Slow Start to the Day


Ugh…I am having trouble getting motivated today. I’m off work and I am tired (why?) and I think the fact that next week is going to get a whole lot busier has me going into turtle mode. Which is all well and good except there are things I want to get done today! I’m going to try writing out my list here and reporting back my accomplishments.

  1. Unload dishwasher & put away pots and pans that were out drying overnight
  2. Wash a load of laundry
  3. Dry laundry
  4. Put dry laundry away
  5. Wash another load of laundry I actually ended up doing three loads of laundry AND putting it all away, including the stuff below. I’d like to stay more on top of this so that I don’t have to do a mega-laundry day.
  6. Dry…
  7. Put away…
  8. Put away two four baskets of clean laundry that has been lurking (ugh, I thought I only had two loads of clean laundry lurking about, but really it was four…) Note to self — it only took 15 minutes to fold and put away two loads of laundry, throw another load in the washer and hang the previous load up to dry…just do it. I think I get thrown off track when the stuff hanging isn’t dry in the time it takes to wash a second load…
    1. towels
    2. cleaning cloths
    3. brights
    4. sheets
  9. Hand wash slippers
  10. Go through three boxes in master bedroom (I’m a little behind in my decluttering goal). I got through just one.
  11. Find furniture pads and put some under sewing machine table Except there were only three of the kind I need (why?! we have no odd legged furniture) so at some point must pick up another pack.
  12. Pay hospital & dr. bills Ugh.
  13. Renew car tags TOMORROW
  14. Take car to dealer to have them check why the “check engine” light is on Friday — I have to work tomorrow and won’t have time to batch this with the other errands.
  15. Make turkey and biscuits for dinner I did everything below and then decided I was too tired and made a quick spaghetti Bolognese instead.
    1. get broth from freezer to thaw
    2. print out sweet potato biscuit recipe
  16. Type up the daily/weekly/monthly/occasional chore lists I created
  17. Buy textbooks. Look for used, primarily. Well. I managed to lock myself out of my account. How annoying. I’ll have to correct that before I can actually order the textbooks.
  18. Print out and prep. package for niece and nephews. I didn’t get to any of this.
    1. finish writing up book list
    2. print everything out and load into sheet protectors
    3. package up glitter into tiny bags, then again into sandwich bags (glitter can be a pain…I want my sisters to only slightly hate me 😉 )
  19. Stop by post office to mail ↑ TOMORROW
  20. Print out and make New Year’s cards Nor any of this.
  21. Take time while running errands to grab a birthday freebie as a treat. TOMORROW
  22. Write a post for my (very rarely updated) quilting blog.
    1. try to figure out how to spark motivation for creating
    2. set a goal for the month that reflects what I want to do, not what I think I should do Actually I ended up setting a very simple goal for the year. Which is simply to spend time each week making/creating using the supplies I have on hand.
  23. Prepare a daily & weekly schedule to help manage my time once school starts
  24. Apply for interim librarian position at community college (this takes forever, which is why I’ve been putting it off…but it’s not hard, so I should just DO.IT).
  25. Tidy desk so my workspace is actually clear and conducive to working. hahahahaha
  26. Go for a walk.
  27. Tape up books from my parents (childhood Little House books) Except I ran out of tape, so the last three still need to be done. These books are OLD. And in terrible shape — pretty much falling apart. But they have sentimental value to me and I’d like to read through the series one last time. Then I’ll decide if they have enough life left to stay on our shelves.
  28. Take kitchen recycling to big bin outside I forgot to do this when  I went for my walk and since there is still space in the inside bin, I can do this tomorrow instead.
  29. Cuddle with cats
  30. Pack up toner cartridge and return to Brother for recycling

None of the errands actually ended up happening — the Tax Collector’s system has changed and I needed to make an appointment. So I’ll do some tomorrow and some Friday, when I am off again. They’re all in green so I can see what I intend to do while I’m out. The items in blue all take place online or on my computer. I realized about halfway into the list that some of those items actually take more time than I have today. But I got a start on most of them.

Otherwise I was a laundry beast and I took a nap. I have no idea why I am so tired today, but, frankly, I’m thrilled that I accomplished what I did when I felt like at any point I could have laid down and slept for six hours. I ended up deciding not to make the turkey and biscuits tonight — I’ll do it tomorrow. We had a quick spaghetti with meat sauce that I made using ground beef (planned for meatballs, but nothing is set in stone so no big deal to change it) and a spinach salad. I did go for a walk and thought I’d feel somewhat revived, but can already tell that I am going to crash really early tonight.


8 thoughts on “Slow Start to the Day

  1. What a great attempt at your To-do list. You were certainly a laundry monster. I actually like doing laundry but the sorting and folding and putting away of FOUR baskets is quite the accomplishment. You have already prioritized the list to indicate what needs to get done tomorrow and you showed a lot of flexibility when changing out your dinner plans. I like doing lists as I seem to be able to focus better and achieve more.

    I have been reading your posts but I’m sorry that I have not been good about commenting. I am cheering you on.

    1. Hi Susan! Thanks for your kind comments! I think the combination of the list and knowing I’d be posting it here was particularly motivating for me today. Please, please, please don’t worry about not commenting! I know that you have been feeling unwell and also helping out with your Sweetie’s medical treatments, which is a lot.

  2. That picture of the kitten is adorable and make me laugh as soon as I saw it! And awww you put “cuddling with the cats” on your to-do list! As mine get older and stop coming to me (they already cuddle way less than they used to), I’ll need to remember to do that too!

    You did a lot!

    Is the visit to the Tax Office to renew your car registrations? If so, you can do it online. I do it all the time and you get the stickers usually only in a couple of days. Here is the URL:

    1. Yes, it’s to renew my registration. I’ve done it online before, but Michael forgot to renew a couple of years ago and was actually pulled over at the end of the month so now if I don’t do it ahead of my birthday month I just go in so I get the sticker right then.

  3. You did very well with your to do list! That’s quite a bit of laundry to get through! I used to keep all the laundry to do over the weekend and then did about 5 loads, back to back. That was when the dryer was working. Now that the dryer no longer works, I hang up the laundry to dry and do only 1 load at a time. Wash, dry overnight, fold/put away before I do another load. Not ideal, but I’ve been putting off buying a new dryer.

    1. Do you hang your laundry up inside? I hang about 1/3 to 1/2 of our laundry but don’t have to space or inclination to do it all.

  4. Laura, yes, I do hang my laundry inside (I used to hang them outside, but don’t anymore for a couple of reasons). I put most clothes on hangers and hang them from the door frames – almost every doorway in my house has a frame and the half-inch or so of ledge on the frame is sufficient to balance the tip of the hangers. Bed sheets, too, get hung up using pants/skirts hangers. I also have a metal folding clothes rack/airer thing from IKEA, and 2 small plastic airers that also fold up when not in use. The only tricky things are my quilts, but I am thinking of getting a bigger airer from IKEA.

    1. I don’t think I could pull off the hanger and door frame thing — between the cats and my general clutziness, I think I’d just end up with a mess. I do use the folding racks and would like to get a larger one as well. Mine dry mostly in the garage.

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