Just a Little Peace and Quiet, Please


Phew! The last week of the semester was a doozy and I made it a bit more complicated by leaving for vacation as soon as my last final was turned in. I spent the last ten days traveling across Pennsylvania visiting various family members, which was fantastic. However, I am kind of tired! I’m looking forward to some low-key holiday celebrations here between Michael and I as well as just generally appreciating a reduced schedule until January.

I drove up north and listened to a ton of different podcasts and so on. I am fired up with a few new ideas and plans for the new year, which I will share here as I am able to craft coherent and interesting posts. One of the things I’ve been thinking about quite a bit is what word I would like to guide me for this coming year. I’ve chosen words of the year before to greater and lesser affect. but I think even the act of considering it now is helpful even if it doesn’t live up to the promise I expect in the beginning of the year. Do you choose a word of the year? Have you selected one for 2017 yet?