Steak w/Mushroom Marsala Sauce


I made a nice steak dinner for us all to enjoy while my parents were here. I do the same thing, more or less, every time I cook a steak. But I wanted to make a mushroom sauce for over top and at some point I saw a recipe or a mention of a mushroom Marsala sauce which sounded yummy and I had all the ingredients on hand. I couldn’t find the recipe or post that sparked this quest, but I found another recipe that I used as a guide. Really if you are familiar with making a pan sauce, you could do this without a recipe. I used about four times as many mushrooms as the recipe calls for and upped the other ingredients, too, but only eyeballed it. I’m guessing that I doubled them, probably. It wasn’t super liquidy, which is my preference, but if you want a saucier sauce, I’d just increase in equal proportions.

They were really, really great! Michael made the potatoes and I steamed the green beans in the microwave before tossing them with some minced onions I’d sauteed in some butter. It’s hard to go wrong with a steak, I think. But we’ll probably do something like this again, it was so good.

The method I use to cook steaks is spelled out in this post at The Kitchn.

And the recipe I used as a guide for my sauce is here at No Spoon Necessary.


This year I am joining The Frugal Girl in trying one new recipe each week. You can check them all out here.


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    1. Thanks Anne — it really was very yummy. I haven’t had a chance to explore the other recipes on the blog, but I’ve bookmarked it because the sauce was a definite success.

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