Goals Update

Ok. I feel like this is going to just be a tedious and never-ending post if I try to track this weekly. I’ll do an update today, but then I’m going to post a shorter list of things I’d like to accomplish during the week, only. And this stuff will be going on in the background as you all wait with baited breath to see how I’ve done. Right? Anyway, I’ll do a monthly post on the bigger goals and so on.

The Compact:

  1. Buy nothing new (except consumables).
    1. Kohl’s sent me a $10 coupon for my birthday. I don’t need anything, but my husband does and it’s not something that we’d buy used. I’ll spend as close to this amount as possible. The coupon is good until the end of the month, so I will keep an eye out for a decent discount later in the month. Also. Hanes makes all their underwear in the US (according to my not-entirely-thorough-but-pretty-decent research), so I feel like this purchase fits my stated ideals. When I eventually make it.
      1. I also had to purchase textbooks and for the most part managed to find used versions, but I did have to purchase two new books. I guess this is somewhat inevitable, since I am in school and the textbooks are required. It was just a little funny that I hadn’t even thought about this purchase when I made my pledge so I was kind of surprised. 
  2. Use it up, Wear it Out, Make it Do, Do Without
    1. Replace heel caps on pumps, generally care for shoes to increase life. This is going to be an ongoing process. But I think I should make good progress on it this month.
    2. Determine what clothing in closet needs to be mended and figure out how to make that happen. I’ve started a dedicated mending basket.

Everyday Goals:

  1. Declutter for at least 15 minutes every day.
    1. Focus on master bedroom this month.
    2. Declutter boxes of stuff from my parents (three). I did one.
    3. Declutter sweater boxes in closet.
    4. Go through clothing and set aside what can be consigned. Started
    5. Open accounts on ebay, CL, etc. to try and sell items. I took pictures.
  2. Take a walk or somehow be active every day. I made it five days this week.
    1. Walk or hike OR I walked four days and 12 miles.
    2. Yoga in the morning/evening OR I did yoga once.
    3. Body weight strength training NO strength training though.
  3. Write every day. Yes!
    1. Line a day journal Everyday!
    2. Morning pages None
    3. Blog😉 Everyday!
  4. Read a book each week (at least).
    1. The Five Love Languages, by Gary Chapman — Well, I’m about half-way through. 
  5. Engage in some form of political activism each week.
    1. Write and/or call my city council reps regarding support for HRO. Yes! And it’s been reintroduced. Not due to my effort, this totally happened early in the week before I had done anything, but it made me feel prescient. 
    2. Research ways to make sure the money I do spend goes toward ethical companies and organizations. Hmmm…well. I don’t know that I managed this all the way, but I did look for US companies that make men’s underwear. I also purchased fair trade coffee beans this week, and am trying to be reasonable about increasing the percentage of my groceries that are organic without breaking my budget. 


I’m not comfortable going into great detail regarding all of our financial goals, but in the spirit of tracking and accountability, here are some broad outlines. I really want to focus on bringing in additional income as recent medical bills plus school have me a bit anxious.

  1. Track all spending and stick to budget.
    1. Create excel budget for 2017, as well as excel “check register.” Yes!
    2. Login to online accounts everyday to make sure I haven’t missed an expenditure. Yes!
  2. Bring in additional income to maximize saving and debt reduction.
    1. Apply to two part time positions (intermittent). Partially completed.
    2. Investigate Swagbucks and Microsoft Rewards to see if they will work for me. (I tried swagbucks once before and found it infuriating.) I started Microsoft Rewards and I really think it kills my browser. But I don’t know. Maybe I just have too many things happening at once. I did look into my Recyclebank account and I have enough points to order a couple of magazines, so I think I will do that. 
    3. Get serious about selling possessions that I declutter. I tend to just send things straight to Goodwill, and I suspect I will still donate a good deal, but I also know that with a little time and patience, I could sell a number of things for a small profit. Or…more accurately, mitigate the original, long-forgotten cost. I started by taking photos of some things I want to sell.
  3. Be a better steward of our resources.
    1. Deposit collected change into credit union account. I’ve been collecting it for a while; I’d like to do this annually. I also want this to kickstart us making better use of the credit union account. I will do this next week, now.
    2. Set up file to track maintenance, etc on Sonata. Nope.

General Goals

These are goals for those things that need to be done, but aren’t on the above lists. These will probably change each week/each month.

January Pantry Challenge:


  1. Spend no more than $100 on groceries this month.So far, so good!
    1. Buy ONLY necessities. Well, I bought a doughnut after a hike and I also bought Hershey’s kisses on clearance. I don’t really regret these purchases. 🙂
    2. Avoid grocery store!! Sort of? I definitely focused on getting in and out. 
  2. Eat down stores in pantry, fridge and freezer. Yes! I’m keeping a log of what we’ve eaten, which I am sure you will be excited to read at the end of the month.
    1. Make an inventory of what is IN pantry and freezer. Partially complete.
    2. Use this as an opportunity to try out new recipes. Yes! I have tried out 2.5 new recipes so far. 


Since I’m decluttering in the master bedroom this month, my project tasks are in there as well.

  1. Hang shelf for scarves in master closet. Uhhhh….I forgot that this was even on the list. 
  2. Paint missed spot in closet. Nope.


  1. Make and send New Year’s Cards. Started.
  2. Mail fun packages to my nieces and nephews. Started, need to mail this week. 
  3. Make fingerless gloves for myself. Pie in the sky.

I made more progress than I remembered, but many of these goals are actually better as month-long projects, I think. Particularly the shoes, as I have a ton of shoes. Actually all my goals related to work in the master bedroom is just going to be something I work on all month. I do need to do a better job at the decluttering. Right now I feel like I have a small handle on the day to day things I need to get done to have my home feel moderately hospitable and not overwhelming. But I’m not fast or efficient and so they take a while.

I am really pleased with how we’ve done so far with the pantry challenge. And while I know that this coming week will definitely see a higher grocery bill than $10, I definitely think we’re on track to meet the $100 or less budget for the month. I’m also really aware of just how much we have on hand and where some weak-ish spots in our stores are.



6 thoughts on “Goals Update

  1. You did very well this week! Look at all the “done”s on your list! Looking forward to seeing what you accomplish next week. Good luck with classes when they start.

    1. It was nice to check things off — I did a bit better than I expected. Classes started tonight and, wow, my schedule just got crazy again.

  2. I will be very interested to see how your progress looks at month’s end, as you have started out gangbusters in the first week. I like to look at the goals from week to week just to make sure I am setting up my To-Do lists advantageously.

    1. I’m pretty sure I’m going to really slow down now that school has started. But I hope I do make some good progress!

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