A Little Seasonal Decor

I am not the most decor focused person. Partly because I feel like the things we celebrate change rather quickly and bothering with it becomes a bit tedious. But I do love seeing what others do and over time I’ve been trying to work out what works best for me. This weekend Joann had their fall decorations on sale for 50% or 60% off and since I was over there anyway, I stopped in to see if I could find anything to supplement my rather meager supply of autumn decor. I’m actually quite pleased with what I picked up.


First I grabbed a cheap vinyl tablecloth. Not my favorite, but very easy for keeping clean especially as cats are not supposed to be on the table, but I am not here 24/7 to track their behavior. Something easy to wipe up that also protects the actual table works for me. The tablecloth is kind of wrinkly — it will calm down over time. I had on hand the tray, the pumpkin and the skull. I picked up the owl and the votive holder. I really like this little tablescape! I may try to stencil a rat or something on the pumpkin.


These paper jack o’ lanterns were in my MIL’s stash and I’ve had them in a box for years but never actually used them. I love them! Slim rounds out this photo in a particularly seasonal way.


The other one is on our entertainment center and I feel like I need/want to add something else here but am not quite sure what. Maybe a skeleton.

I also picked up a pumpkin decoration for the front door and a metal bucket to hold my mum from Aldi’s. I had three more little pumpkins (like on the table) and have them stacked by the mum but it’s not quite finished, so I’ll have to take a photo of that another time. Right now the scale is kind of off. I also have a little tablescape started on the console table (or whatever we want to call it) behind the sofa but it’s definitely incomplete. I also have a random tin jack o’ lantern bucket that I am not quite sure what to do with — it’s cute but hard to see the face and it doesn’t work with anything else. But it might be perfect for holding candy on Halloween.

Anyway, I’m feeling pleased with my modest domestic achievements today. 😉


8 thoughts on “A Little Seasonal Decor

  1. I love your kitty! We had an all black kitty named Duke. Sadly that was years ago.

    Your décor looks great! (I’ve given up on keeping the kitties off things here. I just wash the table and counters before I use them….lol)

    1. Well, I confess that’s more or less my approach as well. In theory they shouldn’t be up there…but in reality we have six cats and one of them is usually somewhere they shouldn’t be. 🙂

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