Winter Joy List

In September I posted an Autumn Joy List. I had planned to stop back before Christmas and post a holiday joy list, but that didn’t happen. Actually, we have been dealing with some health problems/scares for my husband so I didn’t get as far on these as I might have wished. But I still like the idea of looking for joy throughout each season. Anne is my inspiration for these lists, although she is using a new format this year. I really like it, but I think I need to stick with this broader list for now. First up is what we did do during the fall, and then the second list is what I want to do during January – March of this year.

Fall List Accomplished:

  1. Decorate main living areas and entry way for fall/Halloween
  2. Carve a pumpkin
  3. Make mulled cider  We drank lots of cider! Not much of it was mulled, but some was!
  4. Bake pumpkin bread But I did make a pumpkin pie!
  5. Bake pumpkin spice cookies
  6. Bake an apple pie
  7. Wish my parents a Happy Anniversary!
  8. Take a trip up north and do a little hiking It was too cold to hike.
  9. Invite friends over a couple of times between now and Thanksgiving
  10. Work on quilts for my nieces and nephews
  11. Light candles every day Not everyday, but many days.
  12. If it gets cool enough, light a fire in the fireplace
  13. Buy gourds and mini pumpkins for my table Well, I bought squash for eating and decorating.
  14. Make butternut squash soup
  15. Enjoy football and snacks with my husband
  16. Participate in a holiday 5K
  17. Invite friends over for Thanksgiving
  18. Go to the Quilt Fest
  19. Try a new recipe for a seasonal cocktail
  20. Bring back Cocktail Night! Coming January 2017!
  21. Road trip with a friend to a massive quilt store south of us
  22. Bake bread and rolls (perfect baking weather)
  23. Harry Potter Movie Marathon Started but not completed.
  24. Donate a meal to a local youth organization Hopefully this winter or spring (there is an application process).
  25. Donate fun band-aids to local children’s hospital This was a random thing I saw and then completely forgot about. 😦

Winter Joy List

  1. Send my nieces and nephews a fun package in the mail
  2. Make hot cocoa
  3. Bake banana bread
  4. Cut paper snowflakes
  5. Go on some long walks with my husband
  6. Invite friends over for games and dinner
  7. Donate pillowcases to local hospital
  8. Shoot for weekly Date Nights (out or in)
  9. Light candles everyday
  10. Put new (well, seasonal) comforter on bed.
  11. Send Valentine’s Day cards
  12. LOTR Marathon
  13. Find a show on Netflix or Amazon Prime to binge watch
  14. Volunteer to offer a program at the library
  15. Write letters to people who have been important in my life
  16. Get together with a friend for coffee or lunch
  17. Go hiking with a friend
  18. Dedicate time to creating and making things every week
  19. Try a new recipe each week.
  20. Cocktail Night!
  21. Take a bubble bath
  22. Make homemade bath salts
  23. Go to the symphony or a concert or other performance
  24. Go to a museum
  25. Learn something new about where I live

5 thoughts on “Winter Joy List

  1. The best thing about a joy list is that is puts things you might not otherwise think of doing in the forefront of your thoughts. I declare that a win in itself. I love your winter list and might have to borrow an idea or two from you for mine.

    1. Agreed — just thinking about it makes it more likely to do some of these things. And I usually remember that it was this list that motivated me, so that makes me extra happy. 🙂 Steal away. I definitely used your lists for ideas!

  2. Love the idea 🙂 I did complete the Harry Potter Marathon in November but we’re failing at the LOTR marathon this year. It was supposed to start last Sunday and now it’s Thursday and we still haven’t started. I told Greg that you guys would probably finish it before we even start ours and he said “we could start tonight and be done by Sunday!”. The thing is, he has too many video games to play and I have other things I want to do on the laptop so we might have to try to do it over a weekend in January 🙂

    I’m sorry to read you’ve had worries about your husband’s health. Is everything OK now? I hope so. I’ve also been looking for a new show on Netflix or Amazon to binge on and it’s been hard. I might be overly critical. However, I did binge watch the 1st season of “One Mississipi” with Tig Notaro and loved it. I want to watch the Jim Gaffigan Show very badly because I love him but I’d have to buy it and those things are hit or miss. I’ll wait to see if it ends up on Netflix as they have a lot of his stand-up specials.

    I’m supposed to go hiking/walking with Greg tomorrow and my BFF and I just spoke about meeting for coffee next week. Wow, I’m making progress on YOUR list, hahaha!

    Seriously, it’s a great list. I hope that you get to cross off lots of things.

    Hugs to you, the hubby and the kitties 🙂

    1. Hi Nathalie!! We usually watch LOTR over the holiday break, too, but haven’t yet. I think because we watched it over the summer so might not need our fix quite as badly. We’ll see when it actually happens.
      Thanks for you concern about Michael’s health. It’s been an ongoing thing since we had an ER visit during the hurricane (!!), but I’m hopeful that we’re getting closer to an answer.
      One of my professors recommended the show In Treatment, which is available on Amazon Prime. I haven’t started it, but really want to — I think it is a perfect fit for my career goals! We like to watch comedians, too (and Jim Gaffigan is funny!); like you we just wait for it to be available for free (usually). I’ll have to check out One Mississippi!
      Have fun on your hike!! ((hugs))

      1. Just a warning that “One Mississippi” had funny moments but overall it’s pretty sad. Well, I thought it was. I cried a lot. But it’s really a good show.

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