2017 Word of the Year

I’ve selected a word of the year a few times before. Sometimes it’s terribly prescient, other times I forget about it a few months in and, most often, it turns out to be only half the story. But that’s often the case with intentions — even when we work ardently toward them and keep them in our mind at all times, our lives are generally complex enough to encompass things, experiences and events that just don’t work with those intentions. I guess I’m not so interested in dwelling how often I deviate from my path, though, as much as I am in understanding what that path is and then how I can illuminate it. Like most personal truths, this is über simplistic and somehow still mind-bending for me every time I realize it (again and again and again…because I rarely learn something the first time).

This year I’ve really been putting a lot of thought into the direction I’d like my life to take in 2017. Quite a few words came into my mind and they all seemed somewhat relevant. I considered grow because I would like to achieve growth in many ways — spiritually, academically, in my relationships and so on. I also considered build, because unlike grow, building implies more effort on my part, while also encompassing many of the same aspects of growth. However, neither seemed particularly accurate for my biggest goal for the year, which is to focus a lot of attention to clearing out clutter, cutting down on spending and getting in shape. So my word for 2017 is going to be REDUCE.


I want to reduce the number of possessions I have. I want to reduce how much of our hard earned money is going toward needless and wasteful things. I want to reduce my waistline! As I mentioned in the first paragraph, reducing isn’t going to be the only thing I aim to do this year. But it IS where I want to put most of my energy.

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