September Goals


My current attitude toward exercise…

So. I want to set some goals for the month. Goal #1 is to check back in at the end of the month and see how I did! I’m great at making goals, but not great at tracking them. I want to do better.

  • Strength train 10 times this month
  • 600 minutes of cardio
  • 180 minutes of yoga
  • Track all food consumed in our house for one week
  • Calculate cost of above food consumption
  • Complete two baby quilts
  • Maintain planner
  • Declutter 50 items
  • Schedule eye dr. appt for myself and husband
  • Keep up with new cleaning routine
  • Keep up with class assignments and submit online work at least 1 day prior to deadline
  • Go on two out of house dates with husband
  • Meet up with friends twice
  • Call grandmother
  • Call aunt
  • Write to nieces and nephews
  • Buy ticket to Chicago
  • Research and purchase new car (!!)
  • Research best termite resistant materials for around house (to replace mulch)
  • Patch T1-11 on back of house
  • Read two books just for fun
  • Get started on making some Christmas gift (finalize list, get two made)

There is always more to do, but I think this list is achievable! We really do need to buy a new car and have pretty much decided on what we want, so that really is a bit of a gimme. But it’s going to happen this month and I’m excited about it!


6 thoughts on “September Goals

  1. I do so much better with a list, but cut myself some slack because I never actually complete everything

    1. Yeah, I suspect I won’t hit all my goals, but at least they give me something concrete to shoot for!

  2. I have made a list of goals for September….the first time in months actually. I was hoping that it was “doable”, but then I look at your list and I figure if I cannot do the few things I have set out for myself, then something is definitely not working for me. *laugh* . Best of luck.

    Loved your opening photo today. That is also my attitude towards ANY kind of exercise. Any excuse for not doing it works for me. And I have to say, that sky looks really threatening.

    1. That photo really speaks to me too. 😉 I think my goals are in the sweet spot between being attainable and way out of reach. I may not make all of them, but I’m hoping to make some progress on each item at least! Good luck with your goals, too!

  3. I have decided that defining a timetable of when my goals have to be achieved is pretty much a guarantee for me NOT to meet the deadline (because then I rebel against my own deadlines!) so now I just list everything that I want to do without a due date and I get to it when I can. It’s not the most effective method, of course, but now I see it more as an invitation to do some things, instead of something else that I have to try to do by a certain date. But yes, I still complain about my dreaded To Do List. It’s hard to keep it short because there are so many things I should be doing… and not so many that I actually feel like doing, you know?

    That being said, good luck with your September goals! I hope you find motivation and the drive and energy to get them all accomplished!

    1. Oh, I am the same with some things — if I say I’m going to do it, it’s almost guaranteed that I will actively work against it. So we’ll see how this goes. And I don’t really expect to complete everything, but I do hope to at least make some progress! i totally get you on what needs to be done vs. what you feel like doing. My daily struggle!

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