Daybook: September 5, 2016

Monday, September 5th (Labor Day)


Outside my window…….it’s mostly sunny out and it looks like the grass is drying after all the rain over the weekend. We didn’t get much from the storm, but had a really soaking rain yesterday.

I am thinking…….about a few errands I need to run and some reading I need to do for class.

I am thankful for……having the day off! And for a new, less stressful schedule starting this week.

From the kitchen…..I have a pot roast in the crockpot and am soaking some beans. After my errands I’ll be making a large batch of red sauce, which I’ve needed for a while. Looking forward to having plenty in the freezer!

I am wearing…..a comfy knit dress.

I am creating… for the freezer. And a tidy work space, later today.

I am going…….to Office Depot, Wal-Mart (ugh), the Dollar Tree.

I am reading……..besides text books? Nothing right now…just finished a novel and am trying to decide what to read next.

I am hoping……to maintain a better balance of work, school, life going forward.

I am hearing…..Michael talking to the cats. 🙂

Around the house…….I want to dust today and clean the bathroom.

One of my favorite things……days off with my husband, when we can both just relax.

A few plans for the rest of the week…..mostly involve going to work, class and getting to school early enough to take advantage of the awesome gym they have.

Here is a picture I am sharing…….Nathalie’s new kittens made me nostalgic for when our cats were tiny. This is a picture I used to make into a Valentine’s card the year they were born, actually.



6 thoughts on “Daybook: September 5, 2016

  1. Oh my God Laura. They were so adorable. What a great card that would make. Our Brucie is the one in the middle when we found him, but he is a short hair tabby. His eyes were so blue.
    I bet they are still adorable.

    When I was still working (in a library BTW), I wasn’t always guaranteed a day with my Sweetie when a holiday came around. He was a shift worker, so time together was very important to us. I also remember my weekends being filled with grocery shopping, housework and cooking ahead. It made the work days easier and better organized, but it ate a huge chunk of my “free time”. Enjoy your day off with your hubby.

    1. Thanks Susan! Sometimes kittens and cats are like totally different species and other times I can totally see behaviors they’ve each had since kitten-hood still displayed today. 🙂 My new schedule does mean going forward that I’ll have more regular off days with my husband, but for most of our marriage, I’ve been the one with the odd schedule. We really do appreciate time to just be together.

  2. Greg and I just awwww’d when I showed him your kitten picture. So adorable! How can anyone not love kittens?! What a great picture you got. So you had 3 of them kittens are the same time too… I’m really following in your footsteps!

    Hooray for less stress! I can already tell that you’re more relaxed. You were able to plan errands and also some cooking time that is something that relaxes you, you had time with your husband and kitties… it’s going to be great!

    Good luck going to the gym early in the morning! You are a better person than I am. There are many things I’d rather do (even the dishes!) than going to the gym early in the morning!

    1. Thanks! I am definitely much happier already with this schedule. I may not end up getting to the gym early in the morning, but hopefully I’ll get there early enough to get both a workout and some reading in before classes.

  3. Aren’t they pretty!

    I am between novels in my reading, too. My daughter in law sent home a cookbook with me so I have been playing with a menu guide based on some of the recipes in it. Nothing exciting here.

    1. I love reading cookbooks! Especially ones that have menus made up from different recipes or for different occasions.

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