Five Frugal Things

I spent a good portion of the weekend procrastinating on my schoolwork. Not a great choice, but I did get some things done around the house.

  1. I planted two window box (but they’re not in a window) with seeds I had on hand. One hads herbs — cilantro, oregano, and thyme — and the other has marigold seeds. I don’t know if they’ll germinate, but since I had everything on hand I figured why not try? Also it uses up an open bag of potting soil which had been laying on the driveway.
  2. I framed some of the free photos I’ve accumulated using the online codes at Walgreens and CVS. They still need to be hung, but on step closer!
  3. I also framed an 8X10 of my mom when she was a baby; she brought it down when they visited and it completes a bare spot in my dining room gallery wall AND happens to fit the general theme of photos I have there. Which is: where we came from. It has photos of the skylines of cities where we’ve lived and of us over the years.
  4. I made Lemony Greek Pasta Salad and Cajun Red Beans and Rice to have on hand for lunches this week.Both of these recipes used mostly items I keep in my pantry, so were a perfect fit for my current pantry challenge.
  5. I started painting an old wreath I have. I loved this wreath when I first bought it; it’s a Smith and Hawken wooden rose wreath and it used to be a saturated red. But several years in the Florida sunshine (even the winter sun is pretty deadly here) had faded it quite a lot. It actually looks a thousand times better in that photo than it did in real life. I forgot how hard red is to cover and my initial hope to paint it white turned into a thin primer coat. It isn’t finished and the gold photo in the bottom left is not the best, but I’m actually really pleased with how it is turning out. I’m letting it dry overnight and then I’ll do another coat of the gold. I’ll have to replace the hanging ribbon, too, but I have tons of ribbon on hand so that’s no big deal. Everything I used for this project I had on hand. Including the really bad pun. 😉

And I did finish my assignments on time. Phew!


12 thoughts on “Five Frugal Things

  1. I love the upcycling of the wreath! I think the gold looks gorgeous already with the one coat so I bet the end product is going to be stunning! =)

    1. Thanks Traycee — I hope so. It definitely looks so much better than the faded red did.

  2. Awesome job on upcycling the wreath! Most people would just throw it away (or donate) and go buy a new one. I’m so happy to read that you’ve given it new life! 🙂

    Also – I LOVE those free photo codes from Walgreen’s and CVS. I watch for them like a hawk!

    1. Thanks — I almost gave up on it, as I was stuck on restoring the original color which I think would have been a disaster.

      Those free photo codes make my day when they come around!!

  3. A bad pun? No way! It is a delightful play on words! Give yourself credit where it’s due!

  4. Pardon me, I’m tired, I don’t get the pun? Where is the pun? I love a good bad pun!

    I think your idea of having photos representing where you’re from is lovely!

    1. Haha, the pun is on the photo –“turn over a new wreath” instead of “turn over a new leaf” 😉

  5. Good job renewing the wreath! Good pun, too! I hope the seeds you planted in your window boxes germinate and reward you with herbs and flowers in the summer.

    1. Thanks Bless! I hope the seeds work out, too, although if not, I may spring for a fresher pack.

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