Five Frugal Things and One Fail



  1. I froze egg yolks leftover from making coconut macaroons. I’ll use them later to make a custard, I think.
  2. I took advantage of a Groupon for a $10 Starbucks card for only $5. I’m excited to have that to use in the next month, too!
  3. I packed up a box of things for Goodwill.
  4. We picked up reading glasses for my husband at the Dollar Tree. I did not know that they were there and $1/pair sure beats the $15-$20/pair at the drugstore. Especially since my husband can snap the legs on glasses like they’re candy!
  5. I went in to Publix for squeezable ginger and ONLY bought the ginger, even though they had numerous grocery carts of 50% off Christmas merchandise on display.


  1. I had to throw out an entire large container of blue cheese crumbles that had disappeared in the back of my fridge and that I had completely forgotten about. It had been in there a verrrrrrrry long time. I also had to throw out some limes that had gone quite hard and the last of a bag of spinach that was very slimy. Ugh. I hate food waste!




2 thoughts on “Five Frugal Things and One Fail

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever had blue cheese waste so I’m curious to know how you determined that blue cheese went bad? It’s a serious question 🙂 I’m relieved that I wasn’t the only one with food waste. Ugh. Let’s be better about it in 2017! Personally, I really need to pare down what’s in my fridge. Way too many jars and I’m just buying too much stuff.

    Back when I started to need reading glasses, I’d always buy mine at the Dollar Tree as well. What a relief it was to be able to see clearly and not have to shell out a lot of money for something that I would always misplace! Nowadays it’s optometrist and my bifocals are always on my nose unless I’m sleeping. I think I regret having lost my 20/20 vision more than having put on weight or knee and foot problems!

    Good job in freezing the yolks and resisting the clearance sales at Publix! I love that squeezable ginger. I’ve used mine way past the “sell by” date without any trouble, too.

    1. Regarding the blue cheese — it was kind of yellow and both of us thought it tasted gross. I think it might not have been actually bad, but neither of us would have eaten it, so…it was garbage now or garbage later. I’m hoping that my pantry challenge in January helps me cut back on the amount of already opened things hanging out…everywhere — freezer, pantry, fridge.
      My guess is that Michael is on the road to bifocals, but for now we’re pleased that that cheapo glasses from Dollar Tree are doing the trick. I’ve worn glasses pretty much my whole life, so I can’t get away with the Dollar Tree version.
      I keep the ginger in my fridge until it’s gone, too, no worries about the date. We use it quite a bit, so it’s not like some of the other condiments hanging out in the fridge!

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