Goals for the Week: January 1-7


I thought I’d post weekly regarding the goals I set for myself in 2017. This week will just be smaller strategies to help me meet or maintain the goals I’ve set. Next week will be what I did or didn’t do the previous week, plus the goals for the following week. I’ve enumerated some broad financial goals which weren’t included in any of the previous posts and I will also include some things that aren’t part of my “new year’s” goals. They are stuff that needs to be done, though, so I’m posting it here for accountability.

2017 Goals

The Compact:

  1. Buy nothing new (except consumables).
    1. Kohl’s sent me a $10 coupon for my birthday. I don’t need anything, but my husband does and it’s not something that we’d buy used. I’ll spend as close to this amount as possible.
  2. Use it up, Wear it Out, Make it Do, Do Without
    1. Replace heel caps on pumps, generally care for shoes to increase life.
    2. Determine what clothing in closet needs to be mended and figure out how to make that happen.

Everyday Goals:

  1. Declutter for at least 15 minutes every day.
    1. Focus on master bedroom this month.
    2. Declutter boxes of stuff from my parents (three).
    3. Declutter sweater boxes in closet.
    4. Go through clothing and set aside what can be consigned.
    5. Open accounts on ebay, CL, etc. to try and sell items.
  2. Take a walk or somehow be active every day.
    1. Walk or hike OR
    2. Yoga in the morning/evening OR
    3. Body weight strength training
  3. Write every day.
    1. Line a day journal
    2. Morning pages
    3. Blog 😉
  4. Read a book each week (at least).
    1. The Five Love Languages, by Gary Chapman
  5. Engage in some form of political activism each week.
    1. Write and/or call my city council reps regarding support for HRO.
    2. Research ways to make sure the money I do spend goes toward ethical companies and organizations.


I’m not comfortable going into great detail regarding all of our financial goals, but in the spirit of tracking and accountability, here are some broad outlines. I really want to focus on bringing in additional income as recent medical bills plus school have me a bit anxious.

  1. Track all spending and stick to budget.
    1. Create excel budget for 2017, as well as excel “check register.”
    2. Login to online accounts everyday to make sure I haven’t missed an expenditure.
  2. Bring in additional income to maximize saving and debt reduction.
    1. Apply to two part time positions (intermittent).
    2. Investigate Swagbucks and Microsoft Rewards to see if they will work for me. (I tried swagbucks once before and found it infuriating.)
    3. Get serious about selling possessions that I declutter. I tend to just send things straight to Goodwill, and I suspect I will still donate a good deal, but I also know that with a little time and patience, I could sell a number of things for a small profit. Or…more accurately, mitigate the original, long-forgotten cost.
  3. Be a better steward of our resources.
    1. Deposit collected change into credit union account. I’ve been collecting it for a while; I’d like to do this annually. I also want this to kickstart us making better use of the credit union account.
    2. Set up file to track maintenance, etc on Sonata.

General Goals

These are goals for those things that need to be done, but aren’t on the above lists. These will probably change each week/each month.

January Pantry Challenge:


  1. Spend no more than $100 on groceries this month.
    1. Buy ONLY necessities.
    2. Avoid grocery store!!
  2. Eat down stores in pantry, fridge and freezer.
    1. Make an inventory of what is IN pantry and freezer.
    2. Use this as an opportunity to try out new recipes.


Since I’m decluttering in the master bedroom this month, my project tasks are in there as well.

  1. Hang shelf for scarves in master closet.
  2. Paint missed spot in closet.


  1. Make and send New Year’s Cards.
  2. Mail fun packages to my nieces and nephews.
  3. Make fingerless gloves for myself.




7 thoughts on “Goals for the Week: January 1-7

  1. Happy New Year! You are so organized and your goals seem so comprehensive. I think you are a very accomplished cook but you may enjoy “MyFridgeFood” while eating down the lurkers in your pantry – it helps provide recipes when you don’t feel quite like menu planning or have items you’re not sure how you want to use up

    1. Thanks Shelley! I will have to check out that cookbook — I ALWAYS enjoy new cookbooks, just to read and find inspiration. 🙂

  2. Laura, what is “HRO”?

    Good luck with your first week of goals! Do you start school this week or next? I think that it’ll probably take all of us a while to see how many goals we can realistically attain every week. I almost missed exercising today because I got so busy trying to meet other goals! And I only did my heel stretching exercises once today even though I set up an alarm to ring at 2 other times as well. I just get so busy with other things and then I forget. I need to take a moment to reflect, every morning, and remind myself of what my main priorities are for the day so I make sure to hit those goals. Tending to my heel and exercising should come before anything else (unless it’s April 14 and the taxes still haven’t been done!).

    I look forward to hearing how you do on selling your stuff via CL and other avenues. Part of me always feels guilty of not trying to make money of mine instead of just carting it away to the thrift store, but then I tell myself that it’s a way of volunteering as well 🙂

    1. HRO = humanrights ordinance It’s a bill that would help ensure equality for all.

      School starts next week, and I am grateful! It’s so easy to let time pass without getting all the things done that you’d wanted. Reflecting on what you want to accomplish each morning sounds like a great plan to me — maybe I’ll steal that too.

      I usually don’t have the patience to sell things but decided I’d give it a try since others really seem to be successful at it. I’m going to start slow and remind myself to BE PATIENT (I’ve listed things on CL before and then gotten annoyed because they didn’t sell immediately. Also I forgot they were listed. Ha). But I agree that donations are a form of volunteering as well. I just need to be a lot better about itemizing my receipts!

      1. Well one good thing about doing the Compact and going on a grocery budget is that you shouldn’t have that many receipts this year!

        Thanks for explaining HRO, I had looked up the acronyms but there were so many choices I figured I’d ask 🙂

        One thought about CL from a would-be customer POV, is that you probably will want to refresh your listings quite often because I know that when I look at something and I see it’s been posted for a few days, I tell myself that it’s probably been sold already but the listing not taken down, and I don’t think I would even contact the seller. But maybe it’s just pessimistic me, ha. I know that Katy often mentions relisting her items too.

        Greg goes back to work today so I’m up a whole 45 min earlier than I have been all break plus I stayed up late working on one of my spreadsheets for 2017 so the moment of reflection of the day so fas has been: I have got to clean the house today but I’m so tired I think I’ll take a nap first…zzz.

        It sounds like you have a few more days to put a dent in your list of goals for this month, yay! Enjoy the rest of your winter break!

  3. I really like the way you’ve listed your goals for the week, breaking them down to specific tasks. The Compact is a very interesting concept and very doable, I think. Wish you the best with accomplishing your goals.

    1. Thanks Bless — I think it is doable, but definitely a change of mindset for me (I’m a little embarrassed to admit that, as I wouldn’t have thought of myself as particularly consumerish).

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