Cleaning Routines: The Rest of the Week


I got a bit off-track posting my aspirational 🙂 cleaning routines. Some of these are fairly well established, others are habits I’m trying to build. The kitchen, since I am in there everyday, really doesn’t take all that long to do, except if there is some atrocious spill in the fridge or oven OR if it’s the week that I’m wiping down the front of my cabinets. I’m also pretty efficient when cleaning the bathrooms. I’m not so streamlined in other rooms, simply because my daily to-do list doesn’t touch as much of those areas. I’m hoping that by really focusing on these lists for the next couple of months I’ll build the habits I need to be more successful as a housekeeper (my husband does share chores, FYI, even though I didn’t delineate our separate tasks).



  • scrub counters
  • polish counters
  • wipe down/polish appliances
    • stove/oven
    • fridge (include top)
    • toaster oven
    • microwave
    • coffee pot
  • dust bookshelf
  • wash gel mats
  • mop
  • rotating
    • clean dishwasher/disposal
    • wash window/doors/switches
    • wipe down cupboard doors
    • clean coffee pot/garbage can

Bedrooms (second day in bedrooms)

  • clear dressers
  • tidy closet/drawers
  • de-fur bedskirt
  • change towel on chair (we have an armchair in the bedroom and I keep an old towel on the seat to reduce cat hair accumulation)
  • change sheets
  • dust furniture
  • dust fan
  • clean glass (furn/art)
  • wipe down hampers
  • mop or vacuum
  • rotating task
    • wash windows and blinds
    • wipe down walls/baseboards
    • wash mattress cover
    • wipe down doors and switches


  • tidy desks
  • dust table and shelves
  • dust electronics
  • vacuum rugs
  • file paperwork
  • rotating
    • wipe down doors/switches
    • tidy hall closets
    • wipe down walls/baseboards


  • tidy interior
  • vacuum interior (if necessary)
  • wipe down dashboard and doors
  • tidy and vacuum trunk
  • tidy console box and glove compartment



4 thoughts on “Cleaning Routines: The Rest of the Week

  1. The car! I always forget to include the car in my housekeeping. I need to wash mine or take it through the carwash, and probably clean the trunk. And i need to make my daughter clean the family car, she’s so messy.

    How is your migraine?

  2. I used to have cleaning routines, once upon a time! There was a “deep cleaning” one and a “quick clean” one for each room of the house! I think I still have a file folder labeled “Cleaning Schedule” – I should pull it out and take a look! For right now, however, if I can keep the horizontal surfaces clear and dusted, it is an achievement!

    Glad your headache is gone. Hope you are having a lovely weekend.

    1. I’ll just reiterate that these routines are in the “aim high” category, in the sense that even though I always fall short, I’m farther ahead than I was before I started. 🙂 I totally hear you on keeping horizontal surfaces clear. That is a constant struggle for me.

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