Sunday, UN-Funday

Today I have done the following:

  • 3 loads of laundry
  • deep cleaned the master bath
  • started to deep clean the master bedroom (hope to finish this before I go to bed)
  • grocery shopping
  • roasted 10lbs of chicken breast
  • shredded and packed up ^^^ for the freezer; I had 18 cups of shredded chicken!
  • boiled eggs
  • made edamame salad
  • talked to my grandmother
  • talked to my mom and dad (twice)
  • ordered pizza 😉

Things I haven’t done today (or, not yet…)

  • finished cleaning the master bedroom
  • deep clean the rest of the house
  • cook any actual meals
  • mow the lawn
  • washed any of my clothes
  • washed the windows
  • ordered my parking pass for school

We have a pest control company coming over on Wednesday to treat (as a prevention) for termites. They need to access our bathrooms and the rooms behind the bathrooms. That would be the master bedroom and the spare bedroom. The spare bedroom is in pretty good shape, but I have to empty out the closet because they need the wall by the bathroom. Which is in the closet. And our bedroom was/is just cluttered by random piles of crap and mess that I just haven’t prioritized putting away or getting rid of. So today has been the day for that. But I am tired and needed to take a break!


6 thoughts on “Sunday, UN-Funday

    1. Ha, thanks! The next ten days are going to be crazy. I’m looking forward to things calming down a bit after labor day.

  1. Our Sunday was a busy day, too. We pressure washed our patio and front entrance, ground grain, baked, did laundry, and light housework. I did bake a cake and we watched a Poirot movie in the evening.

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