This Week’s Goals


So exciting all these goals. πŸ™‚

Classes started today; I was ready but of course the physical reality of 7 hours of my day consumed by classes twice a week is only just now settling in. I have only a few goals beyond really settling into this new schedule.

  • Mail packages for the kids.
  • Mail New Year’s cards.
  • Apply for the intermittent librarian position.
  • Spend some time on a creative project just for me.
  • Mow the back yard when it gets warmer.
  • Deposit change at credit union when running other errands.
  • Make quick breads using up kefir that is in the fridge.

I’m still working on my everyday goals, too!


13 thoughts on “This Week’s Goals

  1. Pesky classes! You might have to scale back your goals if you also end up getting one of those part-time librarian positions. It’s always a struggle to fit all the things we want to do along with the things we ought to do and then outside responsibilities as well. Heck, I don’t even work outside of the home and I’m still having problems achieving everything that is on my list!

    Good luck with your new classes this week!

    Oh and we don’t have to mow because we let the weeds take over the yard and they die in the winter. So the yard looks like crap, but no mowing in the winter. However, we have tons of oak leaves that need to be raked. And then the weeds will grow again in the Spring, making it look like we actually have grass. Works for me πŸ™‚

    1. Yeah, I will probably definitely have to redefine my goals if I have another part-time position. I might have to anyway, just because the reality of classwork is always a little bit different that my expectation.

      Sadly, even though our backyard is mostly weeds, they don’t have the decency to really die back in the winter and so it just looks terrible out there right now. I wish, though!

  2. Mowing the lawn in January? That sounds so weird! We have about 6″ of snow and 1/4″ of ice covering ours right now. We probably won’t cut until at least May.. sometimes late May.

    1. Ha, yes, I grew up in Pennsylvania and winter lawn mowing is not something I thought about until we had a house down here, actually. It kind of sucks, to be honest. But very much first world problems, I know!!

      1. LOL.. I always get mad when I have to cut into late October, usually September is the latest. This year, we had a really mild fall and I had to cut once in November. I was not happy!

  3. My gardener actually weed whacks my backyard, as opposed to mowing! πŸ˜€ There are maybe 2 blades of grass growing in the front, so that’s not a problem! Good luck balancing the goals, class work, and working! That’s a lot to juggle!

    1. I’m a little scared of the weed whacker, otherwise I’d maybe try that method myself.

      Thanks Bless!

  4. Looks like a very good do-able list of goals. I hope you are successful. But the one I am interested in seeing at the end of the week, is what you decide to start for your creative project.

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