Tuesday Cleaning Routine


I didn’t end up completing much of yesterday’s list. I seem to have caught a bug over the weekend and it’s morphed today into a migraine (manageable…but waiting to crest, I can feel it). At any rate, I’ll be playing catch up with the bedroom cleaning for the rest of the week, but here is what I try to do on Tuesdays.


  • shower/tub
  • toilet
  • sink/counters
  • mirror
  • mop
  • delicates (since I wash these by hand in the sink, it makes sense to list this task here)
  • rotating
    • wipe down cupboards/drawers (fronts)
    • tidy cupboards/drawers/medicine cabinet
    • organize jewelry & makeup
    • grout/window

9 thoughts on “Tuesday Cleaning Routine

  1. Oh no! If I were you, I’d avoid any tasks where you have to bend your head forward. When I have a headache looming, hanging my head forward (to scrub the bathtub, for instance), always makes it much worse. YMMV.

    I hope you feel better soon, Laura.

    1. Thanks Nathalie — seems like this headache is very clingy, unfortunately! But yes, I didn’t get too much done yesterday, either.

  2. I seem to have made more of a mess pulling out things to get rid than I did putting things back in their proper place. Since I spent until nearly 2 this afternoon with Mom at the dr. I need to make some hay. Not sure if I can finish with “while the sun shines “though since it is raining cats and dogs here.
    Hope you feel much better quickly!

    1. I am the ultimate in making it worse before it gets better…this applies to almost any project, but especially to cleaning.

      Apparently I inherited this trait; my dad is cleaning out the attic at home and texted us all pictures of a beautifully clear space. But when I talked to my mom she said that all the boxes from the attic are just in our old bedrooms. lol

    1. Thanks! It turned out to be (I think) the beginning of a long migraine (still have it), but am glad I didn’t actually have anything contagious. That stuff just seems to linger.

  3. Sorry to hear you are feeling under the weather. Hope the headache clears and you feel better. Take it easy while you aren’t feeling too well.

    1. Thanks Bless…it’s definitely been a couch and crackers kind of week. A little ironic that this coincided with my posting my cleaning routines, but such is life!

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