End of August Grocery Report

This is the last post on groceries for August; I didn’t have a ton left in our budget but ended up shopping both weekends. We did stay under our goal of $300 for the month, but I confess that my last trip to Aldi was funded by one of those gift cards I had found during a decluttering spree last month. I also started school this week and have a better idea of what I’ll need to pack for those days. We definitely ate a bit of takeout as I tried to work that out and failed on one day in particular. Without further adieu, this is what I bought.

As a reminder, we are a household of two adults, no children. My grocery budget does include toiletries and similar household items, but not pet supplies, which have their own budget. My goal is to stay at or under (preferably under) $300. This is a reduction of 25% from last month’s (and earlier in the year) budget, primarily because of ways our shopping has changed. I think this may be a bit of a challenge, especially factoring in toiletries. But I want to make it happen!

Publix 082116

Publix, 8/21/16

  1. Barilla Collezione pasta, 4 boxes @ $4.00 (BOGO +[-$1/4 MQ])
  2. Sargento shredded cheese, 2 8oz bags @ $1.94 (BOGO + [- $1.50 PQ and -$.55 MQ])

Total: $5.94

I don’t use coupons a ton, but sometimes the offers and my tastes collide. This was one of those occasions. The deal on the shredded cheese was great — a pound of shredded cheese for less than $2. And the pasta deal was just ok, but I like fancy (ish) pasta every once in a while and this was a good opportunity to pick some up at a reasonable price.

WD 082116

Winn Dixie, 8/21/16

  1. Frozen tilapia, 4 1lb bags @ $2.99/ea
  2. Bone in chicken breast, 10.79lbs @ $.99/lb
  3. Pink lady apples, 3lbs @ $4.75
  4. Smoked sausage, 4 ropes @ $2.00/ea

Total: $35.40

Most of these items were part of Winn Dixie’s weekend sale. I was really excited about the tilapia as I’ve been out of fish for a while and just hadn’t gotten around to stocking back up. This was a great price. I bought the maximum number of packages allowed and am looking forward to some yummy, light meals. I also decided to stock up on the chicken breasts and go ahead and cook it up that day. I was able to get 18 cups of shredded chicken breast meat out of this purchase, as well as 10 cups of a really rich broth. I used some of the meat and the broth to make chicken chili this past week. The sausage is something my husband loves and I like for occasional stews and soups. I made the mistake of keeping one rope in my fridge, intending to make it up in a stew either this week or the next (it keeps a long time if it’s unopened) but Michael opened it and has just been eating hunks with potatoes and eggs when I’m not here. Which is fine, it just messes with my plan (I’m a little embarrassed by how much I dislike having my plans messed with!!). Anyway, I still have three packs in the freezer and they will be nice for fall meals. The pink lady apples were a great price although…my receipt says Gala apples (the bag indicated pink lady) and they didn’t quite taste like either pink lady apples OR gala apples, so I’m not quite sure what I did end up getting. I will say that I prefer getting apples from Publix or Winn Dixie as the apples I’ve purchased from Aldi have been rather tasteless, unfortunately. At any rate, I hadn’t expected to do any additional stocking up trips this month since we had such a small amount left in the budget. But these were great prices on foods we eat regularly, so I took advantage of that.

Aldi 082616

Aldi, 8/26/16

  1. Bananas, 1.98lbs @ $.44/lb
  2. Chili cheese corn chips, 1 bag @ $1.19
  3. Burrito size tortillas, 10ct @ $1.99
  4. Beer, 6 pack @ $6.49
  5. Baby bella mushrooms, 3 8oz pkgs @ $.89/ea
  6. Tomato sauce, 8 oz @ $.25
  7. Greek yogurt cup, 4oz @ $.65

Total: $14.57, but $0 OOP because I used a gift card.

Ugh. An after work trip. Those are the worst for my ability to stay focused, although in this case I made the mistake of texting my husband to see if he needed anything and if we had tortillas because I planned to make quesadillas for dinner. We needed beer and snacks, apparently. 😉 Although, to be fair, I’m the one who really loves these corn chips. They’re so awful and so good. Anyway, my plan originally had been to just pick up some bananas, mushrooms, tortillas (if we needed them) and any other fresh fruit that looked good. I wasn’t too impressed by the fruit that was available, except for the grapes, which were on sale, but I had just thrown out two bags of grapes that each had a small amount in them we hadn’t eaten…so I wasn’t feeling kindly toward them. In the end I just got the bananas and the mushrooms. I love mushrooms, which you can probably tell from the frequency with which I purchase them whether they’re on sale or not. When they’re on sale I definitely try to snap them up!! Despite Michael indicating that we needed tortillas, when I got home there was half a pack left in the bread bin and I still haven’t opened the bag I bought Friday. So that was a little annoying. But whatever, we’ll eat them at some point. The Greek yogurt I picked up just to try and the tomato sauce was for the fideos which I still haven’t made…but also I could have waited on it since we probably won’t make them until later this week or maybe even next weekend. I’ll say it again — shopping after work is just a dumb idea. I have so much compassion and empathy for folks who really have no other time to shop and are on a restricted budget. It’s really hard to make the most of your money when you are tired, hungry and somewhat stressed out. Anyway, this trip took me over budget, spending-wise by about $10. But since I used a gift card I actually remained about $5 under. I’m calling it a wash, though. I’m pretty sure I picked up some food at a non-grocery store and forgot to add it in, so…it is what it is.

Weekly Total: $42.34

Monthly Total: $294.98

Remainder: $5.02 (but calling it $0 for reasons above)




4 thoughts on “End of August Grocery Report

  1. Wow! Great job. I’m trying something a little different for September. I went out and shopped just based on what I thought I would need to round out what I have on hand. I know I’ll have to pick up a couple of fresh items and some soy milk/milk this month, but my overall plan is to stay out of the stores. I will check the sales flyers each week and if I find some great pantry item deal I will readjust.

    1. To some extent I think that may be my goal as well this month. I have quite a bit in the freezer and pantry to keep us going for a while. I do like to have fresh fruits and veggies and some dairy, but otherwise I hope to keep out of the stores as well.

      I’m not making this an official plan, though, because once I do I’ll surely find some pantry item to stock up on!

  2. I’m always using my gift cards to stay under my budget so I don’t know why you would feel guilty about it! Coupons, gift cards, sales, rebates… all are valid strategies to reduce your expenses. So congratulations on staying UNDER budget, woohoo!

    And I totally understand that you would be annoyed that your careful laid-out plans have to be changed because someone ate what you planned on using in a recipe or meal. This happens all the time with my daughter. To be honest, as much as I missed her, I sighed when I realized she was coming back earlier this month because it means that I once again I have to leave notes everywhere or make sure to tell her not to eat such and such, lol.

    You got a good deal on the shredded cheese! You didn’t mention if the $1.50 Publix coupon and the $0.55 manufacturer coupon were off 1 or 2 items, but I wanted to make sure you know that you can apply a store coupon AND a manufacturer coupon to EACH of the items in a BOGO deal at Publix. So if they were $1.50/1 and $0.55/1, you could have used 2 sets of those coupons on one deal. You probably already knew, but I wanted to make sure 🙂

    1. Hah, Michael is the worst about eating things I have plans for. He’s ok if I mention it to him very directly, but I can’t just bring in something and not mention it — it’s fair game at that point.

      The $1.50 was off two items, but the other coupon was off one. I would totally have stacked them if possible, but it was digital and there was only one.

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