2016 Goals Recap


Last year I didn’t really post resolutions or personal goals, so much, but I did post a lot of really ambitious goals for household projects. We didn’t complete even half of them, and some have fallen by the wayside. But here is the list, with my notes regarding what was completed, what wasn’t, changes made along the way…and so on. I’ll be keeping this list as a running to-do list page accessible on the side bar, but no longer placing an annual goal on these items. I included the intro in italics for context. 🙂

We own a home. There are a lot of projects and general up-keep associated with home ownership and these are the projects in particular that I’d like to accomplish this year (or at least keep on my radar…). Most of the items on this list were published in individual posts in December 2015 and early January of 2016. Items that have been completed are struck out. Items that were removed from the list for one reason or another are in red and struck out.

  1. The Kitchen
    • Build out window trim so drapes and drapery rod can be removed.
      We determined that we can’t actually build the trim out like we had hoped due to some internal stuff. I’m sidelining this until we have to replace the windows, at which time we will revisit the topic of interior trim.
    • Use old full-length curtains to make valances. I don’t love valances but they are an improvement on the bare window thing currently going on.
    • Move light on eating side of kitchen so that it is actually centered over the table. This is unnecessary.
    • Move old microwave cart back into kitchen. Move toaster oven to sit on cart and store extra-large pots and pans in bottom. Store kitchen linens in drawer. YAY!!
    • Add sliders to lower kitchen cabinets.
      Also unnecessary.
    • Organize under the sink and make space for a recycling bin.
    • Get or make a vertical towel rod to store roll of paper towels.
    • Get or make vertical spinner to store garbage bags.  They are actually just fine standing upright in a box, but this little improvement keeps things tidy under the sink.
    • Finally frame and hang posters on kitchen walls. Consider other wall art.
    • Paint inside of pantry and install strip lights. Possibly replace wire shelves with wooden shelves. I probably won’t paint until we redo the kitchen, many moons into the future. Same with the shelves. Everything is functional as it is, especially now that I’ve added lights. Which are actually LED Christmas lights strung along two shelves.
    • Replace garbage can with something more aesthetically appealing. Unnecessary. It’s interesting to read some of these and think about how guided they are by consumer culture and not actual need.
    • Declutter drawers and cabinets; line with shelf liner from IKEA (non-skid, slightly cushioned) This is on-going; I can’t imagine a time when I won’t have to eventually go back and tidy/declutter drawers, cabinets, etc.
    • Replace child-locks on cabinet doors. This I do still want to do; I bought the locks but can’t find them!
  2. The Master Bedroom
    • Majorly organize and declutter.
    • Paint wall behind bed (black, chalkboard paint).
    • Hang prints.
    • Re-wire and paint lamps, install on nightstands.
    • Figure out how both nightstands can be the same height, without exactly matching.
    • Find a rug (or two) for under the bed.
    • Have bed frame powder coated. Eventually we want to move to a king size bed. So this project is put off or maybe indefinitely delayed. The frame might move into the guest room at some point, at which time I’ll revisit the idea of having it powder coated.
    • Replace clothes hampers with something visually appealing. Unnecessary, although this does kind of remain as a want.
    • Slightly re-arrange dressers.
      Moved them around and brought in some different furniture — looks much better!
    • Try to fix veneer on dressers.
    • Move big armchair into bedroom. Make a slipcover. Kind of. I actually moved the wing chair into the bedroom. And I have not yet made a slipcover. Will I ever?
    • Organize and declutter closet.
    • Build out trim around windows. See note above regarding this same issue in the kitchen.
    • Replace hollow-core doors with something more substantial. This continues to be a want, but not a necessity. I’m leaving it on the list, but unlikely to get done anytime soon.
  3. Master Bathroom
    • Maintain a regular cleaning routine. Ish. I could do better. I can always do better where cleaning is concerned.
    • Re-caulk shower But I did a poor job so that needs to be re-done sometime.
    • Re-caulk around sinks and vanity.
    • Move chair into bathroom. This literally involved moving a metal chair from the garage to the bathroom. I’m happy to say I completed this arduous task.
    • Major declutter and organization of vanity. But could stand to see it happen again; decluttering and organizing is an ongoing thing.
    • Replace child (cat) proof locks on doors.
    • Replace toilet seat. So. This is not a strict necessity. It is maybe similar to replacing the doors. I’ll leave it on, but probably won’t get to this task anytime soon (it’s not broken and nobody but us ever sees it, so the aged exterior is only offending us).
  4. The Living Room
    • Build out trim around windows. See note above regarding this same issue in the kitchen.
    • Remove blinds from back door and replace with adhesive window vinyl.
    • Slipcover wing chair.
    • Find a second wing chair, slipcover and place beside 1st in front of fireplace. I’m not sure if this is still a goal. We moved the wing chair into our bedroom and now have a cat tower in this space. Which is working well although not so aesthetically pleasing.
    • Replace spotlight over fireplace. I don’t actually even know how to do this. Not an urgent task, but something I would like to see changed.
    • Find a better rug for in front of fireplace.  This is not even a desire any more.
    • Move overstuffed armchair to bedroom. Maybe eventually. But for now we moved a different chair there.
    • Find smaller pair of chairs for living room seating area.
    • Organize bookshelf and entertainment stand. YAY!
  5. The Entry Hall and Dining Room
    • Finish fixing narrow strips of flooring along hall baseboard.
    • Hang prints/paintings in hall.
    • Add a shelf to entry closet.
    • Majorly declutter and organize closet.
    • Build out window trim and remove drapes. See note above regarding this same issue in the kitchen.
    • Build or buy a new dining table (we need a larger table).
    • Find a rug for dining room. Not sure about this — one of our cats finds area rugs distressingly attractive re:peeing.
    • Replace door handles on corner cupboard.
    • Consider additional wall art for dining area.
    • Build or buy a new, larger table & chairs. We would like to seat six – eight comfortably.
  6. The Sewing Nook
    • Hang hooks under bookcase.
    • Move microwave cupboard to kitchen, find a place to store craft materials currently stored within
    • Finish table top to sewing machine table, bring into nook where microwave cabinet stood
    • Organize bookshelves and sewing patterns
    • Finish hanging wall art
    • Take down folding table and figure out storage options for those items
    • Deep clean, declutter and reorganize desk area Always, always ongoing.
    • Make space functional and comfortable
    • Generally figure out how to best organize sewing supplies between this nook and the spare bedroom
    • Find a narrow table/desk to use as a cutting table. This was actually my Christmas present. Well. We didn’t exchange gifts, instead each finding something on our “wanted/needed” list to fulfill instead.
    • Create design walls
  7. The Office
    • Majorly clean, declutter and organize.
    • Replace carpet with wood flooring.
    • Paint and possibly do some massive furniture moving/creating/rebuilding.
    • Generally make it a more habitable place to be.
  8. The Back Hall and Guest Bathroom
    • Replace closet and bathroom doors.
    • Replace floor and shower tile.
    • Pull-out and replace vanity, sink and mirror.
    • Replace medicine cabinet.
    • Replace shower fixtures.
    • Possibly replace bathtub.
    • Remove and replace towel bars.
    • Paint walls.
    • Replace baseboard.
    • Declutter and majorly organize hall closets. Possibly add a shelf to at least one closet.
    • Hang pictures and artwork.
  9. The Guest Bedroom
    • Majorly clean, declutter, and organize.
    • Replace carpet with wood flooring.
    • Settle on an actual plan for the room and commit to making it happen.
  10. The Backyard & Patio
    • Mow regularly. Sort of, but ongoing.
    • Keep patio tidy and make it a space that we want to use. Sort of. But ongoing.
    • Replace current picnic table with one that is actually sturdy enough to eat on.
    • Figure out how to get rid of the damn blackberry vines that take over everything. hahahahahaah….these things are evil. ongoing because they just never die.
    • Possibly re-sod or re-seed or just put down something that isn’t 80% weeds. Still undecided on this.
  11. The Garage
    • Majorly clean, declutter and organize. This really needs to happen this year.
    • Replace wooden steps to crawl space.
    • Add another appliance outlet; shuffle things to make this happen.
    • Create a nice laundry space.
    • Make it possible to pull at least one car in if necessary.

We did manage to complete a few things. We also spent a bit of time and money on an AC repair and termite protection, so that used up a lot of our budget for these projects. Ugh. We still have to replace an area of dry rot on the rear exterior of the house (ugh, ugh, ugh) and I didn’t even add any projects for the front of the house, although that area is important too, especially since it faces the road. We’ll see how it goes in 2017!


5 thoughts on “2016 Goals Recap

  1. Hahaha, I had a huge list à la Laura too and didn’t get much done either. I don’t think I ever bothered typing it, it’s on some scratch paper pad somewhere. I guess I knew there was no way I was ever going to get to it?

    I laughed at your arduous accomplishment of moving the chair from the garage to the bathroom, lol. But if you’re like me, it might not have gotten done if you hadn’t written it down.

    I also want another kitchen trashcan but my choice would be swapping our plastic white one for a plastic black one so it doesn’t show the dirt so much. However, every time I consider replacing it, I’m thinking “there’s nothing wrong with the current one, other than it’s white!” and then I feel guilty about it and… well, we still have the white trashcan. Oh well.

    I don’t follow The Compact per se but there are MANY instances when I have refused to buy something because what didn’t want to replace something we already had OR I thought I could upcycle something else.

    I love the Kitchen Aid mixer that Greg gave me at Christmas but I already had a mixer… that I have to keep since it doubles as a hand-held mixer. So as much I love my gift, I also sighed internally because it was very expensive for something that I didn’t NEED. Sometimes it makes me ungrateful and I feel bad 😦

    1. You’re right that writing things down helps me actually think of what to do! For your trash can — could you paint it using that plastic spray paint from Krylon (or someone…I know that there is a spray paint for plastic)? I can understand wanting it to not show the dirt — we have a white trash can, too, although I feel like dirt is kind of a losing battle with the cats so I just wipe it down when I’m cleaning up the kitchen every evening. I just realized, though, how gross the wall behind the trash can is getting. Ugh. It’s always something.

      I love my Kitchen Aid mixer. It’s just white and sometimes I’m jealous of the prettier colors. But honestly is is so wonderful when I am baking and if I’m really doing a lot of cooking, I like that I can have that going and use my handheld mixer as well. But I completely understand having mixed feelings over it. Gift giving is so laden with emotion on both sides, I think.

  2. Your list is very similar to my Master List of all the home improvements I would like to achieve. I haven’t updated mine from a few years ago, however, since it is so depressing to see things on there from 3 or 4 years ago! But, maybe, if I do update it, I might get around to doing something about it! Thank you for sharing your list with us! It is very inspiring, to see.

    1. I’m glad you find it inspiring! I get a little overwhelmed and depressed, too, when I see things on the list that really shouldn’t take much time but still linger there…undone. But, ah, that’s life, right? I try not to get too, too worked up about it. 🙂

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