Groceries: Aldi

Just a quick Aldi stop this week. Lots of produce as usual, plus I wanted to take advantage of a sale on chicken breast and on sirloin tip roast. Which I have never made but seems like it could be good? I won’t make this until much later, but at $2.99/lb I thought the price was too good to pass up. We’ll see if I was right. I also picked up a few non-food things this trip, including a mum for the front entryway. I hope it blooms soon, more than just the few flowers!

My budget for the two of us is $300/month. This includes most toiletries but not all household goods (mostly I separate these by store and the purpose of the trip). This month I seem to be blowing through the majority of my budget at the beginning of the month, so we’ll see how it goes. The $300 is still kind of new to me. I do have a weekend away toward the end of the month. Which will be money, but not grocery money.


Aldi, 9/14/16

  1. Sirloin tip roast, 5.29lbs @ $2.99/lb
  2. Boneless, skinless chicken breast, 5.67lbs @ $1.49/lb
  3. Green bells peppers, 4 packs of two @ $.89/ea
  4. Bananans, 2.85lbs @ $.44/lb
  5. Mini cucumbers, 1lb @ $.89
  6. Honeycrisp apples, 2lbs @ $4.29
  7. Clancy’s Cantina style tortilla chips, 2 bags @ $1.19/ea
  8. Family pack tortillas, 1 @ $1.99
  9. Woven wheat crackers, 1 box @ $1.69


Aldi, 9/14/16

  1. Facial tissue, 3pk @ $2.79
  2. Wax melts (harvest pear), 1pks @ $1.69/ea
  3. Yellow mum, 1 @ $2.99

Total: $50.13

Remaining Budget: $55.92

If you’ve been paying attention to my grocery posts, you might be wondering what I’m going to do with all the peppers? I bought four last week and now eight this time. I LOVED having these chopped and frozen in 1 cup portions, ready to throw into whatever I’m cooking. I did this the last time peppers were on sale and really want to build back up my store. I’ll also be making a big batch of oven fajitas with these, the chicken and some tri-color peppers that are already in my fridge. I may also use a couple to make either a batch of chili or a batch of stuffed pepper soup. So good. The roast is for later in the year. Tortillas for the fajitas I mentioned and just to have on hand. The Cantina style tortilla chips are fantastic; I hope they’re not a seasonal item and rather a new product they’re rolling out. Those and the crackers were snacks this week, along with the apples.  A little more than I usually spend on apples, but a good price for Honeycrisp around here AND they have been really, really tasty. Really the meat ate up most of my budget this week and that’s ok — I have quite a bit still on hand from previous grocery trips. I also picked up a few non-food items this week. I’m not super picky about paper products and this was a decent price for a three pack, so grabbed these facial tissues. I thought we needed some, but when I got home I realized I still had two unopened boxes in the cupboard. So now we have lots of tissues. I wanted to try these wax melts because while I love my Scentsy, the melts can get a little expensive AND it’s kind of a hassle to get them. I don’t love a lot of scents, so when these appealed to me, I grabbed them. And the mum–I like to have a mum on my front porch in the fall. This is a super price for one, too!

Not a whole lot left in the budget now, but I am going to be away next weekend and plan to spend some time this weekend prepping easy meals for Michael to have while I’m away. He is very capable of getting his own food, but I find that having things prepared helps to avoid the Taco Bell run at least part of the time.


9 thoughts on “Groceries: Aldi

  1. Excellent prices on the roast and boneless, skinless chicken breasts. Great price on the mum, too. And now you are all stocked up on facial tissues. Well done on keeping to the budget, so far.

  2. Oh I’m craving those Cantina chips right now. Would you believe that last night I just dumped the crumbs from the bottom of the bag into a cup of salsa and ate that “salsa soup” with a spoon? LOL. I think they’re a seasonal item, though, if I remember the shelf label properly. I plan on getting several bags this coming week, I hope they still have them.

    I looked at the mums too and was very tempted but put them back and I’m not even sure why because as you said, $2.99 is an awesome price. Mums are what we put on our ancestors’ tombs on La Toussaint or All Saints’ Day (11/1), in France, so maybe this is why I’m hesitant to buy them for the house, lol.

    I also looked at the beef roast but the one at my store were very large and I had bought all that chicken from Target and Save A Lot so I left it there, reluctantly. I did think of you when I saw that the peppers and mini cukes were on sale, lol. Funny how we get to know people’s shopping habits when we read their grocery blogs.

    Let us know how you like those wax melts. I’m always tempted to get some but I fear that they won’t smell like much at all. So I’ve been using the BB&W candles. They’re pricey but they do smell so good (apart from the pumpkin apple one that I bought this week, we don’t care for it much).

    Good luck with the rest of the month! $55 is going to be challenging but you could do it if you try to shop your pantry and only buy produce and dairy, I think.

    1. Yeah, I think the Cantina chips are seasonal, too. I just really like them, so I want it to be otherwise. Ha.

      I might not be so excited about mums if I associated them with funeral flowers. I do think of the big extravagant mums as funeral and church flowers, though.

      I haven’t tried the wax melts yet, but I will definitely give a review. I figured for such a low price they are worth trying out. But other off-brand melts I’ve tried have been disappointing so not sure how much hope I have.

      Agreed that I should be able to keep to budget as long as I’m shopping at home first. Plus me being out of town for four days will cut down on what I need/want to buy.

  3. I had never bought any meats or poultry from Aldi s before last week. Now I wonder why, because it has been very good. I bought the same 1.49 a pound and I think I will have some left going forward into next week

    1. I have always been very pleased with Aldi meats, too. Well, fresh meat. I didn’t care for the lunch meat, but I do not really love lunch meat in general, so…there’s that.

    2. But I meant to say — there are some stores it takes me a while to try out meat and dairy. I like to trust the general quality of the store before I venture into those categories, as when they’re bad, they’re horrid.

  4. Do you ever freeze any of your bell pepper when you find a good sale? I have tried it and it does well for cooked dishes and stir fries. I cut mine in strips and freeze it. If I want diced it is easy to snip some with kitchen scissors or a quick dice with a knife.

    1. I do freeze my bell peppers. In fact, I’ll be doing that with some of these. They work great straight out of the freezer like you say.

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