What We Spent, What We Ate

This is a two week recap, since I missed last week’s entry. And I don’t really remember what we ate last week per se. I went out of town last weekend (to the Women’s March) and the nature of that trip — an overnight bus ride both ways — left me really tired and barely on top of it this week. What I’m saying is, this is really mostly just a what we spent entry, I think.

Last week I spent $21.75 at Aldi on regular groceries. I also spent $13.37 at Aldi and $15.99 at Walgreen’s for travel snacks for my trip. That will come out of my travel budget, but since I bought them at the same time as my other shopping and it’s food…I’m sharing. I didn’t end up eating/sharing everything I bought for the trip, so we had chips, trail mix and chocolate to eat after I got back on Sunday.

Other than the African Tomato Peanut Soup, I truly don’t remember what we ate last week. Oh, I made horseradish crusted tilapia and kale. That was tasty.


This week I spent $22.31 on groceries at Aldi, plus $3.97 on deodorant at Target. The garbage bags will come out of the pet budget (we use them for litter) and should hopefully last a couple of months. Neither Target nor Aldi had decent looking bananas, so I will probably pick some up at Publix later this week; I will also be stopping in to Publix to purchase some soup that is almost free with a coupon deal and some other things that I can use coupons on. They are definitely more pantry type things, but I’m close enough to the end of the month that I’m calling my pantry challenge a success! Even with what I spend in the next 7 days, I should not be too far over $100 spent on groceries this month, which is pretty darn fantastic! In fact, preliminary calculations have me spending $111.23 so far. I need to double check my receipts and make sure I’ve truly accounted for everything, but I’m pleased with that number.

Highlights of what we’ve eaten this week include Smoky Black Beans and Rice, Penne with Sausage and Peppers & much appreciated take-out on Sunday night after I got back to Jacksonville. 🙂


10 thoughts on “What We Spent, What We Ate

  1. I have weeks like that — where I look back and can’t remember exactly what we ate, but I know we ate…lol. Hope you get a chance to rest up this weekend.

    Great job on your pantry challenge!

    1. Thanks Shara! I’m getting a good start on some extra sleep…hopefully I’ll be a bit more on top of things next week.

  2. You’re doing great both on your grocery budget AND on your goal of becoming more politically active. Congrats on both fronts, sincerely. And thanks for marching.

    1. Thanks! I’m pretty inspired still, by the solidarity I found in marching. Although it is still a little scary to call senators!!

  3. I am so far over budget this month it is ridiculous. I am super stocked but I still did not intend for the month to go like this. February is coming and hope springs eternal!

    1. Yes, it’s so easy to go overboard when there are great deals and when the food that you buy can easily be stored! Your trip sounded like a good one, though, with lots of yummy food for your Whole30!

  4. You are doing very well with your budget! Some days, I can’t recall what I ate in the morning, never mind what I ate the week before! And thank you from me, too, for marching.

    1. Thanks Bless! I’m pretty obsessed with food, so it’s a really good sign that I’m either very busy, tired or sick if I can’t remember what I ate. 😉

      I’m so glad I marched — while I’m still angry about a lot of things, I feel very inspired and hopeful knowing how many others stand together.

    1. Thanks — it’s not typical for it to be that low, but I am trying very hard to focus on eating what we have in our pantry and freezer this month (and probably next) and that allowed me to keep the shopping pretty minimal.

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