While I was at Lowe’s picking up the mulch last weekend, I also grabbed some annuals to plant in the large pots we keep on the front porch. I LOVE geraniums and I also really love layered containers, although my skill at putting them together is pretty rudimentary. These photos were taken earlier in the week and the plants have already filled out some, although I’m really looking forward to seeing how they’ll look when the alyssum (white flowers) start to fill out and trail over the sides a bit. I also planted some basil in a large pot; I’m thinking about maybe getting some lettuce seeds and seeing if I have any success with those on the front porch as well. I have plans for the back garden, too, but those are longer term and if I’m going to get any lettuce, I probably should have planted it three weeks ago.

I finally ran out of bubble bath/bath salts/bath bombs — I’d developed quite the collection over the years, and they weren’t doing anyone any good sitting under the sink. Instead of buying more I think I am going to try to make my own. Just bath salts to start — I don’t love bubbles, although I do love the scent they bring to a bath. I have lavender essential oil already, so once I pick up some Epsom salts I should be set. I’ve also saved whiskey bottles to use for packaging because they’re really quite pretty and I hate to see them just discarded. If they work out, I think I will make some for my sisters and some friends.

One of our cats threw up on our comforter and it soaked through the cover into the down insert. I looked up how to wash it at home and it’s knocking about in the dryer as we speak. Hopefully it all works out well.

I made a really yummy Greek-inspired pasta salad today, with a lemony dressing. I think I will share that recipe at some point — it’s easy and good and I think pretty adaptable to what you have on hand.


8 thoughts on “Lately

  1. Your container planting looks nice. It will look very pretty when the alyssum fills out. I like the idea of having some veggies and herbs in containers, too. Bath salts are supposed to be very easy to make, although I haven’t made any, myself. I hope you have a lovely weekend, Laura.

    1. Thanks Bless! I’m trying to keep realistic goals regarding my plants/garden.

      I’m starting with bath salts because of the easiness factor. 😉

      Enjoy your weekend!!

  2. Very, very pretty! I love multi plants in a pot, but mine tend to get leggy.
    Bath salts are super easy and if you mix in some citric acid and baking soda you will have fizzy bath salts. (Essentially bath bombs that are unformed)

    1. I find that containers tend to have three phases…the first where they look kind of gappy and unformed, a fleeting moment where everything comes together and then a much longer period when the plants stop any pretense of getting along and go their own messy ways. But that fleeting moment makes me happy, so I persist. 😉

      I love the idea of adding citric acid — thank you!

  3. Beautiful flowers! We are back to freezing after highs in the 70s and 80s this week so I am holding off a bit longer.

    1. It’s chilly for us again this week, but that just means 50s and 60s, so I should be safe. Actually this is the small window of time when planting and gardening is both fun and will lead to rewards. In later seasons it’s just SO. HOT. And no guarantee that your plants will make it (at least…not with my brown thumb). So if I want any successes, I need to get cracking!

  4. I love your container, it’s lovely. Geraniums are awesome. My grandmother always had window boxes filled with them and so does my dad in the Spring. His alpine chalet windows are replete with geraniums and also petunias, it’s quite stunning.

    I’m afraid it might be too late for lettuce in Florida, although maybe you’ll have more luck since you’re north of me and it might not get as hot? Lettuce is a fall/winter crop down here, for the most part. Good luck, though!

    1. Thanks Nathalie! I can just see the French window boxes — they are quite lovely! I bet the petunias and geraniums are a nice combo, too.

      I was going to try lettuce in a container, since I can better control the temps. We’re usually ok with it through March, but not much beyond that! However, I didn’t have any lettuce seeds on hand and don’t think I’ll bother buying any, so my experiment is going to be with herbs and marigolds, instead. 🙂

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