Food Lately: August 30 – September 6

Nothing too fancy lately. Susan mentioned in a comment the amount of produce I buy each week. I do cook quite a bit of it, but I thought I’d point out that the strawberries I bought yesterday are already gone. We eat a lot of fruit. Which never makes it into a picture, really.


Pot roast with gravy, leftover mustard glazed cabbage. I love pot roast. This was made in the crock pot and was so simple. I make a gravy at the end with the cooking broth and some Wondra flour. It was divine. I’ll use some of the leftovers to make hot beef sandwiches later this week. Over biscuits, though, not bread.


Fideos with grilled peppers, topped with fried egg, onion and cheese. Fideos are broken noodles prepared somewhat like Spanish rice. This was super tasty and super quick to make. Also really cheap. About $2.75 for the entire meal, which made about 4 servings.


Grilled smoked sausage, mustard glazed cabbage, roasted potatoes and carrots. Yum! The cabbage recipe is going in the “for keeps” folder — it was delicious.


Broccoli soup. Made creamy with potatoes, mostly. A little milk and cheese added at the end. This was really simple and really tasty. I forget how easy vegetable soups like this are to make. They all follow the same formula, more or less.


Paula Deen’s Baked Spaghetti. This is seriously amazing. My photo is not, but whatever. I followed the recipe more or less; I used less meat overall but used half italian sausage and half ground beef, closer to 3/4 lb of spaghetti not angel hair (the box was open) and italian cheeses as opposed to whatever was called for in the recipe. Also I did not simmer my sauce for an hour and it still came our absolutely delicious. If I did it again, I might follow the instructions to just use half a pound of pasta.


Cheesy Italian beef skillet. Actually Hamburger Helper that I “helped” further by adding veggies and cheese. This is the end of the random boxes of Hamburger Helper in my pantry and I hope to never see another box. I don’t care for it very much.


9 thoughts on “Food Lately: August 30 – September 6

  1. That mustard glazed cabbage looks amazing. Can you share the recipe? We all love cabbage in this house, but I seldom buy red cabbage. I can see where you use up all the veggies you buy, and so I guess I can understand where all that fruit disappears. ALL those strawberries gone in one day???

    1. Even for us, three pounds of strawberries in 2 days was a little much. 🙂 But it speaks to how good they were and how long it had been since we had good berries!

      The cabbage was really good. I don’t tend to buy red cabbage that much either, although it really is so pretty. On top of being tasty. The recipe I used came from my Better Homes and Garden Cookbook. I found almost the exact recipe in this pdf:…/Brochure-Winter-2016.pdf

      My recipe didn’t call for an apple but other wise it was pretty much the same. I have used apples and cabbage together though and it would probably be delicious with that addition.

  2. Your meals look delicious. You’ve reminded me that I haven’t made pot roast in a long time! It’ll be good when the weather turns cool.

    1. Thanks! It was really good — sometimes baked spaghetti cooks a little weird but this just turned out to be fantastic.

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