What We Spent, What We Ate


What We Spent

I spent $69.50 on groceries this week. At the actual grocery store (Aldi) I spent $15.42 on a quart of half and half, a half gallon of milk, sour cream, apples, oranges, bananas (we were running v. low on fruit), and green peppers.


I also spent $54.08 on an order of boneless, skinless chicken breast from Zaycon Fresh. When I originally lined up this purchase, I was going to allocate it straight to the March grocery budget. But I think I will keep purchases in the month they happened and just debit the next month. Other than that, I didn’t spend much money on groceries. There is a sale on beef stew meat at Winn-Dixie over the weekend that I want to take advantage of and then I will be committing myself to a pantry challenge for the month of March. So far my grocery spending in February is $276.72.

What We Ate

We had leftovers on Saturday, and then I completed a freezer inventory over the weekend and pulled out a few things to use in my cooking this week.


On Sunday we had Chicken Caesar Salads, using a dressing recipe that my sister shared with me. My other sister had made the rub I used on the chicken when I roasted it. I felt close to my sisters that day. 🙂 We also had some of the garlic bread I bought as part of my bookclub shopping.


I also made ham and bean soup (w/kale…pretend there is kale in this photo, which is an older one…) on Sunday, which we then had on Monday. I had it for lunch, Michael ate it for dinner while I was at class. The ham, the beans, and the broth were all in the freezer.


Tuesday we had breakfast for dinner — pancakes (using a baking mix from the freezer), sausage (also in the freezer), and applesauce (another freezer gem). This was easy and simple and nice to just throw together after prepping the chicken.


Wednesday we had cabbage and noodles, with a little bacon. The cabbage and bacon were both from the freezer. I also made ranger cookies in anticipation of my parents visiting over the weekend.


Thursday we had tamale pie, using black beans and corn from the freezer, two open jars of salsa that were hanging out in the fridge, chicken leftover from roasting it for the salads earlier in the week, a can of pinto beans from the pantry and a homemade cornbread crust.

Friday, tonight, my parents are taking us out for pho. This will be their first time trying Vietnamese food, so I hope they enjoy it! I feel like pho is a pretty approachable food, though, so it should go well.


14 thoughts on “What We Spent, What We Ate

    1. Thanks! I generally buy ham around Christmas or Easter, when it is on super sale. I think that generally shank hams are the cheapest, so that is what I tend to purchase. Sometimes I get a spiral cut ham. All of them are smoked but have no other seasonings added (they might come with a glaze or spice packet).

      Zaycon Fresh is an online company that arranges bulk meat and poultry orders. They are delivered by truck to a specific drop off site in your area. For chicken breasts, the minimum purchase is a 40lb box. In my opinion you do need to trim and prep the chicken before freezing or cooking, so that is something to consider. The most recent price they offered was $1.69/lb and then you can often find additional savings codes online (or they have a promotion…). I wrote a post about my experience this week, if you want to learn more: https://allthatjunkinmytrunk.wordpress.com/2017/02/21/will-i-do-it-again/

    1. Thanks! Aldi is still relatively new, here, but popular enough that they are already building a second store. I am really grateful for their existence as they really do allow me to keep to what I consider a low grocery budget. Maybe you’ll get one soon! Although, I think you have Albertsons and Kroger? I am jealous of the markdowns and freebie offers I see from folks who can shop at those stores.

      1. The cheapest store in Boise is Winco Foods. They beat Albertson’s handily. They are even cheaper than Walmart on just about everything, so I really can’t complain.

      2. Oh, nice, I’ve heard of Winco and wished for something similar here. I like the bulk options available there!

  1. Super job on the grocery budget. I am going to do my pantry inventory when I get back in town Sunday night to get ready for March Madness ( nothing to do with shopping but everything to do with no shopping except for salad stuff ,bread , and milk

    1. They did! I’m getting better at figuring out how to introduce different cuisines to them. I firmly believe that food from any culture can be appreciated by almost everyone, as long as you find the right introduction. I love spring rolls, too!

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