Will I Do It Again?


Today I picked up my Zaycon Fresh chicken order. This is the first time I’ve ordered anything through this company and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Besides four 10 pound bags of boneless, skinless chicken breasts! In the end I have 33 bags of chicken in my freezer, some cut into strips for fajitas, some cut into cutlets and some in two breast portions for stews and crockpot meals. This should last us at least until the end of the year, maybe longer. The whole process of trimming and prepping the chicken took several hours. I’m really pleased, though, that I have it prepped for how I like to use it — I really should be able to just grab it out of the freezer and go. I was a little too tired to take a picture of everything once it was done, though. 🙂

Overall, the chicken was comparable to other low-priced chicken I’ve bought before (on sale at Aldi and Winn-Dixie, for example). They are double lobed, so you need to split them and there is also some fat and cartilage that needs to be trimmed. Again, while I’d not purchased double-lobed chicken breasts before, the amount of trimming was comparable to other chicken purchases. I’d seen a couple of reviews where people either had to trim quite a bit or didn’t expect to have to trim at all. To be fair, the photo of the chicken on their website is beautiful and ready to cook. I am a cynical person who grew up in and around farms, so my expectations were somewhat less…idealized, I suppose. It was not hard to process and I found that the mess was pretty minimal, even with 40 lbs of raw chicken on hand.

The thing that probably has me most questioning whether or not I’ll do this again is simply the quantity itself. I DO like buying in bulk and having a year’s worth of chicken stored makes me happy. But it did take quite a bit of time to process the chicken. And while the price was very good, I can frequently find sales on chicken here that bring the price on grocery store chicken down to a comparable rate. With that in mind, I will probably NOT order through Zaycon again, not because the quality is bad or I am unsatisfied with my purchase. Just because it might not be the best fit, overall, for us. But we’ll see. Perhaps the allure of not buying chicken for a year will sway me to reorder.


10 thoughts on “Will I Do It Again?

  1. Yeah, if it lasts you a year, you’ll have forgotten about how much work it was by then and only remember how nice it was to always have chicken on hand and how you didn’t even have to cut it to make fajitas!

    Thanks for the review, though. I like buying my meat on clearance so I was never swayed to “go Zaycon”, but I would have definitely been one of the people who didn’t expect to have to trim anything. I probably wouldn’t have been a happy camper.

    Enjoy your year’s supply of prepped chicken, though!

    1. You are probably right about time causing the memory of the work to fade. 🙂 And I will be grateful to just thaw a package of fajita strips and not have to worry about cutting it. Of course, nothing is stopping me from doing that with smaller packs I normally buy, either!!

      I think I am kind of picky about chicken, as I rarely buy any that I don’t end up trimming at least a little. But overall, I think that a less bulky bulk buy might be more my speed.

  2. Nice to know. I have been debating going the Zaycon route or not. The pick up is just a couple of miles from my house, so that is not an issue, but the amount seems staggering. I still might give it a try at least once

    1. Exactly — I needed to try it just to know if it was right for us. The pick up is really close to our home, too.

  3. It sounds like a lot of meat to process at one time. I would have taken the lazy route and frozen most of it the way it was and deal with the prepping later! But how nice to have a year’s worth of chicken already prepped and ready to cook in the freezer!

    1. I admit that about halfway through the process, I though about just throwing the rest into bags and dealing with it later. But in my mind I had the idea of how helpful it would be to have the meat already prepped, so I persevered!! 🙂

  4. I have heard about Zaycon before on other blogs and was always curious. Thank for the “nitty gritty” post about breaking it all down. That may deter me from such a purchase….Well that AND the fact that I don’t have a freezer chest currently. =)

    1. Curiosity got the better of me! But I don’t regret the purchase, just the reality of the prep work was a bit of a surprise. And if we didn’t have a big freezer, I don’t know what I’d do!

  5. I’ll be doing mine tomorrow. I don’t know if it is because I always lived in rural areas or because I grew up on a farm, where we always filled the freezers, but something about having it on hand appeals to me. I love the ease of pulling it from the freezer.

    1. I feel exactly the same about having a large amount of food on hand. It may actually link back to growing up in a rural farming community!

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