Busy Tuesday


Good morning! I am hoping to motivate myself and keep myself on track between work/school/housework this week by writing and posting a task list and tracking my actual progress. I am hosting bookclub on Friday and want our house to sparkle (as much as possible!). For your sake and mine, I’m not posting the full cleaning routine lists, but if you are just dying to know, I’ve linked to the posts where I explained what each one entails. You’ll see that I am behind already this week…

  • Morning Chores
    • start grocery list
  • Afternoon Chore(except I didn’t declutter)
  • Bedrooms (I didn’t finish this yesterday)
  • Bathrooms (partially — I’ll finish tomorrow)
  • Life
    • prep dinner (sort of…we had leftovers, but I still had to get it out and on the table…)
    • make bagel spread
    • call grandmother (I waited too late, so I’ll call her tomorrow morning.)
    • birthday card for sister
  • School
    • Complete weekly reading assignments  (Yeah, well, I read a bit…but didn’t complete them.)
    • Prep for exam on Thursday (Read through the weekly powerpoints, will need to review the actual chapters tomorrow and Thursday morning.)
  • Work
    • Print articles for new unit research
    • Read and take note on above articles
  • Politics
    • Email/call council re:current legislation  (It passed!!!)
    • Research current legislation in state house/senate (Sort of; checked the capitol report website for information about recent activity.)

Today was busy, I was tired, and I did not actually get quite as much done as I had hoped. My list looks ok, but I really need to do quite a bit more studying, which is making me a bit anxious. And I haven’t gotten very far on the reading, either. We ended up just having leftovers for dinner, partly because I wasn’t feeling well and partly because I realized that there wasn’t enough space in my fridge for the food I need to prepare for Friday’s gathering. We don’t really do much about celebrating Valentine’s Day here, as you can tell. 🙂

But!! I made really decent headway in my research for work. I am also so, so, so thrilled that the HRO legislation was passed by the Jacksonville City Council tonight. The Mayor declined to sign it, but sent it right back to Council –it’s law. The HRO passed tonight greatly expands protections for LGBTQ individuals who live and work in Jacksonville. LGBTQ rights are extremely important to me, and I am very happy that legislation finally passed –it’s been a slog, with the first (LGBTQ) HRO bill brought before council in 2012 (well…there had been earlier versions, too, but this particular fight can be traced to that original bill in 2012). This is very definitely a bright spot for me right now.

Tomorrow will be an errand running and grocery shopping day, on top of working and studying. I need to pick up my free 8X10 from CVS and run into the Dollar Tree for a cleaner, in addition to regular grocery shopping. I’m trying to decide whether or not to go early in the morning or wait until the afternoon. I suspect I will go in the morning — I hate having to negotiate school and work traffic if I can avoid it. Also I want to grab some flowers if they are still there. I love tulips and they will be pretty on my table, particularly if we have company.


4 thoughts on “Busy Tuesday

  1. Yay, all your political activity paid off! Well done! I haven’t got actively involved, but I have been passively boycotting certain stores! That counts, too, right?

    Sorry you weren’t feeling well; I hope you get a good night’s rest and wake up feeling better, tomorrow. You got quite a bit crossed off your list, though!

    Wish you all the best in studying for the test! I’m sure you’ll do well. Not sure what classes you are taking, but good luck!

    1. I think that any purposeful activity related to our beliefs can have an impact in both our own lives and in our wider community. Boycotts have definitely been successful.

      My test this week is on psychopathology, both on understanding specific mental illnesses and who is at risk for them/how they present as well as understanding what therapeutic interventions work best for which type of illness. It’s really interesting and pretty straightforward, so I think that as long as i make sure to study, I will be fine. 😉

  2. I share the wanting everything sparkly and shiny when company comes. I am trying to lighten up a bit and just have people over for the sake of their company, but . . .

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