually my first really concerted year of intentionally looking toward used items before buying new, so I’m learning all of this as I go.

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