Daybook: January 11, 2017


Wednesday, January 11

Outside my window…….it’s bright, sunny, and cool. But not freezing cold! So that is nice. Actually this temperature is just about perfect. Those really chilly days where it didn’t get warm all day are no longer my kind of thing.

I am thinking…….about what I need to do this week for school and some errands I need to run this afternoon.

I am thankful for……coffee, kitties, and comfy slippers.

From the kitchen…..I made four and half loaves of quick bread yesterday and the house still smells like baking bread. Otherwise I need to put away all the dishes that were drying overnight and do a quick clean out of the fridge before I go for groceries this afternoon. I don’t plan on picking up much, but not clearing out before shopping is how stuff gets lost in there forever, I think.

I am wearing…..old pjs and a very old sweatshirt.

I am creating…..nothing right exactly now, but later today I want to spend some time with fabric or make a paper snowflake garland for my mantle.

I am going…….to work for a couple of hours this afternoon and then to a couple of grocery stores.

I am reading……..The Five Love Languages, by Gary Chapman (still…I need to just sit down and do it).

I am hoping……for a peaceful and productive day.

I am hearing…..Michael on the phone.

Around the house…….the cats are quiet! It’s a bit chilly for them, so they are all huddle on our bed, I think.

One of my favorite things……access to thorough, accurate reporting. The first amendment and it’s delineated rights.

A few plans for the rest of the week… today and tomorrow, classes tomorrow afternoon and evening and then a blissful day to myself on Friday. Which will still be filled with tasks, but of my own choosing.

Here is a picture I am sharing…….the bounty from my bread baking spree. I needed to use up some kefir, so found some new to me recipes for quick breads on the Stonyfield Farms website.



10 thoughts on “Daybook: January 11, 2017

  1. Thanks so much for posting this. I have kefir running out of my ears and need more options for using it. I am going to try a few of the bread recipes using coconut flour and maple syrup. Might work or might not but they sound good enough to give it a try. If you still interested in kefir grains in a couple of weeks it will be time to split mine again. I can dehydrate some and send them if you can’t find any locally.

    1. So, of the loaves I made, two had kefir and then I ran out so made pumpkin bread just using my regular recipe. I made blueberry oatmeal bread and classic banana bread from the stonyfield site and have only cut into the blueberry oatmeal bread so far. It’s really tasty, but I would maybe use more cinnamon and sub brown sugar for the white. I think it will be interesting with coconut flour and maple syrup!

      I will check but I don’t think anyone I know makes kefir. If you truly don’t mind, I will take you up on the offer!

  2. Let me get this straight. You needed to bake some loaves to use up the kefir you had, but you ran out after baking two loaves. So you kept on baking? That is some real dedication. You won’t need to bake all winter now, unless some of those are being gifted. Your kitchen must smell ah-maze-ing.

    1. Haha, you make me sound so industrious. It was really much more a comedy of errors. I wanted to bake them all at the same time to maximize use of my big oven so mixed all the dry ingredients for three different recipes separately. But then realized that I had miscalculated the amount of kefir I had. I have lots of canned pumpkin so switched to using the dry ingredients in that recipe, but it makes 2-3 loaves. It did kind of feel like it might never end!! 🙂

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