Groceries: Again! Never-ending!

I don’t know. All I do is shop, I guess. 😉 I went to Aldi, Publix and SaveALot. Then I had to go back to Publix on Saturday to pick up some last minute things for a dinner party. Which was dumb and kind of due to poor planning on my part. But. That second trip comes out of a different budget, so…it all washes out in the end.

My budget for the two of us is $300/month. This includes most toiletries but not all household goods (mostly I separate these by store and the purpose of the trip). This month I seem to be blowing through the majority of my budget at the beginning of the month, so we’ll see how it goes. The $300 is still kind of new to me. I do have a weekend away toward the end of the month. Which will be money, but not grocery money.


Aldi, 9/9/16

  • Carrots, 3 2lb bags @ $.79/ea
  • Red potatoes, 5lbs @ $1.59
  • Navel oranges, 2 3lb bags @ $1.79
  • Bananas, 2.46lbs @ $.44/lb
  • Limes, 1lb bag @ $1.29
  • Frozen peas, 1lb @ $.99
  • Pineapple yogurt cups, 4 @ $.65/ea
  • Woven wheat crackers, 1 box @ $1.69
  • Red grapes, 2lbs @ $1.58
  • Cornichons, 2 jars @ $1.49/ea
  • Chipotle chili peppers, 1 jar @ $.99
  • Green onions, 1 bag @ $.99

Total: $21.73

Lots of produce again. I’ve been somewhat more aware of how much produce we buy since posting these trips each week. I was thrilled to find the carrots on sale as I had just used the last of the carrots I had on hand in my pot roast, so I stocked up. They should last a while. I decided to try again with grapes (the only fruit I consistently find ‘lost’ in the fridge long after it would be good to eat) and used them on a platter for our dinner party…which I forgot to set out, so we had it for snacking over the weekend. More yogurt for Michael. I think the pineapple is a popular flavor as I can usually only find 4 or 5 amongst all the peach. I really love cornichons so happily picked up a few of those–I think they are part of the Oktoberfest promotion? We bought a jar before and they were good. The chipotle peppers were to replace the ones I knew I’d finish up while make the chicken chili on Saturday.


Publix, 9/9/16

  • Zucchini, 1.99lbs @ $1.29/lb
  • Yellow squash, 1.67lbs @ $1.29/lb
  • Poblano peppers, .26lb @ $3.99lb
  • Cilantro, 1 bunch @ $.99
  • Pace salsa, 2 @ $1.79 (BOGO + $1 off 2 coupon)
  • Jollytime popcorn, 2 @ $1.99 (sale 2/$2.59 + $.60 off coupon)
  • Bush’s Cocina Latina beans, 2 @ $.69 (BOGO + $1 off two coupon)
  • Lance peanut butter cracker packs, 2 @ $7.98 (2*$2 off 1 coupons + 1 $1 off two coupon)
  • Milk, half gallon @ $.2.50
  • Curry powder, 1 jar @ $2.70
  • Liberte organic yogurt, 1 cup @ FREE

Total: $24.54

I debated on the crackers but decided that they were cheap enough per pack to make them worth it — about half the price of the protein bars I usually get at Aldi. Not quite as nutritionally optimal in my opinion, but still a decent enough fast snack. When the Spice Islands spices go on 50% off, I try to pick up the curry powder as it’s my favorite. The cilantro and poblano were for the dinner party. I probably wouldn’t have bought the beans without the coupon, but they are really good. I bought both kinds of the refried beans and we’ve already eaten the black bean version. The popcorn is for movie nights. And I was so excited to the price on the zucchini and the squash as we love these veggies. I would never spend $1.79 on a tiny thing of yogurt (but for a slightly larger size…sure. ;)) but this was a free digital offer. It was good, although since it’s whole milk yogurt, rather rich in terms of fat content.


Save-A-Lot, 9/9/16

  • Green peppers, 4 @ $.50/ea
  • Cantaloupe, 1 @ $.99
  • Parsley, 1 bunch @ $.50
  • Jalpeno peppers, 3 @ $.52

Total: $4.01

I was hoping to get poblanos and cilantro here as well, but the poblanos were not looking too good and they were straight out of cilantro, so…had to pick those up at Publix. I was really pleased with the prices and quality of the other peppers. We’ll see about the cantaloupe — I’d say I pick a decent one every other time.

Weekly Total: $50.28

Remaining Budget: $106.05

I feel off a bit this month. Maybe I’m still adjusting to the school schedule? I don’t know. I need to prep some food, but feel like that may not happen in an organized fashion this week. Sigh, sigh, sigh…


6 thoughts on “Groceries: Again! Never-ending!

  1. That was a really good deal on the Pace salsa sauce and also on the crackers. I’m sorry I missed those! That’s what I get for not reading the post from IHeartPublix much anymore, I guess. It’s saved me tons of money but I’ve also missed on on really good deals. However, I didn’t need either the salsa nor the crackers.

    The jalapeños at Save A Lot were HUGE this week. Like 20 times the size of my homegrown ones, lol. I had jalapeño envy when I saw them.

    I love cornichons too, I eat them straight out of the jar. I’m trying not to eat too much sodium so I’ll be skipping those. Sigh. Between those and the German Christmas cookies, I might need to skip Aldi for a number of weeks. It’s gonna be too hard to resist! I already have to avert my eyes when I approach the spot where they have the cheesecake wheel and steel myself against buying pretzels rolls (not that they’ve had them recently, it’s been weeks since I’ve seen them).

    I think you need to cut yourself some slack and don’t stress too much too soon about your budget. You’re undergoing a lot of changes in your life right now, but you’ll find your rhythm and the budget “sweet spot” soon enough 🙂

    1. I was excited about my deals! You know I’m not a big couponer, so I’m always pleased when I manage to make it happen. I actually only check the weekly ad matchups on IHeartPublix, otherwise I get overwhelmed. But I do bring home the green in store flyers and I also occasionally have coupons delivered in our mail (we don’t subscribe to the paper, so it’s very infrequent). Those match-ups were totally based off what was on sale in the weekly and green ads as well as what i actually had physical coupons for. So much less stressful for me that way!

      Aldi is tricky for me! Because the prices are so low it’s really hard for me to stay out of the store, especially since I’ve been able to get good quality prices. But those displays can be distracting! 😉

      I think you’re right about the “sweet spot.” I’m just a little impatient and like to get things PERFECT from the get go. No surprise that I find things stressful at times, huh?!

  2. A $50 weekly total is pretty good and you got a lot of groceries for that amount, some of which will last into next week, too, most probably. I’m looking forward to seeing what you will be preparing for meals. I’m nosy!

    1. Yes, I think that a lot of the food I bought will definitely last into next week, probably into next month, even (not the fresh food). I’m glad you are interested in what we eat — sometimes I worry about my obsession with taking photos of every meal. But if you’re interested…totally justified! 😉

  3. I love your food photos. I think I have told you that already. I am also interested in how you prepare your meals with what I see you buying each week. Again, I notice a lot of produce; but at those prices, how can you resist? You are doing extremely well on your food budget. So far, so good.

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