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I finally put together my inventory of the pantry, which I had intended to do last month. The picture is from the beginning of the year; although my pantry is still very full, I can definitely see that I have made progress in eating down what is there. In general I do like to have a fully stocked pantry, with enough food on hand to cover us (more or less) for at least three months. So I’m not feeling too bad…

I am lucky to have a fairly large pantry in a not so big kitchen. There are five shelves, plus space on the floor, which you can see I use for bins. My inventory goes by shelf and I only inventoried those items that are regular — there are definitely things that are in there for one reason or another and while I want to use them up, they aren’t really relevant to an inventory. Finally, for the most part I DON’T need to replace anything, but the few things that I do need are in red. The numbers to the right reflect how many full items I have on hand. The items that are almost empty but I will NOT be replacing are underlined. This is just to help me in the future.

Also. Clearly I could do another pantry challenge, no sweat. Maybe I’ll do that next month.

Top Shelf

Bucket: Jasmine Rice, approx. 8lbs
Bucket: Black Beans, approx. 8lbs
Bucket: White Beans, approx. 15lbs

White Vinegar (1)
Cider Vinegar (1)
Balsamic Vinegar (1)
Red Wine Vinegar (2)
Gelatin (3)

Vegetable Oil (1+)
Olive Oil (.5)
Cooking Spray – reg (2)
Cooking Spray – baking (1)
Mayonnaise (1)
Crisco sticks (.5)

Peanut Butter – creamy (.5)
Peanut Butter – crunchy (1)
Honey (1)
PB Fit (1)

Cereal (5)
Crackers (3)
Chips (0)
Bread Crumbs (2)
Croutons (1)

Second Shelf

All-purpose flour, bin (full)
Granulated Sugar, bin (empty)
Brown Sugar, bin (full)
White Whole Wheat Flour (full)
Rolled Oats (full)
Corn Meal (1)
Cream of Wheat (1)
Baking Tools/Cups
Cocoa, regular (3)
Cocoa, Dutched (1)
Crystallized Ginger
Instant espresso (1)
Cocoa nibs
Cinnamon Sugar

Brown rice syrup (1)
Agave syrup (1)
Corn syrup (2)
Molasses (2)

Shredded coconut (1.5)
Powdered sugar (.75)
Demerara Sugar

Sea salt (1)
Cornstarch (2)
Baking soda (1)
Almond paste (3)
Dried milk (1)
Wondra flour (empty)
Cake mixes (4)

Third Shelf

Assorted dried beans (2)
Chickpeas (0)
White beans (1)
Pinto beans (4)
Black beans (8)
Kidney beans (4)
Lentils (12)
Red lentils/yellow split peas (2)
Mung beans (2)

Canned chickpeas (3)
Canned kidney beans (4)
Canned pinto beans (1)
Refried beans (2)
Tuna (3)
Brown rice (half)
Speciality rice (2lbs)
White rice (half + 2lbs)
Quinoa (full)
Couscous (empty)
Cracked wheat (3)
Pearl barley (1)
Millet (1)
Buckwheat (half)
Quick oats (2)

4th Shelf

Pasta (16)
Tomato sauce, jars (2)
Salsa (3)
Tomato sauce, cans (6)
Rotel (6)
Fire roasted diced tomatoes (5)
Petite diced tomatoes (4)
Whole peeled tomatoes (4)
Crushed tomatoes, 100oz (1)

Hot sauce (2)
Ketchup, reg (none)
Mustard, yellow (none)
Ketchup, hot (1)
Sriracha (1)
BBQ (1)
Opened pasta (4)
Canned corn (3)
Fried onions (2)
Hominy (1)
Sweetened condensed milk (3)
Evaporated milk (1)

Chicken broth (1)
Soup (3)
Ramen (5)
Soup noodles (2)

5th Shelf

Crystal light, (3)
Assorted mixers
Canned pumpkin (18)
Mandarin oranges (4)
Canned pineapple (1)
Jams/jellies (12)
Pickles (2)
Olives (2)
Popcorn (2.5)

Powdered bouillon, beef
Powdered bouillon, chicken
Powdered bouillon, tomato

Protein powder


Bucket – sugar, salt, etc. (I didn’t open to count how many of each I have.)
Bucket – rolled oats, 15lbs

I think it might be wise for me to make a list of meals that I can make straight from the pantry. I know, in my head, that I have a lot of options, but it might be helpful to have a list typed so that Michael can pull dinner together easily and/or so I can just grab and go on a low energy day.


12 thoughts on “Pantry Inventory

  1. Wow, great job Laura! A big job too, which is why I still haven’t inventoried mine. I also have a large pantry and I don’t feel right unless it’s completely full. I’m always amazed that I still manage to buy things every week, but when I look at my numbers, I don’t spend a lot on “pantry” goods. Most of my spending usually tends to be for produce, proteins and dairy.

    I do need to get my pantry inventoried though, I was wondering today whether I should buy grape jelly or not. I decided not to and watch that Greg will ask me if we have any extra grape jelly tomorrow morning, lol.

    Anyhoo, I wish I had read this during the day because I feel inspired but now it’s 10 p.m. and I’m tired so I won’t be inventoring tonight. We’ll see if the inspiration still stands in a few days. I’ll have to remember to come look at your post again 🙂

    1. Thanks Nathalie! I am so glad to have it done. And it really didn’t take too terribly long, probably because I really organized it in December and still had a pretty good idea of where everything is/what I had on hand. And it’s true…when I look at this list (and then the one for the freezer…), it really is hard to believe that I spend any money on groceries! But like you I fill in with a lot of fresh produce and dairy.

  2. Oh I need to do this so bad. I should inventory the freezer and fridge also just to have a written account of what I have. Fortunately last week I completely reorganized the pantry so it should not be too hard to do the actual inventory. Guess I know what I will be doing first thing in the morning.

    1. I need to do my freezer, too. And it was really easy to inventory the pantry now that it has been organized (and I’ve managed to maintain that organization for a little while). Hmmm…this probably means that the most successful freezer inventory will involve reorganizing it.

  3. Well done on the pantry inventory! Making a list of things you can make with what’s in the pantry is a good idea, I think. I inventoried my pantry a few months ago and I’ve been trying to make a dent in it ever since!

    1. It can really take a while to get through a stockpile! Which generally is my plan, but also a bit sobering when you are intentional about trying to eat through what you have.

  4. Not sure if you print coupons, still, but right now as a regional coupon for Buy 1 French’s 20 oz Classic Yellow mustard and get 1 FREE French’s 12 oz Super Classic Yellow (up to $2.99). I printed mine in case there ends up being a corresponding sale at Publix whereby I could score mustard for free. But then again, the yellow mustard is pretty darn cheap at Aldi 🙂

  5. What a great idea to do a pantry inventory! I think I might do this today (Snow Day here for us!). I might put this all in an evernote notebook and then I can refer to it when shopping to match sales with my pantry needs!

    1. Haha, thanks Traycee! I am honestly a bit impressed with myself. I’ve managed to keep it more or less organized for several months, now.

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