Daybook, January 3


Tuesday, January 3

Since I posted my goals yesterday I thought I’d pop in today with an early morning daybook.

Outside my window…….it’s dark! And rainy. The sun still hasn’t come up, but I expect that when it does I’ll see very soggy lawns and puddles in the street.

I am thinking…….about what I need to get done today — at work and errands after work and so on.

I am thankful for……a warm and comfy bed, even if I did have to leave it pretty early today.

From the kitchen… is brewing. My favorite part of the day.

I am wearing…..pjs. Shortly to change into work clothes.

I am creating…..order out of chaos? I’m genuinely trying to concentrate on getting routines in place and my house in order and slowly, sloooowly it seems to be working.

I am going…….to work and then to the natural foods store.

I am reading……..The Five Love Languages, by Gary Chapman.

I am hoping……for a miraculous break in the rain when I go to my car.

I am hearing…..rain pouring down. We woke up to a crazy bright lightening flash and enormous thunderclap this morning; that seems to have settled down but we’re still getting lots of rain.

Around the house…….I can hear the cats poking about and Michael getting ready for his day.

One of my favorite things……podcasts! I’ve started listening to them again after a long hiatus and find them really motivating.

A few plans for the rest of the week…..decluttering the bedroom, calling the dealership about the check engine light on my car, buying textbooks, planning some activities for my birthday on Saturday.

Here is a picture I am sharing…….a snowflake/star made out of paper bags. I’m sending a very simple “winter” themed package to my nieces and nephews and needed to test the project to make sure it was simple enough for preschoolers (it is).



8 thoughts on “Daybook, January 3

    1. If I had tried to get this together right after we were out of town…no dice. I think you’re allowed a few days to get back on track following your weekend trip.

  1. Aargh, I read your post last night while biking but I can’t comment on the Kindle so I told myself I’d comment later and then… I forgot! Sorry 😦

    We got rain too, but not until the evening. But yay, rain!

    I think your car is new, but maybe you can bring it to an Advance Auto Parts or similar, I’m pretty sure they can check the engine light codes with a machine so that’ll give you an idea of what the problem might be. Also, make sure your gas cap is on tightly. Sometimes if it’s not, it triggers the engine light.

    That star is very pretty!

    1. Ha, no worries about commenting — I do the same thing when I read blogs on my ipad and then try to get back on my computer to actually comment.

      Yeah, my car is still under warranty so right now I’m just taking it straight to the dealership. My gas cap does have to click or the light comes on, but I had that problem on an older car so try to be mindful of this now when getting gas.

      The star is so easy to make! I saw a video on facebook and thought it might be something fun for the kids.

    1. Unfortunately I just had it in for an oil change! They were also supposed to do a systems check at the same time, so it’s doubly annoying that it’s on now.

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