Groceries: Publix

Groceries for this week are kind of weird; I stopped in to Publix for some water before the storm and ended up purchasing a few extra things as well. Nothing too crazy, but also not necessarily things we needed. Also I was tired and my brain was kind of fried from just go-go-going these past two weeks. We had Friday off because of the storm and I spent the whole day resting. I feel so much better and able to face the world! I also am relieved to have reached the end of my library work this weekend — I’ll miss being a librarian, but I am looking forward to not feeling like my schedule is so overbooked.

As a reminder, we are a household of two adults, no children. My grocery budget does include toiletries and similar household items, but not pet supplies, which have their own budget. My goal is to stay at or under (preferably under) $300. I think this may be a bit of a challenge, especially factoring in toiletries. But I want to make it happen!

Publix 83016

Publix, 8/30/16

  1. Peaches, 3.16lbs @ $1.99/lb
  2. Gala apples, 3.57lbs @ $1.49/lb
  3. Bananas, 1.93/lbs @ $.59/lb
  4. 1% milk, half gal @ $2.65
  5. English muffins, 1 doz @ $4.29 (BOGO)
  6. Spinach, 1lb @ $3.49
  7. Tortilla chips, 1 bag @ $2.00

Total: $25.18

The peaches had good flavor but were grainy, which was irritating. We ate them, but I was annoyed. The apples were also good although I wish they weren’t so huge! Generally I prefer to buy the apples in the bags as they’re smaller and an actual serving as opposed to the massive things that are sold by the pound. But they were significantly cheaper sold by the pound…so that’s what I did. The English muffins were an impulse buy although I do love them. This trip was mostly about produce and milk to get us through to the weekend, when I planned to do my first real shop for the month.

Publix 90116

Publix, 9/1/16

  1. Pretzels, 2 bags @ $3.49 (BOGO deal)
  2. Bananas, 1.61lbs @ $.59/lb
  3. Lunch meat, 2 packs @ 3 for $10
  4. Sandwich thins, 2 packs @ $3.99 (BOGO deal)
  5. Water, 2 24packs @ $7.00

Total: $22.10

Really I only needed water and bread on this trip, and we were already almost through the bananas I had bought on Tuesday so I picked those up as well. The store was out of all water except cases (and almost out of those, too). They were also out of a a lot of bread. We like the sandwich thins and they were on sale, so that’s what we got. The lunch meat. Well. I have determined after this that I really do NOT like prepackaged lunch meat. Michael had asked for some and I was planning to get some turkey and salami at the deli counter. But holy cow! The line was insane. After waiting for a while I got fed up and just picked up these packages. He likes them well enough but I think that I’m done with lunch meat for a while. I want to make stromboli this month and that will require some salami and pepperoni. I think I’ll be waiting til the end of the month because I’m still annoyed about it. I don’t really like it, it’s expensive for the stuff I do like and, frankly, I just feel like we can eat healthier foods otherwise.

Weekly Total: $47.28

Remaining Budget: $252.72

Lesson: grocery shopping when I am tired is a bad idea, as is grocery shopping on impulse (for whatever reason). I’ve known I’ve needed more water on hand for a while and should have taken care of that a while ago so I could have avoided the store on Thursday altogether. Also, I really think I’d have a much harder time sticking to my budget if  I shopped only at Publix. I don’t think the foods I bought are “bad” per se, so much as I just didn’t have a plan for them and then I end up feeling knocked off balance. I’m a lot more forgiving of impulsive stops for take out or eating out than I am for impulsive grocery purchases as eating out/take out just postpones my next trip to the store or affects what I buy. And we eat our take out purchases right away. But impulse grocery shops mean that sometimes we don’t eat everything and it goes to waste and that also irritates me. Very little of my irritation is about the money spent and more about how lack of time/planning can spiral into a constant state of “not ready.”

I’ll probably be grocery shopping on weekends from now on; even with one fewer obligation, my available time is going to be on weekends primarily. Not my favorite time to shop, but if I’m out early I can get a lot done without too much of a crowd. Additionally the crowd aspect will really dampen my desire to do much shopping so that is a good thing as well!


4 thoughts on “Groceries: Publix

  1. Maybe you could prepare your menu plan and shopping list on a Thursday or Friday evening so you can hit the stores early on Saturday. I found it was better to start my prep work for the week early on Sunday so the whole day wasn’t lost. And doing my shopping and prep work on the same day was just too tiring. Of course, it won’t take you long to figure out what is going to work for YOUR schedule.

    1. Good idea Susan! I’ve been thinking that since I actually will have Fridays off, I may try to get in early to the stores on that day and then break up my cooking ahead over both Saturday and Sunday. We’ll see. I actually just got back from the grocery store so have quite a lot of food on hand for the next week or two even.

  2. I agree that shopping when tired or hungry is a recipe for disaster. I only shopped at Publix and Save A Lot last week and what a treat it was not to run to more than 2 grocery stores! However this week I’ll be going back to CVS and Walmart as well as Aldi because Publix is just too expensive if they don’t have what I need on BOGO sale with coupons! I almost bought the English muffins too but then I remembered that if I did, I’d end up eating all 12 of them so I left them there, regretfully,

    Good luck with your new routine!

    1. I’ll be the one eating all of these muffins, but…it’s ok. I won’t want them again for a while. 🙂 I do like going to just one store or maybe two, but really if I have time I don’t mind hitting several.

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