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Somehow I am in a week’s lag pattern with my grocery posts. Which means that I’m going to post twice in a row to catch up. Otherwise I am getting a bit confused…

I like organizing my foods by type and it’s not quite as fussy as I thought it would be originally. Mostly because I am really only going to one or two stores. Primarily Aldi, with Publix thrown in if there are good sales or I need/want something that Aldi doesn’t carry.

Right now I don’t have an exact grocery budget, but am keeping track of grocery and related spending to set a more accurate budget starting in the new year.

I went to only Aldi this week. I’m still working on stocking my pantry with some items I realized I was short on after a pantry re-org earlier this month.



  • Goat cheese, 4oz @ $1.99
  • Half and half, 1 qt @ $1.89
  • Milk, 1/2 gal. @ $2.95
  • Grana padano cheese, 5oz @ $3.49
  • Apple cider, 2 gal. @ $2.99/ea

I love apple cider. I still had some left from my previous trip but wanted to freeze a couple of gallons for making mulled cider over the holidays and during the winter. These went straight into the freezer (well, I poured out some from each gallon so they didn’t explode…). We needed milk and Parmesan. I’m still on the fence about a BJs membership, which is where I usually bought Parmesan (or similar). Until I decide, this is fine. The goat cheese was a total impulse buy and I’ve actually not used it yet…but I think it will be on the menu this week in some salads.



  • Large tortillas, 1 pk @ $1.99
  • Mint extract, 1 pk @ $1.99
  • Protein bars, 2 boxes @ $1.99/ea
  • Black beans, 4 cans @ $.79/ea
  • Petite diced tomatoes, 4 cans @ $.49/ea
  • Fire roasted tomatoes, 4 cans @ $.89/ea
  • Microwave popcorn maker, $7.99

I bought Market Pantry tortillas a couple of weeks ago when we ran into Target and they were terrible. Like, really bad. There is about half a package left and I think I’m going to throw them away, which makes me feel terrible. I really prefer this brand and Aldi has them pretty cheap. I want to make butter mints this holiday season and was excited to see the mint extract. Protein bars for quick snacks on school nights. And finally, some canned goods to beef up our pantry. This time black beans and lots of tomatoes. I also bought a microwave popcorn maker. I worried that this was just another waste of money like every other popcorn maker I have ever purchased but we have been really pleased!



  • Navel oranges, 3lbs @ $1.99
  • Butternut squash, 2 @ $.99/ea
  • Acorn squash, 2 @ $.99/ea
  • Mushrooms, 2 @ $.69/ea

I feel like this is the smallest amount of produce I have ever purchased. We’ve not had bananas for a while because they’ve been overripe at every store I visit. So Michael has been sad about that. And I’m trying to be better about only buying what we really need, even if the sale price is amazing or it all looks good. I now have six squash in my kitchen; they’ll keep for a while and we love them roasted as a side dish, so I’m looking forward to some yummy fall meals. You all probably know I’m in love with mushrooms so I couldn’t resist. I’m thinking about making a mushroom and cheddar quiche sometime soon. The oranges were a disappointment. Kind of dry and then two rotted really quickly. I’ll be holding off on those until later in the year, when they are more in season.

My total spent on groceries this week was $48.82. A lot of what I bought was for future stocking up. My next trip will be a little bigger. My total spent for the month is $197.44.


4 thoughts on “Groceries: Aldi

  1. You are reminding me that I used to love the natural, un-strained apple juice, but it’s been years since I last had any. Not sure why I stopped buying them – probably the cost. I know it is a lot more than $2.99/gal. over here. But I have a surplus in my budget, this month. Maybe I will treat myself to some un-strained apple juice and see if I still like it as much.

    1. I love unfiltered apple juice, too. I hope you can find some — we like it mulled with spices just like cider.

  2. I’m glad I didn’t let myself be tempted to buy Navel oranges! I still have a bag in my fridge (which I should check, it might have gone bad by now!) so for once I used restraint.

    Several of my butternut squashes from Aldi have developed spots since I bought them. I cooked one on Friday to make butternut squash soup and I think I’ll make another batch of it tomorrow because it’s so delicious! I’m annoyed at the spots because I had planned on keeping all those squashes for several weeks, not have to cook them right away! Still, 99 cents a squash was a great deal, IMO.

    I saw a microwave popcorn maker at the thrift store this week for $3 and I was tempted to get it, but our air popper works just fine. I just need to remember to make popcorn for snacks. It’s been a while. We haven’t even made a dent in the bags of popcorn that I had bought a year ago!

    Do you season yours? I like to make the kettle popcorn with Trader Joe’s coconut oil. Yum.

    1. Luckily my butternut squash haven’t developed any spots but I know we should be eating them steadily just so that doesn’t happen.
      My air popper leaves too many old maids, which is why I was excited to try this one. There are still some unpopped kernels, but overall, so much better. I like it best with just a little butter and salt. I love kettle corn, but haven’t loved any of the ways I’ve made it at home. Do you follow a recipe?

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