Five Frugal Things: Superbowl Sunday


When I attended the Women’s March on Washington, I was really impacted and inspired by the many, many homes in DC that had signs in their front yards emblazoned with quotes from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The quote above in particular really resonated with me and I am reminded today that speaking up might be scary, but costs nothing. And while I’ve obviously been focused lately on political action, in my daily life, speaking up to help or bring clarity or bring hope or brighten someone’s day is also important.

This weekend I had the following frugal successes:

  1. I made homemade buffalo wings instead of buying them for the Super Bowl Party we attended.
  2. All my dishes were eaten in their entirety, meaning I didn’t have to throw out any food that had been sitting out for many hours.
  3. I brought home some leftover chicken BBQ for sandwiches this week, at the offer of the host.
  4. I reread some old favorites instead of buying new e-books.
  5. I saw on Nathlie’s blog that Walgreen’s was offering a free 8×10 photo today, so quickly logged in and ordered a print from our vacation out west last spring. Thank Nathalie!!



7 thoughts on “Five Frugal Things: Superbowl Sunday

  1. Thank you for sharing that quote, Laura. It’s too easy to look the other way; harder to speak up.

    Glad you had a frugal weekend! Well done!

  2. We kept our Super Bowl food “super simple” LOL

    I pulled a homemade pizza crust and half a package of bacon from the freezer. We shredded some extra sharp cheddar and made a pepperoni and bacon pizza. Opened a bag of Aldi’s chips, some salsa, and a couple of beer for him. Really simple…lol…but like you I didn’t want a bunch of stuff left over.

  3. We didn’t watch the SuperBowl. I’ve hated Tom Brady for many many years (to Greg’s amusement, who just loves him) but I could appreciate his playing (when he didn’t cheat!). However, knowing that he’s buddy-buddy with Trump makes me hate him even more and I just couldn’t stomach watching his smug face. Greg’s been boycotting the NFL this whole year (he got tired of all the political crap, he just wants them to play football) so he didn’t want to watch it either. I’ve been entering a Publix Superbowl 2018 sweeps every day because I want to win a lower prize (Publix gift card) but watch that I’ll win tickets to the Superbowl next year, LOL!

    I’m so proud of you (in a non-condescending way!) for having marched and speaking up. On that note, I’m disappointed in myself for not marching and also because I haven’t made any headway in contacting anyone. First I got the mystery virus warning when I tried to get all their email addresses, then I started reading articles about either everyone’s voicemail and email inboxes being “full” (Rubio’s being the latest) so you can’t even contact them, and lastly, all my elected officials are Republicans so I’m thinking, they won’t care about anything I have to say anyway… I hate to be so self-defeating. I need a little kick in the pants. Plus we’re having our own local nightmare city-side with our mayor, vice-mayor, city manager, several lawsuits so I’m tired of being outraged at 100% of people in power anywhere right now.

    1. I was cheering for the Falcons. And this was the first time in a while that we’d gone to a party — I actually spent most of the time chatting with friends and not paying much attention to the game. It was quite fun.

      Don’t beat yourself up too much over the whole concept of contacting your reps. It’s scary and overwhelming, I think. I’m registered as an independent and rarely do the people I vote for make it into office here in Florida. But that doesn’t mean that as a citizen, resident and constituent that I don’t have the same rights to express my opinion and to expect my representatives to work for the people. (My mom was a government teacher.) Even so, it’s tiring to contact people and have them send back shady emails blaming the other party and making non-statements on issues. Beyond a few phone calls, I took most of last week off. I’m spending this week really identifying what message I need to send and who needs to hear it. Local stuff can be overwhelming and exhausting, too, especially since it is more likely to affect you directly. Even though I find it depressing, I have a better mindset now that I gave myself a stern talking-to and reminded myself that I am in for the long slog, and expecting a quick turn around or resolution is just a road to madness.

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