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Like me, the polar bear is wondering how so much food managed to accumulate in her cold storage!

I finally inventoried my upright freezer this weekend. I’ve been meaning to do this really since I embarked on a pantry challenge in January, but definitely since I wrote up my pantry inventory the other week. There were some surprises for sure. I thought, for example, that I had at least one chuck roast still in the freezer but I do not. I found a lot of random items, which I expected. I pulled several things to use this week in meals, and need to get started on a freezer meal plan similar to the pantry meal plan I made earlier this month. I felt especially compelled to get this done today because I signed up for my first Zaycon Fresh order next week and will have 40lbs of boneless, skinless chicken breast that needs to fit in the freezer. I’m excited about this as chicken is probably what we like to eat the most, but I have been trying to eat up the others meats in our freezer the last couple of months. I’m looking forward to having plenty of chicken available!

I did have to throw out a few things, unfortunately. One package of marinated pork chops that was really freezer burned (it had been in the freezer for a looooooong time), one half pack of country sausage that was also freezer burned, and a small bag of pepperoni that had shriveled into itself and was just generally pretty gross. I also have some leftover bits and bops still in the freezer that may or may not have compromised quality — I’ll be assessing those as I pull them to possibly use.

Here are the meals I’m making this week:

  • Cabbage and noodles w/bacon (frozen cabbage, frozen bacon)
  • Sausage and pancakes w/applesauce (frozen sausage, frozen applesauce, pancakes are being made using a baking mix I had stored in the freezer)
  • Ham and white bean soup w/kale (frozen broth, frozen ham, frozen beans)
  • Tofu ramen bowls (frozen edamame)
  • Chicken Caesar salad (frozen chicken breasts)

And now, the actual inventory. One note — we have two ball pythons. We keep their food in the freezer, as it is cheaper to buy in bulk. But…I fully recognize that rats are an atypical item in most people’s freezer.

Pet Food

  • Rats, 8

Large Roasts (over 5lbs)

  • Ham
  • Young turkey
  • Pork should roast

Meat, Fish, Poultry

  • White Fish, 4lbs
  • Salmon, 1lb
  • Shrimp, 3/4lb bag
  • Chicken wings, 2lbs
  • Boneless, skinless chicken breasts, 3lbs
  • Ground chicken, 2lbs
  • NY strip steaks, 6 (about 4lbs, 3 packs of two steaks)
  • Ground beef, 3.5lbs
  • Pork sirloin chops, 6 (3 packs of two chops)
  • Sweet Italian sausage, 1lb
  • Ham slices, 2 packs (from a ham cooked in the fall — I couldn’t find this earlier in the month, glad they resurfaced)

Prepared Foods

  • Eggplant lasagna
  • Spinach & feta quiche
  • Fried rice frozen meal
  • Squash and sausage pilaf, 12 cups (3 qt containers)
  • Butternut squash soup, 2 cups
  • Roasted butternut squash, 10 cups
  • Black beans, 2 cups
  • Sausage & tomato sauce, 2 cups
  • Red sauce, 1 qt + 1 cup (small container for pizza)
  • Shredded hash browns, 1 bag
  • Vegetable soup, 1 qt
  • Assorted appetizers (heat & eat), 1/2 of three different boxes
  • Garlic bread, 1 box (2 loaves)
  • Cool Whip, 1 container
  • Strawberry freezer jam, 5 containers (4 half pints, 1 pint)

Beverages & Broth

  • Bottled water, 8
  • Apple cider, 1 gal
  • Apple cider, for glazes, 3 2 cup containers
  • Fruit juice, for punches, 10 2 cup containers
  • Turkey broth, 2 qts
  • Corn broth, 2 qts

Fruit, Veggies, Baking

  • Whole almonds, 8 cups
  • Sliced almonds, 8 cups
  • Flour, 25lbs (plus 5lbs I had to take out of the freezer because the bag split when I was moving it around)
  • Peas, 1lb
  • Corn, 1lb
  • Shelled edamame, 4lbs
  • Blueberries, half of a large bag from BJs
  • Egg whites, 4 pints
  • Egg yolks, whole eggs, 3 containers
  • Butter, 10lbs

This does not include the freezer over my fridge which also probably needs to be sorted through. It mostly contains yeast, bread crumbs, beer steins, frozen bananas, and open bags of peas and corn. But it’s stuffed, so clearly that is not ALL that is in there. Anyway, my idea to commence a pantry challenge in March is clearly a good idea!!



6 thoughts on “Freezer Inventory

  1. You are kicking butt at getting organized! I need to inventory my freezer too, and especially to update the inventory every night after cooking so it’s always up to date! I’ve fallen by the wayside with that since November.

    You also have a good assortment of foods in there! I want to get a bunch of fish and shrimp again, lately we’ve rotated solely between pork loin, various chicken parts, ground beef, ground turkey, and smoked turkey sausage.

    Good luck with your freezer challenge and especially for fitting 40 lbs of chicken in there!

    1. It’s so funny how I put off these projects and then when I finally do them they don’t take as long as I think they will and the end product makes me so happy. Now that I’ve got my inventory on paper, I too need to remember to update it each week to record what I take out or add.

      I like having fish on hand, but I have NOT felt like eating fish lately for some reason. I need to really fix that as it is healthy and, once I actually cook it, really tasty.

      It’s funny, too, how even though we clearly have PLENTY of food, I can totally see areas where I would like to actually have more than what is on hand and also what maybe don’t really make sense for us to buy. For just two people, the roasts are a little much, honestly.

  2. I am so with you in March. I have still not gotten around to checking my upright freezer inventory. I will be out of town for the week so I guess I will start my inventory log on the 27th when I return. Other than milk and salad stuff and bread I have no reason to go to the store for the month.

    1. Yes, I think that will be me, too. Well, I also need to purchase protein powder for Michael. But otherwise…milk, eggs, fruit and veggies!

  3. Glad you explained about the frozen rats! 😀 Looks like you have a well-stocked freezer! I’ve been trying to eat from the freezer since January, and I am finally starting to make a dent (I just have the side-by-side fridge and freezer). May I ask how you freeze cabbage? Do you blanch it first?

    1. Yes, for the cabbage, I blanched it in 1/4 head portions and then froze in that same quantity. You obviously can’t use it for coleslaw or salads, but I love cabbage in soups and sauteed with butter on it’s own so this works for us!

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