What We Spent, What We Ate: Feb 1 – 10

What We Spent

I’ve spent a total of $158.72 on groceries so far this month!! I am trying to keep a $200/month grocery budget, so I am looking at a couple of lean weeks coming up. However, I really truly shouldn’t need to purchase anything except maybe milk, eggs and a little fruit. Actually, I’m just going to plan on NOT purchasing anything but those items for the rest of the month. I have plenty of food on hand, even if we do end up eating canned or frozen veggies primarily.

Anyway, I loaded up on a lot of produce on the first of the month, and then today did a bit of a stock up trip at BJs. We have plenty of other kinds of meat in the freezer, but I really, really wanted some chicken breasts, so picked up a family pack of those, as well as some other staples. Some of those items will run into next month, too. I also ran into Publix right before the Super Bowl for some party supplies. I ended up hitting Aldi a second time because we were out of bread and fresh fruit.


I spent $20.45 at Lucky’s Market, and took advantage of great prices on tofu, eggplant, and organic kale, among other things.


Then I spent $26.31 at Aldi on more produce as well as quite a bit of dairy products. And snacks. I was craving some salty snacks.


On Sunday I ran into Publix to grab some supplies for the Super Bowl Party and also take advantage of some sales. I spent more than I intended because I did not plan well; my total was $32.48.


Today at BJs I wanted to grab chicken breasts, but I also took advantage of a coupon on organic salad greens, replenished our supply of dried plums, finally got the feta and Parmesan that I prefer and grabbed a few other things as well. Namely coffee. We didn’t love the other brand I bought and coffee is something I want to love. I spent $57.73 in total there.


And finally, I headed back into Aldi for bread products and fruit, mostly. I also grabbed a jar of the elusive crunchy peanut butter. I spent $21.75.

What We Ate

This week in meals has been a good one. I have, of course, already deviated from my list a bit.

  • Wednesday the 1st we had black beans, rice and guacamole using some of the avocados I stocked up on.
  • Thursday the 2nd Michael ate leftovers and I ate snacks at school (that I had packed/prepared at home, though!).
  • Friday the 3rd we picked up sandwiches from Publix for lunch/dinner after our very long morning at the hospital.
  • Saturday we had Sweet and Sour Tofu.
  • Sunday we were at a friend’s Super Bowl party. I made these slow cooker chicken wings (best wings recipe I’ve ever made, actually!) and these pretzel bites. Both were a hit, which made me feel good.
  • Monday we had leftovers from the party that the host sent home with us.
  • Tuesday I made a buffalo chicken pizza, using up the leftover buffalo dipping sauce, a package of shredded chicken from the freezer and a package of mozzarella from the freezer.
  • Wednesday We had leftovers.
  • Thursday I made a quiche using bacon from the freezer (I thought I had several packages of ham…but I couldn’t find any…), peppers and cheddar cheese. I also bought a bagel w/cream cheese for a snack at school.
  • Friday I met some friends for a late breakfast early lunch out. Tonight we are having fusilli with cauliflower, tomato sauce and olives.

What Went to Waste

  • An old, dried up lemon. I totally overlooked this in my fruit bowl.
  • Also last week I cleaned out the fridge and had to toss several items, but I lost my list.

12 thoughts on “What We Spent, What We Ate: Feb 1 – 10

  1. It’s always hard to have spend so much of the budget before even the middle of the month, but this is why you’re keeping track of what you are spending week by week so you can reign in the spending before it’s too late. And since you’ve reorganized and inventoried your pantry, you’re confident that you’ll be able to make it without any problems so… you’re so ahead of the game, actually!

    All the food is delicious. I hope they come up with a diagnosis and a treatment plan for your husband soon 🙂

    1. You’re so right — keeping track definitely allows me to stop and think vs. what I’ve done in the past which is just merrily keep spending. I also think setting the budget lower is helpful for this too — before I think I’d buy more than we needed just because I had the option to do so. I feel a lot more conscious of the finish line with a reduced number!

  2. Sounds like you are doing well. Often, it makes sense to spend more and stock up at the beginning of the month, then buy only what is needed such as dairy and fresh produce, during the rest of the month. I’m sure you’ll be able to keep to your budget, this month.

    1. Yes, I agree! I was also looking at the calendar and based on when I generally shop — I will likely only make two more trips to the grocery store this month. Very doable. 🙂

  3. Great work with your budget!!! Your buffalo chicken pizza looks delicious.

    I am on a roll with meal planning and staying on task and avoiding take out! Hoping I can keep it up 🙂

  4. Hi! I like your blog!! And well done with budgeting your meals! I am a nutritionist and I just started my own blog about healthy and affordable eating where I also will be talking about nutrition topics. Feel free to check it out and I’m looking forward to your future posts! 🙂

    1. Thanks! I look forward to reading your blog — I definitely think/know it’s possible to eat healthfully without blowing the budget.

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